20 Best IKEA Sofas Review 2022

Best IKEA Sofa

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Best IKEA Sofa

Every great sofa comes with a memory. A sofa can bring back memories from watching cartoons on Sunday morning. It can bring back memories from one’s first sleepovers. A sofa can remind someone of their first kiss, or the first time their spouse met their parents.

A sofa can make someone happy, or sad. It is there in the best and worst of times. It is there for family game nights, as well as lazy days spent playing Fornite. A sofa is not just another piece of furniture. It is something that is going to be used often, and provide memories down the road.

Customers have to be careful when choosing a sofa. This is the defining feature in the living room, and the place outside their bed that they’ll spend the most time on in the home.

IKEA has plenty of sofas to choose from. They can help secure the perfect sofa for every home. Here are 20 of their best ones.

20 Best IKEA Sofa Review

1) FRIHETEN Sleeper Sectional Sofa

FRIHETEN Sleeper Sectional Sofa

The Friheten sleeper sectional is a unique sofa with lots of exciting features. The section has three seats and has an L shape. It’s large, and can fit many people. In addition to this, this sleeper sectional includes a bed that is ultra comfortable.

To turn the couch into a bed, simply remove the back cushions and pull out the underframe. Because the bed isn’t a pull out, no sharp metal pieces will jab guests. This is a great couch for those who don’t have space for a guestroom, but have frequent guests. This couch also has storage space.

Underneath the couch is a chaise that could hold any extra books, bedding, supplies, and anything else. This couch has it all. The Friheten sleeper sectional can be bought for $599, and comes in many colors.

2) EXTROP 3.5 Seat Sofa

EXTROP 3.5 Seat Sofa

IKEA’s Extrop 3.5 seat sofa is a simple, gorgeous couch that will match any home. This couch has a plain design with lots of comfort. The couch has three cushions, and two arm rests. It comes in dark gray, beige, and white.

The cushions are reversible, so when one side starts to wear out, switch to the other side. This couch is small, but cozy. It is a place where one can relax by the fireplace, and drink some wine. If the wine spills, no worries!

The cushions have covers that are easily washed. Because this couch is so simple, it can be dressed up or down. Throw pillows can give it some flare, or they can be used to tie the couch in with the rest of the room.

This couch is made of a renewable material: cotton. It’s soft, warm, and all around great for everyone. It’s on the more expensive side, but worth the cost. This couch is $649.



The Gronlid Sofa is a DREAM couch! It’s soft, large, and good-looking. The couch is made of sustainable cotton-- cotton that has come from sustainable sources. It’s great for the environment, and feels great on the body. The five back cushions on this couch are soft, deep, and can be adjusted. The couch is made even more comfortable through a layer of fiber balls in the cushions.

The couch matches everything, too. The couch looks good in every room because it comes in many colors: white, dark red, light green, medium gray, dark gray, and natural. This couch is not too expensive. It costs $599. This is a great couch for those who are never comfortable. It is flexible, and can be adjusted to fit anyone’s comfort needs.

4) VIMLE 4 Seat Sectional

VIMLE 4 Seat Sectional

The Vimle 4 seat sectional is a lovable, yet expensive, couch from IKEA. This couch’s cost is a bit higher than IKEA’s other products. It costs $969. That’s because it’s so big and of such great quality. This sectional has a height of 32 ⅝ and a width of 126 ¾. It is shaped like an L and has four seats.

This couch is perfect for anyone who is always hosting game nights, or dinner parties. It has lots of space, and looks good in every room. This couch comes in eight different colors, so there are lots of options to choose from.

Even though this couch is already big, it can be made bigger by combining it with extra VIMLE sectionals. Despite its high cost, this sectional is quite a deal. And the cushions are made of high resilience foam, so it’s sure to be extra lush and comfortable.



The Karlstad sofa is a cute, cozy sofa that looks like it belongs in a hip waiting room. It’s small, but mighty. It is a two cushion that seems more like a loveseat than a couch. This is one of few couches that uses wood. It stands on four wooden pegs that are made of birch.

The birch gives this couch a more modern, yet homely feel. This couch is great for indecisive shoppers because it comes in one size and one color: dark gray. The seats are filled with high resilience foam which makes the couch extra soft and comfortable; it feels like sitting on a cloud.

This is one of IKEA’s more affordable sofas. It only costs $399. This is a wonderful couch for a small space, like an office or studio apartment. However, this couch would look great in a big living room, too.

6) FRIHETEN Sleeper Sofa

FRIHETEN Sleeper Sofa

The Fritheten sleeper sofa is a cute, cozy sofa with cool features. It is long and lush. The couch comes with one long base cushion, and three back cushions. The best part about this sofa is that the cushions are easily removed to make a bed. This sofa is a dream. It’s affordable, and doubles as a bed. It’s $499 and is great for someone in a small studio apartment.

