IKEA specializes in all sorts of décor and appliances that you can use at home. This includes desks which you could use for everyday uses such as gaming or working at home. Most of their desks are actually great due to a number of reasons. Most of their desks are considerably durable and can last you a long enough time. On top of this, some of them are actually quite convenient and are capable of supporting a lot of weight. One of the more intriguing options that they have in store is the IKEA FREDDE desk.



The IKEA FREDDE desk seems like an intriguing option due to the fact that a lot of people seem to like it. You’ll find many users who’ll tell you a lot of positive things about the desk. However, you also need to learn more about all the negatives before you finally decide to purchase it.

There are many different things that you need to take into consideration while purchasing a desk, including your own set-up. For example, it is possible that a desk is good for one user but it isn’t good enough for you because of the differences in your gaming or work set-up. We’ve prepared a detailed review of the IKEA FREDDE desk. In this review, we’ll break down all the important things into separate parts. This will allow you to learn more about exactly what makes this desk good or bad.

  1. Design and Space

The first thing that you need to know about this desk that it is designed to be ideal for gaming. The top of the IKEA FREDDE desk is capable of comfortably storing to monitors, although a third one won’t be able to fit. You can also remove the top shelf in order to perfectly fit a large TV or monitor. There are also small counters on the top corners of the table. You can comfortably place your speakers on these counters. The CPU itself can be stored on the small shelves on the legs of the table.

Overall, the table is designed to be ideal for holding a single or dual-monitor gaming set-up. Since all the items mentioned above can be stored with relative ease, it is safe for you to assume that this desk is quite spacious. In fact, it is a bit too spacious and might take up a good chunk of your room. This means that it’d be best to place this desk in a spare room dedicated to gaming or working, such as a home office.

  1. Stability

This product is stable enough to make sure that you’re never disturbed while gaming. The legs are also durable enough to stay safe from any damage which might cause the table to wobble. The desk will stay in one place on an even surface such as the floor. On the other hand, a surface such as a carpet or a rug can cause it to move around just a little. This can be distracting, which is why it’s recommended that you only use the IKEA FREDDE desk on an even surface.

  1. Ease of Use

IKEA FREDDE desk is actually a very convenient product. It allows you to perform all sorts of modifications in order to ideally adjust your work or game set-up. The shelves on the legs can be placed towards either the inside or inside. This allows you to modify them so that they’re ideal for your use. As mentioned previously, the shelf on the highest point of the table can also be removed easily at any point in order to make room for a larger monitor or TV.

There are even small plastic cut-outs on the sides of the FREDDE’s table top. These cut-outs are a great means of storing any beverages without having to risk anything. The product is also designed to make sure that users have plenty of leg-room to sit comfortably. Overall, it is quite comfortable to work with as long as you don’t use a triple-monitor set-up.

  1. Durability and Maintaining

The FREDDE desk by IKEA is a fairly durable product. It is capable of providing you with years of service as long as you take good enough care of it. The only thing that you need to make sure of is to never exceed the weight limit of the table. It will likely break early if you push it too hard and excessively use it to carry more weight than it is capable of. Keeping the table clean is easy enough too. It doesn’t stain or chip away too easily, and you can simply use a damp cloth in order to get rid of any marks or dust.

It is recommended that you clean both your set-up and the desk regularly in order to make sure that doesn’t collect up. It is also recommended that you keep checking the fastenings on the table in order to make sure that they aren’t getting loose. If they are, simply tighten them again. As long as you do all this, the table you’ll be able to use the IKEA FREDDE desk for many, many years. It is capable of lasting a long enough time even without you having to take excessive care of it.


The IKEA FREDDE desk has some minor flaws, but it is still a good option for anyone that’s looking to game or work at home. The desk is durable and convenient enough to comfortably work with. It is also quite easy to assemble and modify to make even more ideal for your use. A desk is already an ideal option for most, but it is even better when you learn that it is also considerably cheaper as compared to other desks of the sort.

In the end, this is a good product that will last you a long time and won’t cost you too much either. The only major problem is that the top of the desk isn’t spacious enough to support three monitors. You definitely shouldn’t go with this desk if you have a triple-monitor gaming set-up. However, if you only use a single or dual-monitor set-up, then this option is great for you.

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