How Tall Are IKEA Base Cabinets?

How Tall Are IKEA Base Cabinets
How Tall Are IKEA Base Cabinets

How Tall Are IKEA Base Cabinets

As with anything IKEA does, there is a simple answer to this question and then there are hacks to that answer. Base cabinets in the kitchen come in one height at IKEA. The cabinet itself is thirty inches high. With the legs, it is thirty-four inches high.

That is before the countertop, and depending on what is chosen, the finished product may be as high as thirty-six inches. For those of us on the taller side, that’s a little too low. That doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

The hack for raising it is relatively simple. You will need an extra cabinet in order to have the parts. However, all you have to do is cut the top of the backing piece to the height you want and then put it together as you normally would.

Making it lower is also easy. For some, it just means not using the legs or getting shorter legs for them. It is also possible to cut the unit to the height desired. This allows for cabinets in spaces that aren’t ideal for the cabinets.

The next question most people may have would be why the height should be altered. There are several reasons. The first reason is causing physical pains. Bending over a counter that is too low can cause back pain, neck pain, and headaches. This is from the first-hand experience.

Younger folks might not think much of it, but as one gets older, this physical pain can be debilitating. It is best to start young to keep the spine healthy. There are older people who are wheelchair or bed-bound due to not taking care of the spine in their youth.

The second reason is safety. Countertops and the things put into them can be used for dangerous things. Cutting something up, cooking it, and even, in some cases, washing the dishes can all have dangers. Burns, cuts, and scalds are some of them.

Having a counter at an awkward height can reduce the ability to control a knife or keep from burning oneself on something. Running equipment such as mixers at an odd angle can also be hazardous. It is important to figure the optimal height and build accordingly.

The third reason is to fit. Some older houses have windows at odd heights, including lower to the floor than standard track housing. In those cases, the windows should be accommodated; they provide light, air, and an escape route if necessary.

IKEA may be a “one size fits all” store, but life isn’t just one size. Don’t worry about fitting your IKEA kitchen; it can be done with simple hacks and a little ingenuity. The internet has many websites that discuss ways of altering IKEA products so they will work better.

In fact, some of them use tall cabinets for bases, in order to have a taller workspace. All that matters is that you get the kitchen you want. That is IKEA’s goal.

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