20 Best IKEA Shelves Review 2022

IKEA Shelves

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IKEA Shelves

The product that is arguably the most important in the home isn’t the bed, the table, or the refrigerator. It’s the shelf.

Shelves are what keep homes from becoming storage units or hoarders nests. Almost every room needs at least one shelf to help save space and store products.

Kitchens needs shelves for dishes and spices. Living rooms need shelves for decorations, books, electronics, and pictures. Bathrooms needs shelves for toiletries and towels. Every room needs a shelf, no matter big or small.

Some of the best shelves come from everyone’s favorite furniture store: IKEA. IKEA has a wide range of shelves to offer, from short to tall, and small to wide. They have different shapes, colors, and sizes. They have shelves for the kitchen, all the way to the garage. No shelves can beat IKEA’s. Here are 20 of their best ones.

20 Best IKEA Shelves Review

1) IVAR Shelf

IVAR Shelf

The IKEA Ivar shelf is one of a kind. It’s specifically designed to save space, and add a modern flare to the house. This shelf is made with one shelf at the bottom, a foldable table in the middle, and two shelves at the top.


When folded down, the table can be used as a dining room table, a desk, or a kitchen island. Anything is possible. When the table is folded up, it creates a cupboard space for more fragile items.

This shelf is great because it’s unique and affordable. It is $164, and made of solid pine. Baskets and tubs can also be stored underneath the bottom shelf. This adds even more space! This shelf is new to IKEA, so those who buy it know they’ll stand out.

2) IVAR Two Section Shelf

IVAR Two Section Shelf

The Ivar two section shelf is perfect for any room in the home, as well as the garage. It can store all the extra clutter that is taking up space. The shelf is split down the middle into two parts, with five shelves on each side. It is made of solid pine, so it is very durable.

In addition to this, the pine is a customizable material so owners can decorate however they want. The shelves are big even to house plates, cups, books, clothes, and tubs. The specific dimensions of the shelf are 68 1/2 x 19 1/2 and 8 x 89. This is the perfect shelf for the hoarder in everyone.

It’s also fairly priced. It can be bought for a mere $176. It should be noted that this product needs to be stabilized against the wall. It will not stay in place on its own. Overall, it’s a great product.

3) Kallax Shelf

Kallax Shelf

The Kallax Shelf is sleek, black, and the perfect shelf for a bachelor pad. What is particularly special about this shelf is that it can be placed vertically or horizontally. In addition to this, it comes with eight shelves. It also includes drawers. Four drawers can be placed in any of the shelves to best suit your needs.

It comes in seven different colors, so there is something for everyone. This product is one of IKEA’s most affordable shelves. It is $69.99. It has to be mounted to the wall, but that’s okay because products to mount it are included. This is a definite must from IKEA.

4) Small Kallax Shelf Unit

Small Kallax Shelf Unit

This Kallax shelf unit is smaller than the original, but it’s still classy. It comes with four cube like shelves. This piece could be used in any room for most anything. A unique use for it would be as a nightstand. It’s the perfect size to sit by the bed. Its dimensions are 30 3/8 x 30 3/8.

The shelf comes in five different colors that can cater to the buyer’s needs. It is also not too big, so it can fit most anywhere. Plus, it can be hung on the wall or simply placed on the wall. This is a very versatile product and one of the cheapest IKEA offers. It is only $29.99. What a steal!

5) Large Kallax Shelf Unit

Large Kallax Shelf Unit

The larger version of the Kallax shelf unit is big and has lots of space. Its dimensions are 57 7 /8 x 57 7/8. It is a beautiful shelf that comes in many different colors. It also comes with four drawers that can be placed anywhere in the shelf. It’s very classy. This shelf would go best in a dining room of living room. It can hold pictures, decorations, books, and more.

Best of all, it’s only $89.00, and it’s on sale! Ordinarily it’s $119. The Kallax units tend to be very affordable, highly-reviewed, and look really great in the hope. This particular Kallax has 78 reviews and 4.7 stars. This is one of the best shelves that can be bought from IKEA. It’s durable, well-priced, and great for everyone.

