Bringing Your Dog to IKEA: Is it Allowed?

Bringing Your Dog to IKEA: Is it Allowed?
Bringing Your Dog to IKEA: Is it Allowed?

Are Dogs Allowed in IKEA?

As people around the world are having fewer children, they are turning to pets as a substitute. All of the love and attention usually showered on kids are lavished on the animals. That also means that people like to take them with them when shopping.

That poses a problem in some places. Stores that sell food are usually not allowed to have animals inside, and IKEA sells food. Does that mean that Fido has to stay home? The answer is it depends.

Service animals are allowed in any public place, including restaurants and stores, at least in the United States. Other countries may have different laws, but generally, the EU has similar laws. In that instance, any animal, including a dog, is allowed in IKEA.

That said it is a good idea to call ahead. Some stores may have questions about an emotional support animal, although the ADA does not limit them. It is always wise to have any paperwork available that shows the legitimacy of the animal’s service.

So, what about regular dogs? Do they get to go to IKEA? There again, it depends. Going inside IKEA is unlikely, as it is against store policy. Some IKEA stores have come up with a workaround. They have what is called “dog parking.”

Outside the store, there are several places where a dog can stay while the owner is shopping. The spots have Astroturf, bowls for food and water and even boast a dog house. That allows the pet to remain on a leash outside the store rather than left at home.

IKEA explains its policy thusly. Dogs can bring in unwanted problems. Not all dogs are well trained and they can pose a risk to the general public. No one wants to be dog bitten while shopping and even a well-trained dog may have moments of difficulty.

There is also the problem of allergies. Dogs come with fur and said fur can trigger some really bad allergic reactions in people allergic to the dander. Asthmatics would be hard-pressed to deal with a massive asthma attack while shopping.

There are those that argue that this is “animal discrimination.” Sorry, folks, it isn’t. It is a company recognizing that they have a responsibility to all of its customers and taking steps to avoid problems. Service dogs are one thing, a pet is another entirely.

What then, should the loving pet owner do with their dog when they are gone for an extended amount of time? Shopping at IKEA is not usually a half-hour trip. It can be an all-day affair and the poor animal will be lonely.

Most dogs will be just fine left on their own all day. Dogs that don’t need some special training or they need to see the vet. There is one thing that dog owners should never do. Do not bring the dog and then leave it in the car.

Cars can become ovens quickly in the summer and in some areas they could freeze to death. When going to IKEA, unless it is a service dog, Fido should stay home.

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