IKEA FEIRING Bed Frame Review


IKEA FEIRING Bed Frame Review

IKEA FEIRING Bed Frame Review

A bed frame is as important as the mattress. One wrong purchase and you could be putting your health at risk. Apart from putting your health at risk, a bad bed frame could also affect your mattress’s durability. It’s crucial to make sure you have a good bed frame. A great bed frame coupled with a good mattress could give you a good night's sleep.

Choosing the right bed frame could be a difficult task for some people. IKEA is well-known for its extremely budget-oriented furniture. They have a fantastic range of furniture to put in your home.

Although IKEA has had some products that weren’t as durable as their other better products, they do still offer a great selection of bed frames. They provide a variety of bed frames with a good price point and great designs.

IKEA FEIRING is one of the more budget-oriented bed frames offered by IKEA. Today, we’ll be reviewing the IKEA FEIRING bed frame. We’ll be going through all the features offered by this bed frame. In the end, we’ll be concluding whether you should buy this bed frame, or look for another option.

IKEA FEIRING Bed Frame Review


For the review, we’ll be dividing all the features of the IKEA FEIRING bed frame into sections. Each section will give you a complete analysis of the said feature. Without wasting any more time, here’s what we think about the bed frame:

Storage Option

A storage option is always welcome in a bed frame. Many people like to put their items under the bed frame. Most commonly, these items are briefcases, quilts, or sheets. Having a storage option in a bed frame has never hurt anyone, but proves to be useful for a lot of people.

If you’re someone who loves to have the ability to store stuff under the bed frame, then you’re in luck! IKEA FEIRING bed frame comes with a storage option. As a matter of fact, the bed frame’s big enough to store a number of items for you.


IKEA’s FEIRING bed frame keeps a minimalistic design. Without adding any unnecessary stuff, people who love simple designs are bound to fell in love with this bed frame. The bed frame also has good support using metal rods.

There is a metal rod in the middle, which divides the bed frame. Simply put, the bed frame is great for putting two mattresses at once. This means the bed frame is a better option if more than one person will be sleeping on it. For a single person though, this might not be the best option.


IKEA offers both plain metal and wooden bed frames to their customers. However, for the IKEA FEIRING bed frame, they’ve gone with the complete steel build. The steel gives better support to the bed frame. The bed frame can stand weight due to the high quality of steel being used to make the bed frame.

Besides steel, a powder coating of polyester is also done. The coating acts as a resin, catalyst, and an accelerant. The powder coating does a great job to give the bed frame a fresh look.

Build Quality

As mentioned before, IKEA FEIRING bed frame is made with steel. As a result, the build quality of the bed frame is top notch. In the bed frame, there are 8 legs in total. Each is shaped to keep the frame fixed in one place without really attaching it to the ground.

Wooden bed frames tend to get damaged over time. On the other hand, metal bed frames last for much longer. As the metal is much sturdier, and stronger. While keeping things as simple as possible, the bed frame offers great build quality.


People often don’t want to spend a lot on a bed frame. Going too cheap could make them regret later on. Although there are cheap bed frames out there, going a bit too cheap will always hurt the quality of the bed frame. But for those people looking for a great budget bed frame, they should rejoice!

The IKEA FEIRING bed frame is a fantastic bed frame in the price range. Recently, the bed frame went even cheaper with a newer price point. With the newer price, IKEA FEIRING is now a great addition in the budget bed frames.


Having versatility is important for a bed frame. A versatile bed frame looks good when coupled with bedroom furniture. It should also look good with your textiles. IKEA is a great company when it comes to offering versatile products.

The IKEA FEIRING bed frame makes a fine addition to the collection. The bed frame will look great with your bedroom furniture. Just make sure not to have anything too fancy, as the bed frame gives a simplistic design.

User Review

Before giving our final take on the product, let’s take a look at what opinion the users have on the bed frame. Surprisingly, many people recommend the product. It is regarded as a great value for money product.

Users have mentioned that the bed frame works just as expected. The installation or assembly of the bed is also pretty easy and simple. Overall, people have had a positive outlook on the bed frame. This bed frame is a fantastic option for people looking to buy a bed frame in the price range, according to the customers.

The Bottom Line

After giving a brief synopsis on the product, here’s what we think: The IKEA FEIRING bed frame is definitely one of the better options, especially in the price range. The bed frame has a pretty simple design, and versatile. The build quality is absolutely astonishing. Although the bed frame isn’t the best when it comes to masking off squeaky sounds, it does many things right.

This concludes our review of the IKEA FEIRING bed frame. Make sure to let us know what you think about this product!

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