10 Best IKEA Twin Bed with Storage Review 2022

IKEA Twin Bed with Storage

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The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is in its name: the bed. The bedroom is meant for sleep, relaxation, and alone time. But the bed isn’t the only thing in the bedroom. Often, there has to be a dresser or a closet to get everything to fit in the bedroom. Then, of course, there is the nightstand. For those without a home office, there may even be a desk.

How about a bookcase? Suddenly the bedroom is too crowded. What was once the happiest place on earth, is now the most stressful and cluttered. Beds with storage space eliminate these issues. Those who can use twin sized beds have even better luck because it truly reduces the space.

IKEA has plenty of options for twin beds with storage. They have a wide variety of beds that will suit any homeowner’s needs. Best of all, they have many designs and colors, so everyone can join the fun. Most of them are also sustainable. These products are great for environmentalists and minimalists, and look great in any room.

10 Best IKEA Twin Bed with Storage Review

1) Malm High Bed Frame

Malm High Bed Frame

The Malm high bed frame falls under one of IKEA’s most popular categories, the Malm. The Malm is often one of the favored products because it uses lots of renewable wood. For instance, the Malm high bed frame is composed of about 80% of wood.

The bed is truly gorgeous. The stained wood stands out in any room, and comes in a variety of colors. The Malm high bed frame can be purchased in gray-stained, brown-stained ash veneer, white, or black-brown. The bed can be dressed down for a kid, or made it to look classy for an adult.

The best part of the Malm high bed frame is the storage. The bed comes with two storage drawers located underneath the bed. The drawers are spacious and work in lieu of a dresser. For those who already have a closet, the the drawers can also be used for shoes, blankets, notebooks, or anything else one may need. In addition to having color options, the Malm high bed frame comes with two options for the bed slat: Lonset or Luroy.

This bed is truly remarkable and comes at the affordable price of $264.

2) Songesand Bed Frame

Songesand Bed Frame

The Songesand bed frame is one of IKEA’s classier models. It is a simple twin-sized bed that comes with two large drawers. This bed frame strays for the classic IKEA bedframe. Unlike many other, the Songesand has its own unique feature: the headboard. The headboard has a fun design. Two long rectangles are carved out of it to give it an extra edge.

The design is not the Songesand’s only great feature. The bed is very sturdy. It is made of over 50% renewable materials. This product looks great in the bedroom, and is great for the environment.

This bed comes with two bed slat options: Longset or Luroy. It also comes with two color options: brown or white. It’s definitely a bed to beat. This bed is on the shorter side, so it’s great for young kids or those who have trouble getting into bed.

The Songesand is currently priced at $229. This is a steal for such a quality bed. It is great for kids, teenagers, and adults.

3) Hemnes Daybed

Hemnes Daybed

IKEA offers lots of products in their Hemnes line. One of their best Hemnes products is the Hemnes Daybed. It is a dual action piece of furniture. It can be converted into a bed or a couch. As a bed, it can be a single or a double. By adding throw pillows to the Hemnes Daybed, it can be a couch.

This product is great for those who are more eccentric. The bed is long, and can be catered to its owner. It comes in a simple white, so it can be decorated however one likes.

Of coures, the Hemnes Daybed has to have storage. The bedframe comes with three drawers underneath the bed. The bed is great for those who do and don’t like space. It can be pulled out to be a double bed, or stay a single depending on space. This is particularly great for someone who often moves. They can make their bed a specific size based on the room.

The Hemnes Daybed is made of pine and costs $299. This is an ideal bed for a dorm room, or for a kid with one too many toys.

4) Slakt Bed Frame with Pull out Bed

Slakt Bed Frame with Pull out Bed

The Slakt bed frame is one of a kind. This is arguably IKEA’s best storage based bed because it has drawers, and an additional pull out bed. This is great for a son or daughter who always seems to be having a sleepover. They simply need to pull out their drawers, and then pull out the tuck in bed.

Because of all the layers on this bed, it’s almost a bunk bed. Kids who love the top bunk at camp will love the Slakt bed frame. The bed itself comes with two drawers. These can used for clothes, toys, or bedding for the spare bed.

Most of this bed is used of renewable materials, like wood. It’s great for enviromentalists and fun-loving kids. The bed is not expensive. It’s $229, and comes with an additional bed frame and storage. It looks great in any room, and truly is a kid’s dream bed. This is a perfect twin bed for anyone shopping for one.

5) The Slakt Bed Frame with Storage Slatted Bedbase

The Slakt Bed Frame with Storage Slatted Bedbase

IKEA’s Slakt bed frame with storage slatted bedbase is the ideal dorm room bed. It takes up little space, it’s cheap at $279, and it has lots of storage. The bed comes with four drawers beneath it. It also comes with two shelves that can be decorated.

