A couch plays an important role in household furniture, especially in the living room. Having a comfortable couch allows you to not only spend quality time in your house enjoying reading, or streaming but also allows you to get all cozy and comfortable. But one should take a lot of factors into consideration before buying a couch. Determining the budget, and what you’re getting in that said budget are just some of the few things you need to consider before you make a purchase.

The IKEA Ektorp Sofa is one of the most famous Sofas that IKEA has ever created. It has plenty of features that a good sofa should have, which makes it a pretty solid lineup. However, it is important to know all of its features before you make your final decision. Every person has his own preference, which is why you should understand all of its features.

IKEA Ektorp Sofa Review


In today’s article, we will be reviewing the IKEA Ektorp Sofa. We will be taking a deep dive and discovering each and everything the sofa has to offer. Each feature will be divided into a separate section, and we will give our thoughts on every one of them. In the end, we will simply give our final thoughts to whether you should really buy this couch or not.

So, if you want to know why this sofa is regarded as one of the best ones available in the market, and why it’s such a fan favorite, here are all the things this product from IKEA will deliver to you:

  1. Comfortable

The most important aspect of a sofa is that whether its comfortable enough to sit on for long sessions. If you’re looking for an incredibly comfortable couch, then we are happy to tell you that the IKEA Ektorp is one of the most comfortable sofas that IKEA has ever created.

The cushions on this couch are especially comforting, and the sofa gives appropriate support, along with the right angle for your lower back. The sofa allows you to get all comfy while you watch your favorite shows on the TV, or read your favorite comic books. If you prefer comfort over everything, then this is definitely one of your best options.

  1. Design/Aesthetics

If you’re someone who thinks aesthetics are important then you might not like the fact that the sofa has the old round arm design. Design-wise, it’s pretty old as most of the old sofa had these designs incorporated in them.

But IKEA does try to modernize it by making it look a lot more compact and smaller in size. The older couches that had these designs were huge and bulky. On the other hand, the IKEA Ektorp is pretty small compared to them and takes up a lot less space. Also, the IKEA Ektorp series comes in a wide range of colors to select from, which isn’t anything new but is appreciated.

  1. Budget-Friendly

A sofa can have all the killer features, along with the most comforting seats in the whole world, but it is all rendered useless if you simply cannot afford it. Similarly, going too cheap on a sofa will give you something that you will regret later on, as you won’t have a pleasant experience with it.

The IKEA Ektorp sofa features an excellent price point, considering all that it delivers to others. The product has everything that makes up an exceptional comfy sofa. With almost a third the price of other expensive sofas available in the market today, you won’t regret anything while buying this sofa in this price range. If you cannot increase your budget, then the IKEA Ektorp is simply one of the best if not the best option in the price range.

  1. Build Quality/ Durability

Apart from the sofa coming with a 10-year warranty, you will also be delighted to know that the sofa is incredibly durable. People have reported that the sofa remained as good even after 3 years of extended use.

This is due to the sofa having great build quality. The 3-seater sofa is made from 65% polyester, along with 35% cotton, which makes it pretty comfy. The frame is made from plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, and solid wood. Polyurethane foam is also used on the frame. These materials are used to ensure that the sofa gives a long-lasting and comforting experience that satisfies you.

  1. Ease of Cleaning

People often sit on the sofa to relax and enjoy their favorite form of entertainment, mostly on TV. Similarly snacking on the sofa is pretty common which could lead up to the sofa getting dirty quite often. If you’re someone who finds his/her sofa getting dirty pretty soon, then the IKEA Ektorp will look like a blessing to you.

The sofa allows you to use a washing machine to clean its sheets. You still cannot use bleach as it will simply destroy your sofa. You can also iron the sofa, and dry clean it. Overall, the IKEA Ektorp offers a great solution to cleaning by giving you easy and simple methods to how you can clean it.


The IKEA Ektorp is a fantastic sofa and we’d definitely recommend you to buy it. It checks all the requirements that make up a great sofa, while also offers you more. There’s a reason why it’s regarded as a fan favorite and one of IKEA’s greatest sofa as it is incredibly budget-friendly, along with being pretty comfortable.

Unfortunately, the sofa isn’t all that great aesthetically but isn’t bad either. There are definitely better options aesthetic wise, but considering how cheap you can get this sofa, we recommend you buy this without any worry.

This concludes our review of the IKEA Ektorp sofa. For more, check out our other reviews on similar IKEA products. Also, be sure to leave a comment and tell us your thoughts on this product!

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