IKEA has over the years gained a great deal of trust in its customers, and for good reason too. They are premium furniture and households’ company that lives off of the innovative passion of their designers. Each of their products not only exudes modern and aesthetically pleasing designs but also offer great workmanship. Their furniture in particular provides a great balance between chic while being highly practical in daily usage. The IKEA BJURSTA is no exception in every sense of the word. It is a great piece of the table which works as good as it looks. Here are seven reasons why you should buy the IKEA BJURSTA table.



1. The Round Table You Need

This table has the perfect size for a round table cup of coffee, or for light snacking. Four chairs adorn the round style and can accommodate as many people. The day to day requirements gets done right here on the table. IKEA is claiming this table in the BJURSTA series as does it all table. The fact that IKEA itself acknowledges that dining tables are one place to do it all, shows that the company is aware of the needs of its true customers, and caters to them in their products. So, get your homework out or get ready to have your supper all in one place, this table is made for it.

2. Sturdy Build

The build of the table is near seamless and employs high-quality materials. A quick look at the specs reveals a high-quality veneer coating. Veneer, for those who do not know, is thin layers of wood applied to a board. Meaning that this isn’t your typical wooden table, but rest assured that IKEA quality ensures maximum durability. In typical IKEA fashion, the veneer is lacquered to allow for lasting shine and a durable look. This process adds to the slightly glossy look of the table and enhances its appeal.

3. Feels Congested? Then Open It Up

The real ace up this table’s sleeve is its ability to be unfolded into a longer six chair dining table. If you have guests inbound then you do not need to worry about having to arrange a myriad of furniture to create accommodation, this single table can cater to all your needs. When fully opened, the table opens up to fill the space equivalent to a regular table, although slightly smaller in size. The seams neatly hide when opening and closing the table, courtesy of a nifty hinge mechanism that locks the table into place, and avoids any unwanted creaks, noises, and openings.

4. Quality Finish and Stylish Looks

IKEA BJURSTA series is a quality set of tables that are focused on mainstream users. While these tables focus mainly on usability and practicality, IKEA has not gone dull on the looks and finish of the table. The combination of veneer and lacquer has allowed for a strong built as well as a polished black look on the IKEA BJURSTA table. It is safe to wet-cloth clean it if something spills on it, without having to worry about any untoward thing happening towards the table itself. The hinge mechanism is based on a solid metal rail, which opens and closes smoothly, yet is backed by IKEA's reassurance of long-life durability.

5. Users Are Absolutely Loving It

If you don’t take our word for it, then you surely need to head over to IKEA’s webpage and look at the amazing remarks given by some of the happy owners of IKEA BJURSTA tables. One customer remarked, “We wanted a reasonably priced extendable table and BJURSTA was an excellent choice.” Another one said that the beautifully crafted round curves of the table allow for it be fit in their kitchen space rather easily. Customers gave it a 4.6-star rating, with full marks for value, looks, and for the table working as expected. The innovative center-folding mechanism is what impressed all of the reviewers, and they showed satisfaction with its overall usability and working.

6. Standard IKEA 365 Days Change of Mind Service

Services like IKEA’s 365 days change of mind service is unprecedented in the market, and what puts IKEA way above the rest of the market players. Usually, companies offer a few months of warranty if at all. However, IKEA’s unique service provides an unassailable edge, to the company as well as the customers. This literally entails that if a customer feels unsatisfied with how their IKEA BJURSTA has turned out, they can ask for a refund and that too for an offer that lasts a whole year. Services like these on top of quality products and cheap prices give IKEA the competitive edge they so crave for.

7. Cheaper Than the Competition

One ought to wonder that a table of such quality and caliber might cost a fortune. Although we wouldn’t exactly call the IKEA BJURSTA a budget dinner table, it’s not a wallet breaker either. Priced at $229, it is very competitive against the resurgent market of furniture. Others have their prices crossing the $300 mark, which really starts to dent the wallet. One thing that usually slips the mind is that this a full-fledged table for six people but can seem to deceive at first sight due to its round shape and hidden hinge mechanism. But the fact that this innovation can be had for a competitive price, speaks volumes for IKEA’s endeavors.


IKEA BJURSTA series is a line of innovative and stunningly stylish series which aim as a target at the general public. Each of their lineups shows innovations that are useful while brilliant looking at the same time. The table under review in this article is no exception either. It has a highly useful design for multipurpose usage, as well as a sturdy and beautiful design to put around your house with ease. Couple this with the raving reviews and the 365 days money back on usage guarantee, this table truly is worth picking up at your nearby IKEA store.

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  1. We have bought this Bjursta extendable table (white).
    We love it but have only one problem. When closed into the round table mode, one of the hinged flaps still hangs down and can be clearly seen.
    The one on display at our local Ikea store has the flap firmly secured in a flat position.
    The flap in question is the one that closes the gap when in the extended mode.
    What am I doing wrong?

    I await your reply.


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