Why get a couch and a bed when one product does both? This cushions are extra comfortable because they have a layer of fiber balls. This couch is a must have for every home.



IKEA’s Landskrona sofa looks like something that has come straight from a therapist’s office. It’s long, which is great for those who like to lay down and spill their thoughts. It’s comfortable, but not too comfortable. It’s sturdy, and looks very professional. This is a couch for someone with a mature attitude and lots of suaveness. This couch has a neat design. It has divots in the cushions that give it an extra edge. It has legs made of oak, another mature material.

And for those who don’t like wood, the legs can be made of metal, too. This is one of those couches everyone wishes they could pull off. The best part is that it’s only $599. This is a rich person’s couch wrapped into an affordable package. IKEA made this extraordinary couch possible. 



The Knislinge sofa from IKEA is the perfect couch for everyone who loves the movie “Grease.” This sofa has major Danny Zuko vibes with its leather material, and sleek black color. It’s hot, modern, and chic. This couch is great for a bachelor pad, or for someone who is trying to spice up their home.

The bed comes with three cushions, and lots of comfort. It is short, but not stumpy. This couch is on the smaller side. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in style. The Knislinge sofa is great for those on a budget, too. It can be bought for $349. This is a steal for such an exciting, hip couch.

9) KIVIK Sofa


The Kivik Sofa from IKEA may be the most comfortable sofa in the world. “Why?,” one may ask. It’s made of MEMORY FOAM! The whole couch feels like one gigantic pillow. Be careful sitting on this couch, because it may lead to an unintentional nap.

This couch is designed in an L Shape so plenty of people can sit around and chat. This couch is explicably expensive. It costs $849 to lounge on a cloud. It seems pretty fair. 

This sofa comes in many colors, too. It comes in gray green, black, beige, dark blue, light gray, red and dark gray. This is one of the best couches IKEA has to offer, and one everyone should check out. And if shoppers can’t afford it, at least make the trip to IKEA to test its soft cushions.



The Knopparp sofa looks just as crazy as its name. It’s short, small, and has a strange shape. But like the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover,” a couch should not be judged by its looks either. This couch is comfortable, and compact! It’s lightweight, and heavily padded. It fits in small areas that ordinarily couldn’t hold a couch.

The couch is made of foam and metal, which gives it a sleek, exciting look. It’s also very affordable. It only costs $149. Because of its small size, it uses few materials which is great for the environment.

This couch may not be the coziest, but it’s great for those one a budget who want something a little different. This couch comes in light gray and bright blue. The Knopparp sofa is a lot of fun, and a great cheap buy.

11) SANDBACKEN Sleeper Sectional

SANDBACKEN Sleeper Sectional

IKEA’s Sandbacken sleeper sectional looks like the coziest couch in the world. In this case, looks don’t deceive. This couch is made of elastic foam, which makes relaxing and sleeping some much easier. This back cushions are extra fluffy. They feel like they have been stuffed full of extra large marshmallows.

This sofa has three seats, and a bed that can be pulled out from underneath the sofa. For those who often have guests sleep over, this is a perfect couch. Plus, it’s conveniently priced. It is only $429. This couch comes in beige and light grey. This is a must have sectional.

12) VIMLE Loveseat

VIMLE Loveseat

There is something so heart-warming about a piece of furniture being called a “loveseat.” It makes people’s hearts fill with joy before even seeing the product. Luckily, IKEA’s Vimle loveseat is loveable on its own. This sofa is so cute and cozy. It has two cushions that are filled with polyester fiber balls.

The loveseat can be purchased in a selection of seven colors. Not so ordinary folks can opt to order the multicolored loveseat. This pattern is refreshing, and exciting to see among IKEA’s many simple products. The Vimle will give any room extra pzazz. The Vimle loveseat can be bought for $529. This is a newer product at IKEA, so get it before others discover it.

13) Soderhamn Sectional

Soderhamn Sectional

The Soederhamm sectional is a large, cozy sectional with lots of space and comfort. It has a unique design compared to other sectionals. Instead of using thick bases like most sofas, the Soederhamm sectional sits upright on 12 metal legs.

The sectional has three seats, but many throw pillows. It sits close to the ground, and relaxing more easier. This couch is unique in style, and design. It comes in two common colors: black and white, and two uncommon colors: turquoise and light pink.

It’s expensive at $809, but is well-reviewed. This is an exciting new product at IKEA, and one everyone should check out. It strays from the ordinary, but usually the best products do.

14) KLIPPAN Loveseat

KLIPPAN Loveseat

The Klippan loveseat is a smooth, trendy loveseat that can make any living room stand out. It’s small, but charming. The Klippan loveseat was launched in the 80s, but is still around today.

