How Tall Are IKEA Base Cabinets?

How Tall Are IKEA Base Cabinets
How Tall Are IKEA Base Cabinets

IKEA base cabinets are designed specifically to be installed at the bottom of a kitchen counter.

They provide additional storage space and often come with integrated drawers or shelves for further organization.

IKEA base cabinets are typically constructed from laminated particleboard, which is cost-effective and easy to install.

Some styles are also available in solid wood, although these tend to be more expensive.

IKEA base cabinets can be used independently or as part of a larger kitchen counter cabinet system.

They are typically installed before the countertop is put in place, making IKEA base cabinets a great choice.

How Tall Are IKEA Base Cabinets?

What are the Benefits of Installing IKEA Base Cabinets?

Installing IKEA base cabinets offers many benefits for kitchens of all sizes.

The sturdiness and durability of laminated particleboard make them an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets.

They come in various sizes and styles, so you can easily find one that fits your kitchen’s layout and décor.

Additionally, IKEA base cabinets are easy to install—all the necessary hardware is included with your purchase.

Their cost-effectiveness makes them an attractive choice for budget-minded homeowners.

With IKEA base cabinets, you can bring function and style to your kitchen without using all your savings.

How does the height of the base cabinet make a difference?

The height of the base cabinet will affect your kitchen’s ergonomics, as well as its overall aesthetic.

If the cabinets are higher, you can easily access items stored inside them, and tasks like chopping vegetables may become uncomfortable.

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More importantly, low cabinets can make a space feel cramped. On the other hand, if the cabinets are too high, they will be difficult to reach and may look disproportionate in the room.

To ensure your kitchen looks its best and is comfortable, it’s important to measure carefully and select the right height for your base cabinets.

How Do You Install IKEA Base Cabinets?

Installing IKEA base cabinets is a relatively easy job that anyone with basic DIY skills can complete.

Before beginning, ensure you have all the necessary tools for installation, including a screwdriver, hammer, and level.

 You will also need to measure the area where the cabinets will be placed to ensure a proper fit. Follow these steps:

  1. Place your IKEA base cabinet on its side in the desired location and make sure it is level.
  2. Secure the top and bottom pieces of the cabinet together using screws.
  3. Attach to wall studs or use appropriate fasteners to secure the cabinet.
  4. Place shelves or drawers inside as desired, and secure them with included hardware.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each additional base cabinet you install.

You can easily install IKEA base cabinets in your kitchen with these steps. They offer a great way to add extra storage without breaking the bank.

Plus, they come in various styles and sizes, so you can find one that fits your kitchen’s layout and décor!

Installing IKEA base cabinets is a great way to add extra storage and style to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

With their sturdiness, durability, and cost-effectiveness, these cabinets are an attractive choice for anyone looking for an affordable upgrade.

Plus, with the right tools and hardwareit  can be easily installed in any kitchen. So if you’re looking for an option, IKEA base cabinets are worth considering.

That is the standard height for IKEA kitchen cabinets. However, you can modify your IKEA kitchen cabinets to make them higher.

To do this, you can buy extension legs that will raise the cabinet another four inches or use wall mounting brackets that eliminate the need for legs and raise it to 40 inches high.

You can also use furniture risers that will raise the cabinet another two to three inches. These are all simple DIY projects and can be done with minimal tools and effort.

If you still need cabinets over forty inches, customizing your IKEA kitchen cabinets is the way to go.


This means buying custom doors and drawer fronts to fit your cabinet’s exact size and creating customized shelves to match.

Customizing IKEA kitchen cabinets can be a bit more complicated than adding extra legs or risers, but it is an option for those who want something extra special in their kitchens.

For those of us on the taller side, that’s a little too low. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing that can be done about it. 

The hack for raising it is relatively simple. You will need an extra cabinet to have the parts.

However, all you have to do is cut the top of the backing piece to the height you want and then put it together as you normally would.

Making it lower is also easy. All that has to be done is remove the legs and attach them directly to the wall.

This will reduce the height of your cabinets by four inches.

For some, it just means not using the legs or getting shorter legs for them. It is also possible to cut the unit to the height desired.

This allows for cabinets in spaces that could be better for the cabinets. For example, if a room has low ceilings, the cabinets would be too tall.

measuring tape

It can all depend on your individual needs and preferences. There are so many options when it comes to customizing IKEA kitchen cabinets that you can make them just the way you want them.

Whether you want them to be higher, lower, or just a bit more unique, something can be done to make it happen.

So don’t be afraid to get creative and make your kitchen the perfect fit for you and your family. The possibilities are endless when you customize IKEA kitchen cabinets.

The next question most people may have would be why the height should be altered. There are several reasons.

The first reason is causing physical pain. Bending over a counter that is too low can cause back pain, neck pain, and headaches. This is from first-hand experience.

Younger folks might not think much of it, but this physical pain can be debilitating as one age. It is best to start young to keep the spine healthy.

Some older people are wheelchair or bed-bound due to not taking care of the spine in their youth.

It is also about personal preference. Some people want a higher countertop, and if that is the case, then adjusting the height of an IKEA kitchen cabinet to accommodate this can be done easily.

The second reason is safety. Countertops and the things put into them can be used for dangerous things.

Cutting something up, cooking it, and even, in some cases, washing the dishes can all have dangers. Burns, cuts, and scalds are some of them.

Having a counter at an awkward height can reduce the ability to control a knife or keep from burning oneself on something.

Running equipment such as mixers at an odd angle can also be hazardous. It is important to be aware of the optimal height and build accordingly.

The third reason is to fit. Some older houses have windows at odd heights, including lower to the floor than standard track housing.

In those cases, the windows should be accommodated; they provide light, air, and an escape route if necessary.

The fourth reason is aesthetics. Some people want a countertop that stands out and looks amazing.

Aesthetic appeal often means customizing the height of cabinets to fit with the rest of the room design.

When customizing the IKEA kitchen cabinet, it is important to be mindful of all considerations.

IKEA may be a “one size fits all” store, but life isn’t just one size. Don’t worry about fitting your IKEA kitchen; it can be done with simple hacks and a little ingenuity.

The internet has many websites discussing ways to alter IKEA products so that they will work better.

Some of them use tall cabinets for bases to have a taller workspace. All that matters is that you get the kitchen you want. That is IKEA’s goal.

Concluding Thoughts:

Customizing IKEA kitchen cabinets allows you to create a space that works for you and your family.

Whether you need them to be higher, lower, or more unique, some solutions can easily be found on the internet. J

ust make sure to consider any safety concerns when altering the height of your cabinets.

With creativity, you can make your IKEA kitchen look and feel like it has been custom-built just for you.

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