A couch or sofa is, without a doubt, one of the vital essential things a person has in his house. It's not just a piece of furniture, but your landing pad when you come back from a hard day at work. People do all sorts of things while lying on their couch. You can read a good book, watch Netflix and chill on your couch. With so many types of couches and sofas now available in the market, it makes it much difficult to come to an understanding to buy a perfect sofa. You want to make sure to select the best piece of furniture before it gets delivered to your house.



IKEA FÄRLÖV sofa comes under eight hundred dollars and is optimal for your living room in the apartment or house. There are a variety of other sofa ranges in this price bracket but FÄRLÖV provides the highest quality to price ratio amongst all. As far as size or space is concerned, this is easily big enough for 3 to 5 people and it sets up the whole mood of the space to a comfortable cozy level.


IKEA FÄRLÖV sofa comes in 4 variety of beautiful and unique colors so customers can have options to choose from, best for their room’s ambiance. The minimalistic design and structure make it fit in any environment, may it be your home or an office setup, it will complement all scenarios and themes. The cushion color scheme really makes the sofa light up and vibrant. This is really a beautiful couch that comes at a reasonable price for medium to high budget setup.

This sofa is considered ideal if you want to spend your night watching movies and just want to relax. You are given the luxury of resting and chilling on an extremely spacious, warm, and soft sofa with very comfortable cushions. The armrest of the IKEA FÄRLÖV sofa is also rounded, giving it a luxurious feel and warm cozy sensation while sliding hands over it. FÄRLÖV is created with soft covers so you can rest easy without harsh marks or prints on your body even if you lay on it for a long period of time.

Materials and Care

The couch will give off a very relaxing vibe. The top layer of this couch is made from fiber balls and gives off a very embracing feeling in winter as well as in summers. The fibers have the ability to maintain an optimal temperature in all seasons. The texture and the fabric of the sofa are the definitions of premium luxury. These make the sofa very appealing and lifts the overall mood of the room, giving it a stylish and refreshing touch. As far as maintenance is concerned, the interior materials of the IKEA FÄRLÖV sofa durably last a considerable amount of time and its cover is very easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned through a washing machine with mild soaps and detergents, vacuum pump, alcohol, or wet wipes.

Cotton and linen make the most of its material. The cotton used throughout in the IKEA FÄRLÖV sofa so far has been made from 100% recycled and sustainable sources. IKEA has made sure to prioritize sustainability during the creation of this sofa. The overall frame and legs of the sofa make it a very robust design. The padding for the bottom, the back, and the sides make it comfortable to sit or lay in any position for long stretches of time without making any imprints on the foam.

The sofa is still pretty comforting if you have above-average height as the side arms are also coated with foam paddings and made in rounded shape so resting your neck or feet is never going to be difficult or irritating. The cover of the sofa is made from 100% polyester, and the overall composition of the sofa is cotton polyester and linen. A combination of these materials gives off a very relaxing and comforting Vibe to the entire attire of the sofa itself. It is recommended that the consumers of the IKEA FÄRLÖV sofa wash the covers separately and do not use bleach or any other harsh detergents as they tend to degrade all types of fabrics, their color, quality, and texture, in the long run.


The after-sales service of IKEA regarding the FÄRLÖV sofa is one of the vital propositions points for its customers. IKEA FÄRLÖV sofa is not only known for its durability and reliability but based on its structure and quality of materials used, the company also promises its consumer that they will provide a 10-year warranty with this FÄRLÖV. We would highly recommend its potential and existing customers to go through the terms and conditions in detail in order to avail of this opportunity. IKEA FÄRLÖV sofa is designed to facilitate easy, effective, and quick repairs.

Pros of IKEA FÄRLÖV Sofa

  • Superior Quality
  • Durable
  • Not Easy Stainable
  • Warranty Secure


  • Relatively Higher In Price
  • Cushions Might Slide Out Sometimes


Still can't make up your mind? If you want a couch/sofa that can satisfy your daily needs and at the same time provide luxurious comfort, then you can go with the IKEA FÄRLÖV sofa. This couch not only ranks high in multiple aspects of components that a sofa should have, but its owners have also given it a 5-star rating continuously.

Since being introduced in its initial phase, the couch is bought at a radically fast pace by the customers. Though the sofa might appear a little expensive to an average customer, the value that you are getting out of the money is a phenomenon.

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