IKEA Bekant Desk Review

IKEA Bekant Desk Review

A desk plays a crucial role in a person’s everyday routine. It does not matter if you’re a student or someone who’s working full time. A desk may be used for various things, including studying or getting your work done. Usually, a person may use a desk to put his workstation on it.

Desks are most definitely one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house. Hence, it is important to not go cheap while looking for a desk. Going cheap on a desk might make you regret later. Also, one needs to take many factors into consideration before actually buying a desk. A desk is something where you get most of your work done while putting in many hours. So, it’s important that the desk has all the good aspects including being comfortable.

IKEA Bekant Desk is a very famous desk in this regard. It is an electric standing desk manufactured by IKEA. The Bekant lineup series features a pretty favorable price point, which is something we often see from IKEA. Although the Bekant desk series is pretty popular, there are a few negative reviews revolving around the product. Users have also had a number of complaints on the IKEA Bekant desk.


IKEA Bekant Desk
IKEA Bekant Desk
IKEA Bekant Desk

In this article, we will be reviewing the IKEA Bekant desk series. This review will breakdown each and every part of the product into its pros and cons. We will also be making sure whether the bad reviews circling around the product have any authenticity or not.

Before we move on to reviewing the product, do keep in mind that we will be dividing the review into different segments which will help us to give our opinion on each of its aspects individually. At the very last, we will give our final thoughts on whether this is worth buy from IKEA, or you should look for something else. Without wasting any time further, here’s what we think about the IKEA Bekant desk:

  1. Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is one of the most important things on a desk. It may depend on a person’s usage as to how much weight he wants to put on the desk. Some people only like to put a few books along with a laptop on the desk. On the other hand, quite a few people like to put their whole system along with other necessary items on the desk. Therefore, it’s very important to know how much weight can the desk safely accommodate before making a purchase.

Unfortunately, weight capacity is one of the weakest points for the IKEA Bekant desk series. The desk can only accommodate 154lbs weight which is pretty low. If you’re someone who loves to use up all his desk space, the IKEA Bekant desk series will be a very bad buy. Out of all the electric standing desks, the IKEA Bekant desk series is actually one of the weakest when it comes to weight capacity.

  1. Stability

Another important characteristic of a desk is its stability. In all cases, a desk should be stable enough to endure the weight. Stability also directly affects the durability of your desk. Stability issues can cause inconvenience to both you and your work. Instability can especially occur to desks that have an adjustable height.

The IKEA Bekant desk series is quite popular among users for having a handful of stability issues. Although these issues might not occur to every single person, as some barely put any weight on the desk and leave the desk at its default position. The problem mainly starts when you increase the desk’s height. In short, stability is also one of the weaker points of the IKEA Bekant desk series.

  1. Price Point

The price point of a product is most definitely the deciding factor for many people as to whether to buy the product or not. If it’s something cheap, people often make the wrong mistake and buy the product, where they can clearly get something better by just spending a few more bucks. Anyhow, great budget options are also available while buying desks.

Probably the strongest trait of the IKEA Bekant series is its amazing price point. The Bekant series come as cheap as any electric standing desk can get. It is probably one of the cheapest ones available on the market. Although there are plenty of issues attached to this desk, the price point is not one of them as it’s incredibly cheap. Also, let’s not forget that you will be getting a 10-year limited warranty with the desk.

  1. User Review

Before we move on and give our final review on the product, it’s important to know what the users truly think about the product. A user review might be what you need to help on your final decision of the purchase. Although you can find dozens of user reviews online, they are mostly a blend of both positive and negative reviews.

Similarly, the IKEA Bekant desk series also has a mediocre rating on the IKEA webstore, which brings us to the subject that it really depends on a person’s use. Some people have had a positive outlook on it, while others seem to absolutely despise the product made by IKEA, regarding it as one of the worst products by IKEA.


Rather than straight up recommending the desk, or absolutely bashing it, we think it really depends on what your use would be for the desk. If you’re okay with the desk having stability issues at increased heights, or having a very limited weight capacity, then it might not be a bad purchase for you.

On the other hand, we’d personally recommend you to spend a few more bucks and look for other better options. There are plenty of other desks available on the market with a lot less issues compared to the IKEA Bekant desk series, granted if you’re willing to spend just a bit more. Make sure to check them out before you make your final decision.

This was our review of the IKEA Bekant desk series. Be sure to check out our other reviews on similar products by IKEA. Also, leave your thoughts on the comments to tell us what you think about the IKEA Bekant desk series.

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