IKEA ANTILOP High Chair Review


IKEA ANTILOP High Chair Review

IKEA ANTILOP High Chair Review

More or less everyone on this planet earth loves to have children at their home. But, no one wants them to ruin their dinner at the dining table. It is tough to control children when you are sitting at your dining seat. To resolve this issue, we use high chairs to keep our children away from food but close to you.

But, there is always an issue while getting a high chair for your kid. Some do not provide comfort, and others come up with bad quality. So, for your ease, we have brought an IKEA ANTILOP high chair that can be the perfect partner of your child.

IKEA ANTILOP High Chair Review


Product Analysis

IKEA ANTILOP high chair comes up with a tray that not only allows you to keep your child away from the dining table but also enable you to serve him/her food with ease. The IKEA ANTILOP high chair is quite comfortable and let your kid sit in it for a long time.

The chair is available in white and silver colors. IKEA has designed this chair in a way that kids love to sit in it. IKEA ANTILOP high chair comes up with a price tag of $19.99. Getting a fabulous high chair for such a low price is a complete bargain.

Along with comfort, IKEA makes sure the safety of your child. So, to ensure your kid's security, IKEA has installed a seat belt that helps your kid stay in a perfect position. Despite having a seat belt, your kid will not feel irritated as the kid. It is loose enough that your kid will not even notice it.

Furthermore, the IKEA ANTILOP high chair helps your kid to learn dining etiquettes and allows them to learn eating skills.

Design of the Chair

IKEA always manufactures its product after keeping in mind its focused audience. IKEA ANTILOP high chair is designed for kids, so IKEA has created this chair in a way that children love, and it will also protect them from falling to the floor.

IKEA has created raised edges on the side to the IKEA ANTILOP high chair to prevent your kid from getting down. Along with it, the seat belt also helps to keep your kid protected. Moreover, IKEA has designed the legs of IKEA ANTILOP high chair so that no matter how much your child moves, it will not go down due to the movement on the top.

This chair is designed perfectly for providing comfort and protection to your child.

Material Used

The seat shell and the tray of this chair are made up of Polypropylene. Furthermore, IKEA has used steel and polyester powder coating for manufacturing the high chair's legs.

Everyone knows the sensitive skin of children. Even a slightly rough surface can cause rashes on their body. While keeping this thing in mind, IKEA has used all the precautions that were needed. The plastic of IKEA ANTILOP high chair has been tested and approved for your children to sit. It will not harm your children's skin even if they are sitting for a long period.

Cleaning of the Chair

No one would compromise the cleanliness of their child. If you want to keep your child neat and clean, you also need to keep his/her IKEA ANTILOP high chair clean. You can wipe it with a soapy solution for cleaning the chair and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

Environment Friendliness

The first thing that will attract you more towards this chair is that IKEA has used no Bisphenol to manufacture the IKEA ANTILOP high chair. Along with it, the material used for IKEA ANTILOP high chair can be recycled. IKEA never compromises on environmental degradation, so its products are always environment friendly and sustainable.

Packaging and Assembling

IKEA ANTILOP high chair comes up in three packages. The first package is for the shell of the chair. The second one has its legs in it, and the third package contains the tray of IKEA ANTILOP high chair.

The IKEA ANTILOP high chair is relatively easy to assemble and can be assembled without even reading the manual guide provided by IKEA. But, if you are a beginner, then go through the guidelines of IKEA, it will help you assemble the high chair with ease.


Getting a better high chair is something that every parent wants. After getting through this article, you will surely not be those who are still struggling to get a good high chair for their kid. In this article, we have covered more or less everything about the IKEA ANTILOP high chair. It will help you to select the best high chair for your child. But, if you are still confused while choosing a high chair, then do let us know in the comment section. We will try to resolve your issues.

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