Because of this, it’s got a groovy, 80’s vibe to it. The loveseat can get even groovier depending on what cover it has. Shoppers can choose between four covers: black, light blue, gray, and for the more adventurous, multicolor.

The seat is composed of durable metal springs that gives the couch a light, springy feel. This loveseat is one of the cheapest sofas at IKEA. It can be purchased for $279. What a steal!



The Sandbacken sofa looks like an ordinary, every day sofa, but it is so much more. This sofa is made to be extra comfortable with polyester fiber balls, cotton, foam, and some other materials. It’s soft, lush, and great for those who need crave back support. The sofa’s back cushions are both spacious and soft. They feel airy and light, while also being sturdy.

The product is designed to feel light, too, so it is easy to move. Re-decorating has never felt so easy. This couch is great for those who are constantly on the go, too, because it’s not too hard to move it to different apartments. This sofa is perfect for every home, and comes in gray and beige.

16) FRIHETEN Sleeper Sectional

FRIHETEN Sleeper Sectional

Sectionals are a lot of fun for people with lots of space, but are a pain for those without any. They have space for extra guests to sit, but their strange designs make finding a place for them difficult.

That’s not a problem with the Friheten sleeper sectional. It still has the exciting, L- shaped sectional design, but it’s much smaller. This sectional can fit in any sized room with no problems. The most exciting part is that this sectional doubles as a sleeper.

There is a bed stored underneath this sectional. It can be set up by moving the cushions and pulling out the underframe. Plus, there’s a chaise, too. This is an extra storage space for other things like bedding, or books. This product has everything, and is only $599.

17) KLIPPAN Loveseat

KLIPPAN Loveseat 1

The Klippan loveseat is cute, sleek, and eccentric. The base of this love seat, though it’s not obvious, is made of wood. The cushion is then placed on top of the wood to maintain durability and comfort. This loveseat was introduced in the 80’s, so it has a fun, nostalgic feel. The cover for this loveseat comes in three colors: black, brown, and white.

In addition to looking gorgeous, this love seat is comfortable, too. It has a light, metal springs that make the couch feel airy, yet sturdy. This product is the best of both worlds because its made of both polyester and cotton. This loveseat is a crowd pleaser, and a favorite among IKEA regulars. Even though it strays from the ordinary design, it’s worth testing.

18) KIVIK Sectional

KIVIK Sectional

Home movie theaters are the coolest rooms in the home. Granted, most homes don’t have home movie theaters, but when they do, they’re the best. A home movie theater usually has i20 leather burka loungers, or a really, really big sectional. For those who want the latter, check out IKEA.

The Kivik sectional is a five seat couch that is shaped like a lowercase r. If two Kivik sectionals were put together, they would make a huge rectangle. This couch is comfortable, cool, and trendy. But… it’s big. This couch won’t fit in an everyday living room. It’s meant for wide, spacious areas.

However, this is the perfect couch for game night. It is costly at $1,399, but worth its price due to its massive size and comfortability. Best of all, it’s made of the most luscious material in the world: memory foam.

19) LINDOME Sofa


The Lindome sofa looks like a couch that has ripped from the pages of a murdery mystery novel. It’s victorian chic with a velvety cushion. This product will have customers speaking in fake british accents, and stumbling upon secret room.

Realistically, those things won’t happen, but this couch makes it seem possible. It’s a beautiful material, and soft, too. It is filled with a high resilience foam that will help align the spine, and have owners sitting properly.

The legs are made of a gorgeous solid wood that is both mesmerizing and sustainable. This sofa is on the expensive side at $799, but it is worth the cost. It has a perfect five star review, and is a couch that will catch the eye of many guests.



IKEA’s Stockholm sofa does what many sofas can’t do; it’s light and airy, while maintaining a professional look. This product is made of the finest type of leather: aniline. As the couch ages, the leather becomes softer and darker. This leather is breathable, and of a very high quality.

Because of this, this couch is very expensive. It costs $2,199. This couch is not for those who have messy children. It’s a mature couch meant for those who care for it properly. However, it is certainly worth its cost. This cost comes in tannish brown color that looks great in the bright lights.

The cushions are comfortable, and the couch feels light. The cushions are made of a high resilience foam, so the couch supports the body well. This couch is not for the faint of heart, but is worth it for those who are willing to try.

Choosing the Best IKEA Sofas

IKEA has so many sofas to help people make memories with. They have sofas of all sizes, shapes, and colors. They have cheap sofas and expensive sofas. The sofa of one’s dreams is sitting in IKEA, waiting to be bought.

These are only a few of the amazing sofas IKEA has to offer. Because it is a product that is bought often, IKEA has many many more. More sofa selections can be found on IKEA’s website or in the store.

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