7 Best IKEA Wood Countertop Review 2022

Best IKEA Wood Countertop

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Best IKEA Wood Countertop

IKEA is one of the most renowned brands for furnishing, interior design, and utility across the world. They introduce almost everything that you might need to furnish or renovate your home or office. Whatever you can think of with a design, you can find it by IKEA. That is why most people prefer shopping with IKEA so they don’t have to wait for custom orders.

IKEA also offers some great countertops in wood that you can use for your kitchen counters. They give your kitchen a new and ravishing look that would not only add to the aesthetics but also gets you more convenience and utility. Some of these wooden countertops are listed below.

7 Best IKEA Wood Countertop Review

1) BARKABODA Countertop

BARKABODA Countertop

Well, you can never have enough of Walnut wood if you are concerned with both durability and finish. This is another unique countertop that holds a contemporary pattern fit to suit any kind of dark-colored interior for your kitchens. If you are a fan of woodwork that pops out, then you must have this countertop for your shelves.

You get a luxurious feeling just by looking at this countertop as each part is given due consideration and you get something magical with this countertop. This countertop is a part of the design that you never knew you needed but will enhance your aesthetics exponentially and you will never cease to love it.

The veneer is also used for this countertop so you can have the best possible finish, durability, and a better working surface that can endure the adventures in your kitchen and keep looking the same.

2) KARLBY Countertop, Walnut & Veneer

KARLBY Countertop, Walnut & Veneer

KARLBY is what you can call a standard wooden countertop to be used on any kitchen shelf. The countertop combines the best of solid walnut wood and veneer. All the resources used are totally natural to preserve the atmosphere and keep your kitchen free from any kind of chemicals.

The best thing is that you can fit this countertop on your working shelf, serving bar, or any other place in the kitchen. It will match flawlessly with the dark wooden flooring and other woodwork you have around your kitchen to complete the look.

There is a unique pattern on this countertop that makes it look amazing. With the right durability on its surface, this is the best thing you can get for your kitchen.

3) KARLBY Countertop for Kitchen Island

KARLBY Countertop for Kitchen Island

Oakwood is known for its durability and this is the best work of craftsmanship combined with modern design aesthetics to fit on your counter shelves. You definitely need to have this countertop if you are concerned about waterproofing, scratches, and that kind of stuff.

The wooden countertop will fit any kitchen place having light interior design due to the color scheme on this one, and you are guaranteed to have the best possible feelings and design. The texture, feel, and finish everything is remarkable on this great combination of Oakwood and veneer.

With this countertop, you are guaranteed to have the best interior design and all the perks that you might be wanting from a countertop in your kitchen.

4) KARLBY Countertop, Birch & Veneer

KARLBY Countertop, Birch & Veneer

You get multiple wood choices in the KARLBY countertop series, and this is the last one. With this countertop, you get a glued birch wood and veneer for added elasticity to fit and better overall aesthetics. The color is fairly light on this countertop but that won’t be much of an issue as this countertop can be wiped off with a damp cloth easily and you can enjoy a better, cleaner countertop.

In addition to all those cool features, the best part about this countertop is that it is greatly affordable and you can get it at a relatively low price so it would be a better option for you to choose if you already have beige or some light color design for your kitchen and you are looking to save some bucks on the countertop as well. This doesn’t mean that the quality is low in any way on this beautiful countertop.

5) MÖLLEKULLA Countertop


Well, if you are not much attracted to those fancy and modernized designs and want your woodwork to look natural, then MÖLLEKULLA is the choice for you. The attractive design on this countertop makes it look like a natural piece of wood just sitting there on the shelf that would enhance your aesthetics and make your kitchen look more artistic.

In addition to the looks, you also get tons and tons of durability on this one due to Oakwood and veneer used for crafting this countertop. You can put any amount of weight you might want on this countertop and it would never show any signs of wear and tear. The countertop also lasts you for a decade or more so you don’t have to worry about having it replaced anytime soon.

6) PINNARP Countertop, Ash & Veneer

PINNARP Countertop, Ash & Veneer

Ashwood is known for its elasticity, durability, and a luxurious feel on it. That is why you might have to spend a bit more than other wood countertops on this one, but you can rest assured that it will be worth each penny being paid towards it.

This countertop gets a seamless finish and natural pattern that goes well with any type of modern kitchen interior you might have for your kitchen. The durable surface can be sanded if needed be, and you can be assured that it is not going to go bad for years of usage. You can place it anywhere in the kitchen according to your needs and have a feel of utility, comfort, and aesthetics all in a single place.

7) PINNARP Countertop, Walnut & Veneer

PINNARP Countertop, Walnut & Veneer

PINNARP series is one of the best-designed series of IKEA in wooden countertops and this one here is one of my personal favorites. The countertop contains walnut wood and veneer with a timeless pattern on it that would make your interior pop out.

If you have a kitchen with wooden tiles on the floor, this countertop is a choice you must consider as the pattern on this countertop will enhance your aesthetics. Needless to say, that it is durable like any other countertop you can get your hands on from IKEA and easy to maintain as well. The countertop will be a worthy investment for you if you are looking for something out of the box.

Choosing The Best IKEA Wood Countertops

These are some of the best countertops you can get for your kitchen. The IKEA wood countertops will not only preserve the actual shelves underneath but also allow you to maintain a healthier and cleaner kitchen without having to compromise on your styling. They go well with any wooden interior in your kitchen and enhance the looks like you always wanted to.

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