A sofa is an important piece of furniture, usually placed inside the living room. People spend most of their time on a sofa, either relaxing or streaming TV. A sofa or a couch is therefore one of the most vital pieces of furniture in the house. It is important to not go full cheap on a sofa, as it might turn out to be something that you will regret later on.

A sofa should have all the important stuff covered, like being compact, and comfortable for you to sit on it for hours without getting tired. It should also be easy to move around, so it’s easier to change your living room settings whenever you like.

The IKEA Balkarp is a popular sofa from IKEA, and one of the cheapest ones made by IKEA. This particular couch promises to deliver all the basics that make up a good sofa. But how it actually delivers the promise, and what the user’s opinion about this sofa is what we will find out in this article.



In today’s article, we will be reviewing the IKEA Balkarp sofa. To help you make your decision on whether you should purchase this sofa or not, we will be giving our opinion on each and every good and bad part of this sofa.

Furthermore, every feature of the sofa will be divided into individual sections, which will help us get a bit more specific on the review. We will share our final thoughts about the sofa at the very end of the article after we have made sure to mention all of its pros and cons. So, without wasting any more time, here is what we think about the IKEA Balkarp sofa:

  1. Build Quality

A sofa must have the good build quality, as it will ensure durability and good user experience. Bad build quality will not only ruin your experience with the sofa, but you will also have quite frequent issues with the sofa, which includes durability issues.

Although the IKEA Balkarp is not really the best when it comes to building quality, it makes sure to get the job done. We can see that the sofa is made using decent materials. The webbing is done with 100% polyester. The legs are made of steel, coated with polyester powder. We have definitely seen better materials put inside a sofa during manufacturing, especially from IKEA, but for the price at what you’re getting this sofa, these are pretty decent.

  1. Design and Aesthetics

Although the design of a sofa does not affect actual user experience, people do appreciate having their choice of design on a sofa. Especially as the sofa is usually placed inside the living room, it has to look good with the other furniture of the house, and the paints of your wall. Therefore, aesthetics on a sofa is not something to take lightly. For quite a few people, it’s actually the final deciding factor before purchasing.

The IKEA Balkarp sofa features a simplistic design, which is actually a great thing if you’re a minimalist. The simplistic design helps in the sofa looking decent in almost every setting. However, just make sure you do not have anything too fancy in your living room as it might not go well with it.

  1. Versatility

Depending on the use itself, versatility can be a pretty important factor in a sofa. Versatility refers to the ability of a thing to adapt itself in different environments, or functions. Now if you’re someone who loves to change his living room setting every now and then, you might need something versatile, which you can also modify.

The IKEA Balkarp sofa is a versatile sofa as it has a completely adjustable back. As a result, you can sit on the sofa during the day, lean on it during the evening, and lay on the sofa during the night. This particular feature on the sofa makes it both convenient and comfortable at all times during the day and night. Thanks to the adjustable back, you can also turn the sofa into a bed, which can help you a lot if you’re someone who runs out of bed/mattress space quite often.

  1. Price Point

Having a good price point can be a very crucial factor for any product in the market. With the wrong price point, even a good product can look bad. On the other hand, a good price point can make a mediocre product look pretty good. It all depends on the cost of the product and your budget.

People looking for a low budget sofa would be very happy to know that the IKEA Balkarp sofa is actually one of the cheapest sofas ever made by IKEA. The sofa only costs $139, which is quite incredible considering what it costs.

  1. User Review

Before we share our final thoughts about the sofa by IKEA, let’s see what all the users think about this particular product by IKEA. It is important to know that the user review comprises of the people who have previously bought the product by IKEA.

The IKEA Balkarp sofa has a pretty decent user review, with most the users rating it around 4 stars. A few people have had a bad time with the sofa, but most of the reviews were quite positive. This brings us to the conclusion that the sofa has a good user review.


While only costing $139, the IKEA Balkarp is a pretty solid sofa with a completely adjustable back. There are definitely a few flaws with the Sofa, and there are plenty of other options available on the market if you spend a few more bucks.

But at this specific price range, the IKEA Balkarp is a pretty decent buy. We’d still recommend you determine all your needs before making the final decision.

This was our review on the IKEA Balkarp sofa. Be sure to check out our other reviews on other IKEA sofas. Also, leave a comment to share your thoughts about the sofa with us.

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