However, this bed only has a headboard behind it, so it should be propped up against a wall. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality. The bed is made of at least 50% renewable materials, with most of those being wood. It is easy to assemble and looks super modern and classy.

The bed comes in one color: white. It matches every style of room, and can be dressed up and down with pillows, comforters, and anything else a teenager loves. The bed is also great for those in small studio apartments. The bed is tiny and takes up no space. It is a remarkable bed.

6) The Brimnes Daybed

The Brimnes Daybed

The Brimnes Daybed is one of IKEA’s simplest designs, and as such, is one of the cheapest. It is $249 and is the best bed for a minamalist. The bed is made up of two twin mattresses stacked on top of each other. This is because, if necessary, the bed can slide out into a double. The conjoined mattresses then separate to make a bigger bed.

This bed can be also be used as a couch. It has no back, but that shouldn’t stop anyone. It can be propped up against a wall for support. Add some throw pillows and VOILA! It’s a couch.

The Brimnes daybed also has two compartments underneath for storage. Anything from clothes to tennis rackets can be stored underneath this bed. It comes in white, so any colors can dress up this bed.

This is a great bed for kids, students heading to college, or people who just want some extra space.

7) Hemnes Daybed Frame

Hemnes Daybed Frame

The Hemnes daybed frame is a super elegant design. It’s strong, durable, and can be used for many purposes. It can be a single bed, a double bed, a couch, and a dresser. The single bed turns into a double bed for those who want more space. If can be put in the living room as a couch, or turned into a bed for guests. There are two drawers underneath the bed for storage.

The Hemnes daybed frame differs slightly from other daybeds. Whereas other daybeds have no headboard around the back, the Hemnes daybed frame does. It does not need to be pushed up against a wall to support the homeowner or his guests.

The bed is made of great materials, such as pine and fiberboard. The Hemnes daybed is a great product, and is priced at $299. This is definitely a bed best-suited for adults trying to reduce space. It has a modern, sleek look and comes in a black-brown color.

8) Flekke Daybed Frame

Flekke Daybed Frame

The Flekke daybed frame is a chic design. It is an indescribable shape these can make any room look more furistic and retro. It’s a modern black color, and is not for the faint of heart.

The bed is one of IKEA’s pricier twin beds. It costs $349. The bed itself can turn into a double bed, and also comes with two drawers for storage. The bed is commended for its versatility. It can switch from a couch to a double bed with one quick maneuver. The bed is perfect for someone with a bachelor pad. It looks expensive, works well, and helps reduce space issues.

It’s a definitive crowd-pleaser and great for the environment, too. About 80% of the materials used on the Flekke daybed frame are renewable. The stark black color of this bed will draw visitors in, but the comfort and class will make them stay.

9) Hemnes Bed Frame with 2 Storage Boxes

Hemnes Bed Frame with 2 Storage Boxes

The Hemnes bed frame with 2 storage boxes looks the most like a classic twin bed IKEA has to offer. It’s simple, has a headboard, and looks like most every day bed. It has some special traits, though.

For one, this bedframe comes with two large storage boxes. They are located directly underneath the bed, but don’t take up the whole space. This make the bed more manageable, and also leaves room for a great hide and seek spot.

The bedframe, thankfully, comes with an ordinary headboard. Many of the twinbeds with storage are too overdone, so they lack the basics of a heaboard. The Hemnes bedframe with 2 storage boxes gets to be a classic, but with a twist. It’s great for those who don’t want to mix up their ordinary routine too much. This bed comes in white-stain, black-brown, and dark grey stained. There is an option for one of five different bed bases, and the price is $274.

10) Songesand Bed Frame with 2 Storage Boxes

Songesand Bed Frame with 2 Storage Boxes

The Songesand bed frame with 2 storage boxes is a very simple design. It is a mattress, that sits on a bed base, that sits on a bed frame, that sits on two storage boxes. To top it off, a headboard is added. This product is sturdy, helps reduce space issues, and is a very low price. IKEA definitely has low prices, so when one of their prices is signficantly lower than others, its a shock. The Songesand bed frame with 2 storage boxes is only $199.

Interestingly enough, this bed actually gets higher reviews that some of its similarly designed counterparts. The bed is versatile, too. It comes in brown or white, and offers an option of Luroy or Lonset for bed bases.

The product is made of about 50% renewable materials, and its easy to setup. One of the hardest part about buying IKEA furniture is assembling it. This product is no problem to assemble, and looks just like the picture.

Choosing the Best IKEA Twin Bed with Storage

IKEA’s twin beds with storage are changing the future of furniture. They’re making it easier to store clothes and sleep in the same piece of furniture. Twin beds with storage cut down on space, and add a modern flare to the bedroom. They are definitely changing the world of furniture, and the way the world thinks about minimalism.

If IKEA can make one person’s possesions all fit in one twin bed, what else can they do? There are plenty of twin bed options for those in need. IKEA has some great products that come at an affordable price.

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