IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth Speaker Review

IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth Speaker

IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth Speaker Review

IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth Speaker Review

What is it that never lets you down when it comes to boredom and quality sound experience? It can be nothing else but a good quality speaker device that can give you an amazing sound experience as per your need. Today, we are going to review speakers by IKEA ENEBY with the hope that this review will make your decision easier while buying speakers for yourself. Almost everyone likes listening to music and good quality sound while watching movies and other videos. The IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth speakers can be a perfect pick for you because of a number of incredible qualities that this speaker device processes. In this article, we are going to explain all the qualities of these speakers that are definitely going to be proved as good news for the music lovers, and those who know that clear and audible sound is a blessing in itself.

IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth Speaker Review

IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth Speaker
IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth Speaker
IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth Speaker


The best feature of the IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth speaker is that it is attached to your device through Bluetooth. One does not have to go through the hassle of jumbled up long wires and leads. Even the oldest versions of most music devices have Bluetooth in them and can be easily connected to the speakers. You do not have to wait for an electric supply or look for sockets in order to enjoy the quality sound, in fact, the best quality sound can be experienced anywhere and anytime without any physical connection.

Because of the Bluetooth feature, these speakers are easily portable and do not require packing up long wires, leads, and switches. These speakers can be mounted on tables and walls as well as placed on your sofa or table. The placement of these speakers is not really a problem and they can always be used carefreely.

Exceptional Performance

The specialty of these speakers is the bass response. What is music without a good quality base? Because of this quality, the speakers are exceptionally loud and provide all good sound for a worthwhile experience. It has a deep base because of which the audio is super clean. All these qualities make these speakers perfect for great gatherings and parties. You will always find your room and hall full of loud music that you enjoy. You don’t have to pay expensive DJs and sound system stores on parties anymore because IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth speaker has got your back.

These speakers, having a balanced signature sound, are a complete package and unlike other portable speakers, it has good quality woofers used which make it one of the best affordable Bluetooth speakers of all time. These speakers are highly performing speakers in less price and are affordable for people belonging to almost all classes. In terms of performance, the IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth speaker is one of a kind and will never disappoint you for sure.

Elegant Design

The IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth speaker is not only known for their performance, but for their state-of-the-art appearance and design as well. The color of these speakers is dark greyish that suits a lot of places and blends well with almost all colors so it doesn’t look a misfit wherever you place it. It comes with feet engraved on the bottom line that is made up of silicon so the speakers do not keep on falling from slippery surfaces and can protect themselves instead of you looking at them again and again while dancing carefreely.

The addition of an optional aux cable plug is hidden at the back and, it not disturbing the decent look of the speaker, is another amazing idea of the designers to keep it visually pleasing. It is a minimal design that gives a pretty decent look and maintains a modern touch in its overall experience.

Usage of Quality Material

You can buy the IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth speaker without worrying much because of the usage of quality products in the making of these speakers. These products make it long-lasting and definitely worth spending your money. The cover panel, base, back panel, base frame, and knob are made up of ABS plastic. Its handle is made up of aluminum whereas the screw is of stainless steel. The cover of the screw is made up of synthetic rubber. The lid is made of polycarbonate plastic. Lastly, the feet of the speakers are made of silicon rubber. As a whole, this product consists of all the best quality material that you can trust. In addition to it, this speaker can be easily wiped up with any cotton cloth to give you a clean, germ-free experience every time you use it.

Easy Usage

One of the best qualities of these IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth speakers is that they are easy to use, unlike the complex speakers that are destroyed in the process of learning how to use them in the first place. In addition to itself being an easy use, the speaker comes with a manual book that has every detail mentioned in it about the usage, connectivity, and cleaning process of the speakers. The Bluetooth connectivity is also easier because of the quick processors used in the device and all these smooth processes make the usage of these speakers even more enjoyable.


Speakers have become a necessity for people of all ages and are used for entertainment, communication, knowledge, and time pass. Experiencing good quality sound while partying, watching serials, movies, and documentaries add more fun and quality to the fun. Most speakers sold these days are of bad quality and don’t support the cause of buying them. Because of the continuous distortion and bad sound quality, a lot of speakers are a complete waste of money therefore, one should be very careful before investing in speakers.

The long range and clarity of sound in these speakers will never let you regret the decision of buying these super quality speakers. IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth speakers are a lifetime investment and won’t disappoint you at any stage. Buy them and start living a happy musical life. It is a no-brainer!

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