IKEA FLOTTEBO Sleeper Sofa Review


IKEA FLOTTEBO Sleeper Sofa Review

IKEA FLOTTEBO Sleeper Sofa Review

Consider today's real estate market; housing space is becoming more and more expensive. A sleeping couch can be your best friend while accommodating guests. Investing in the right sofa is very important; ironically, it takes quite some time to research the perfect sleeping couch. We have taken out the time and gone through dozens of sofa to make sure that we introduce you to one option that will excite you. We made sure to keep in consideration key points like cost durability ease of access ease off setup.

The sleeping couch often settles in your main living space. It would help if you tried to select a sleeping couch that will be comfortable for most of your nights. The sofa should also look very aesthetic luxury and modern while being extremely comfortable and relaxing.

IKEA FLOTTEBO Sleeper Sofa Review


The FLOTTEBO sleeper sofa is IKEA pride. The couch is usually offered in three colors. Medium grey dark grey and visual purple are the colors that are provided by the manufacturers. A price tag under $650 + tax the sofa is one of the best in the markets. The cushions that come with the couch are easily movable, and you can take them out and adjust them according to your own will. The IKEA FLOTTEBO sleeper sofa is the physical representation of the word relaxation and comfort. Comfort is guaranteed despite your position. You may stand or lay down on the sofa, comfort is a guarantee.

Product Details

The unique adjustable and removable cushions make it extremely easy to adjust the depth according to your own will. The IKEA FLOTTEBO sleeper sofa is very easy to handle and can easily transition from a sofa to a bed. The only thing you need to do to transform it is to remove its cushions.

This incredible couch also comes with extra space that is under the seat. You can store a variety of things in the space that is provided to you. Considering today's real estate market, this space and prove to be extremely crucial to you. The back cushions of this particular sofa have been made with anti-slippery material that helps the cushions not to be slipped. You can lean on your couch, or you can lift your mattress up to access the extra storage space that has been provided to you by IKEA furniture.

The couch was specifically designed by industry experts working in expensive commercial cities keeping in mind issues like limited living spaces in the real estate market.

The covers and the cushions of the IKEA FLOTTEBO sleeper sofa are very easily removable and cleanable. We would recommend our readers to clean them in a washing machine. The Signum shelf can be attached to the power strip to ensure you have access to an external outlet. A sleeping couch is often complemented with an exterior side table that adds to its beauty. Please do keep in mind that the side tables are complementary and may or may not be presented to you. Despite this fact, you should always request your customer representative for the side tables. Side tables occasionally add more value to your overall attire.

Material Used & Care

The materials that are used in the FLOTTEBO sleeper sofa are IKEA standards. The overall structure of the sofa gives it a very robust form. The materials of this sofa are made from the most comfortable materials. The fabric and texture of the sofa give off a very premium feel. The covers are very easily removable and can be easily cleaned. However, the sofa's pad does have certain restrictions on it, and we would not recommend it to remove the pad or wash it separately. The sofa can be very easy clean with vacuum cleaner wipes on a damp cloth with detergents.

After-Sales Service

One of the most important selling points of this couch is its after-sales services. Many states and locations provide 30 days free money-back guarantee. This can also help the customer get more feel of the sofa to see if he is satisfied with the sofa outlook. We would highly recommend our customers to consider the after-sale services while buying expensive furniture. The IKEA FLOTTEBO sleeper sofa is almost the majority of past users who have had good things to say about this sofa.

The couch redefines beautiful furniture while paying special regard to living space. The overall weight of the couch is very light and can be easily pushed around by an average person. The colors that this sofa comes in are limited but are very sober colors to promote aesthetics.

The foundation of the couch has sometimes been stated as weak but this has been reported on very rare occasions and can also be problems of specific units. The couch if complemented with the extra side tables is a killer deal. Honestly, we believe getting those complementary side table entirely depends upon your luck. The design, aesthetics, durability, and reliability all make this sofa one of the best in the market. The IKEA FLOTTEBO sleeper sofa is your personal solution towards limited living space.

Pros of IKEA FLOTTEBO Sleeper Sofa

  • Extra Space
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable

CONs of IKEA FLOTTEBO Sleeper Sofa

  • Limited Color Options
  • Slightly Weaker Foundation


After going through tons of sofas and sleeping couches and consulting and interviewing multiple industry leaders, we can proudly endorse this brand and its product. Considering our reputation, we only recommend and suggest products that we know our good. If you want a robust sofa that can provide you with extra living space and comfort relaxation and premium touch, we would blindly recommend this sofa. Considering a reputation, we only recommend and suggest products that we have full faith in, and the IKEA FLOTTEBO sleeper sofa is definitely one.

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