IKEA 365 Knife Review

IKEA 365 Knife

IKEA 365 Knife Review

IKEA 365 Knife Review

Standing in the kitchen and not having a proper knife is one thing that a chef hates the most. A knife is something that helps you to cut your food correctly so that it looks good. Cutting with a lousy knife can also affect the texture of your food. If you are not enjoying the first step of your work, then you may hate completing it.

If you own an excellent knife, then it can be the cherry on the top. A good knife does not only helps you to cut food better. But, only chefs can feel how does it feel while cutting with a sharp knife. If you are struggling to find a better knife for your kitchen, then IKEA has got a solution for you.

Most people know IKEA for manufacturing furniture, but only a few know that it also craft quality knives and other such things. In this article, we will review about IKEA 365 knife.

IKEA 365 Knife Review

IKEA 365 Knife
IKEA 365 Knife

Product Description 

IKEA 365 knife is a set of three knives that come up in full silver color with a sharp edge. These knives have a 15 years limited warranty and costs you around $39.99. In this price, getting an IKEA knife with 15 years warranty is a complete bargain.

Along with it, the IKEA 365 Knife is quite durable and easy to handle as it is made up of a single piece of premium quality stainless steel. It is one of those aspects that made this knife so popular among cutlery lovers.

IKEA 365 knife is one of the best knives that you can get for your kitchen. It cuts things quite quickly. It is durable. It helps you reduce pressure from your hands, and most importantly, IKEA 365 knife will stay for so long in your kitchen that you do not need to spend money on getting new knives.


IKEA 365 knife is designed and crafted from a single piece of stainless steel, making it easy for you to handle it properly. Along with it, on the handlebar of the IKEA 365 knife, IKEA has created a straight-line pattern that does not let you lose the grip even your hands are sweaty.

These grooves on the handle help you handle the knife firmly while cutting things and allow you to use it smoothly with no pressure on your hands.


IKEA never uses orthodox design for manufacturing its products, and it has done the same with IKEA 365 knife. The knife has a unique design that extends to its handlebar. Making a knife from a single piece is never an easy task to perform, and the icing on the cake is that IKEA has designed so well that it does not look odd.

IKEA 365 knife is thin and sharp from the cutting side and has a thick borderline on the opposite side that extends to the handle. The silver-colored stainless steel knife is so beautiful that you will love to have at least one kitchen set.


IKEA 365 knife is made up of pure molybdenum stainless steel that adds strength to the knife and helps you cut things smoothly. IKEA 365 knife is one of its kind when we talk about its material. The steel quality is so good that you can use it for years without losing its sharpness. So, get this knife as soon as possible if you want to rock in your kitchen.


IKEA 365 is the set of three knives, each of different sizes. IKEA has introduced this knife in the set of three to help you to cut everything quite easily. Each knife is for cutting different products and possesses different qualities.

The smallest of all knives have 5½ inches blade and a total length of 10 inches. After it, the medium-sized knife has a blade length of 6 inches and a full length of 11 inches. Lastly, the biggest of all knives have a blade length of 8 inches and 11 inches.

The difference in size allows you to use all of the three knives regularly to keep the blade sharp and in shape.


As the knives are dangerous and harm you badly, IKEA always uses premium quality packaging to deliver these knives to your homes safely. It comes in a single packaging. The width of the packaging is around 7 ½ inches, its height is about 1 inch and the length goes up to 16 inches. Lastly, its weight is about 1 lb 6 oz.


It is hard to find a knife that is durable, sharp and looks great. But, if you have been through this article, then it is sure that you know about a knife set that possesses all of these three qualities. The IKEA knife set is one of the best things to bring to your kitchen. In the article, we have mentioned all the specifications and benefits of the IKEA 365 knife set.

Here we have covered more or less every aspect of the IKEA 365 knife set. This article will find detailed knowledge about the IKEA 365 knife set, which will help you buy it with ease. But, if you still have some questions surrounding your mind, do not worry about them. Let us know all of your queries in the comment section. We will resolve them as soon as possible for us.

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