IKEA DELAKTIG Bed Frame Review


IKEA DELAKTIG Bed Frame Review

IKEA DELAKTIG Bed Frame Review

 With the innovation in technology, no field of life is left intact and so is the furniture industry. Long gone are the days when there was the only option for furnishing your house and that was wood. Wood is undoubtedly a great material to be used but it is not as practical as it was in the old days. IKEA is taking a step forward towards accepting the change and the IKEA DELAKTIG bed frame is one such product that you are going to love.

IKEA DELAKTIG Bed Frame Review


If you have designed your interior modernly and want to have everything best that you can get your hands on, you should definitely consider the IKEA DELAKTIG bed frame for your bedroom. This is a marvel of furnishing with innovation as you get to enjoy the comfort of sleeping on an aluminum frame bed that is designed specifically to offer you comfortable sleep each night. The bed frame is perfect for any sort of minimalistic interior design you might have for your home.

It looks different, feels different, and packs a whole lot of features that you never knew existed before in a bed. This bed frame would look better, and last you for tens of years.


Some of the top features that IKEA DELAKTIG bed has to offer you as you can see them on the product page as well are:


This is a huge leap for the IKEA and furniture making industry. The best thing about this IKEA DELAKTIG bed frame is that it is a combination of aluminum and woodcraft to provide you a superb experience that is unmatched. Bed frame and legs are made of Aluminum and Anodized so you can have the most durable experience with any bed you can get. The headboard is made of Poplar Plywood, Rattan, and Clear Acrylic lacquer that ensures elasticity and comfort for your back if you are sitting in an upright position trying to read a book or simply working on your bed. The Galvanized Steel for Center Support Beam provides you extra comfort and durability.


Aluminum on this IKEA DELAKTIG bed frame is not only good for durability but it adds most to design as well. The rounded corners make you a shiny and glossy look that would be an awesome addition to your modern home interior. Any sort of electric appliances or decorations you might have to make your bedroom good, this bed frame will add to the beauty. The design for this bed combines the best of comfort, durability, and aesthetics for you.

Build Quality

High-grade aluminum is used on this bed and with rounded corners you can feel the solid vibes from this bed. Anodized legs and the headboard combined are a great fit for you. The build quality feels solid and just by looking at this bed frame you can know that it is not something that is going to fail you anytime soon.


Finishing is given its due consideration on this bed frame. Aluminum is polished greatly for a glossy look and there is not a tiny speck of imperfection on it. Even the plywood headboard is fit there greatly that would ensure you have the right look on it. From legs to headboard and footboard, you will feel that it is something that you must-have for your bedroom.


This bed frame contains 5 packages that would add value to your purchase. You will be getting a bed frame in the box that has complete accessories and parts that you are going to need for having this bed assembled. Along with the aluminum frame, you also get a DELAKTIG headboard and fixture for the headboard. You also get the SKORVA center support beam on this bed frame that fits perfectly. SKORVA support beam adds to the comfort of your bed and strengthens it considerably.

Pros of IKEA DELAKTIG bed frame

The top pros that you can enjoy if you go with the purchase of this bed are:


The aluminum frame does not only add to the durability of this bed but is also designed to make it comfortable. You can enjoy the best level of elasticity and durability on this bed as you will be getting an aluminum frame combined with SKORVA center beam support. The headboard is designed specifically for you to rest your back while sitting upright and not hurt your back on it.


Aluminum is the most durable and easy to maintain metal. It makes it super easy for you to clean and maintain the bed frame. You can clean it with a damp cloth anytime and the polish on it will be as good as new for years. You don’t need to worry about the paint chipping off, or having any scratches on the aluminum frame on this bed.


That is the perfect and best thing about this bed. You don't have to spend tons on a new bed as this is priced perfectly for the package. It will bring everything that you might ever need so you just have to put on your mattress and start enjoying the perfect sleep each night for years. You are also going to save tons of bucks in the long run on maintenance costs on this bed. You will also not need to get this bed replaced even after the years and it is going to last with you long more than any ordinary bed you can get.


Wooden beds do make a great choice in terms of looks but this aluminum bed frame is going to increase the utility for you a lot more. It goes well with any minimalistic and modern design of your bedroom interior. The bed is aesthetically designed to look futuristic and you would love this if you are not a big fan of vintage.

CONs of IKEA DELAKTIG bed frame

The con that you might have to face if you go with the purchase of this bed is:


If you are not used to sleeping on hard beds, it might take a bit of time for you to get used to it. The aluminum frame looks good and is super durable but it is not as supple as your regular bed.

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