6) One-Row Kallax Shelf

One-Row Kallax Shelf

IKEA has many Kallax shelves. One of the more affordable Kallax shelves in their simple, one-row shelf. It is a concise shelf that can be placed vertically or horizontally. It has four shelves in one row, all of which are big enough to place drawers. The shelf can be purchased in light grey, white or black. Each color looks sleek, new, and matches most everything.

The shelf can be used for storage, or as a simple bookshelf. It does not come with a back, so the shelf should be mounted to the wall. However, if placed horizontally it does not need a mount. The shelf can also double as a tv stand. It is very versatile, and fits every customer’s needs. The shelf has a fair price of $49.99.

7) Hyllis Shelf

Hyllis Shelf

The Hyllis shelf is a simple shelf made of a steel material. It has three shelves and an open back. It is a very sturdy shelf that goes grow outside. And can be used for porch storage, or in a garden. This product can also work for garage storage. And of course, it can be used in the home.

 It is an everyday product that costs a meager $9.99. It looks particularly great with a variety of succulents placed on it. The best part is that even though the shelf is small, it can hold up to 55 pounds of weight. That’s a lot of weight for three shelves.

This product is durable, strong, and well worth the price. Customers can put on of these in every room, and still spend less than $100. This is a very special deal at IKEA.

8) EKET Storage Combination

EKET Storage Combination

The EKET Storage unit isn’t necessarily a shelf, but it works just the same. It’s made up of two rows with eight cubicles each. The storage unit comes with a back, as well as legs, so no mounting is necessary. This storage unit is great for organizing kid’s toys in playrooms, or simply to organized clothes or books. It also works perfectly as a classroom cabinet for students.

It can organize student materials very well. This product is cool and modern. It comes in many colors, the most notable being red. It’s vibrant, cute, and adds a little something extra to the home. This playful cabinet is popular, and affordable. It is priced at $130. The unit is short too, so it can fit most anywhere.

9) Three Part Kallax Shelf

Three Part Kallax Shelf

IKEA is known for having simple, affordable designs. While the Kallax shelf is pretty affordable, the design is far from simple. The shelf comes with three parts that are connected horizontally. The first part is wide with four shelves. The middle shelf is much larger than the others. The remaining shelves are the same size.

The next part is very skinny. It has four shelves, with the other two being double the length of the others. The last part is nearly the same as the first, but with two long shelves in the middle. Overall, the designing is confusing but fun. It makes for a decorative piece that would like great in the living room. It’s reasonably priced too. It’s only $99.

10) Vittsjoe Shelf

Vittsjoe Shelf

The Vittsjo is a unique piece made of tempered glass and metal. It’s strong, and has a hip design. The base of the shelf is made of metal, while the shelves are made is glass. It is great for storing all sorts of products, but is perfect for plates and glasses. It looks nice and sophisticated in a kitchen or dining room. It’s a strong piece, although it should be mounted against the wall for extra support.

This product comes in two colors: black and white. Both look great in every room. This is one of few IKEA shelves that use glass shelves. It is certainly unique. Those who buy it will not be breaking the bank because it is only $79.99.

However, because it is made with glass it should be handled with care. Too much pressure can break the glass, but it’s perfect for those who want to add a lighty air feel to their home.

11) Hoghem Wall Shelf

Hoghem Wall Shelf

The Hoghem Wall shelf is a sophisticated design that looks just like a ladder. It is a vertical shelf that has five slate like shelves that get thinner as they go up the shelf. The bottom shelf is very wide and vast.

Plenty of things can be placed here, like books or a box. The shelves are mounted to the wall to give the product a pristine look. This is not a product one would see in an everyday furniture store. IKEA thought out of the box this time and made something truly different.

They added simplicity in the color. The shelf can be bought in black or white. It’s also environmentally friendly. Over 80% of the materials used on this shelf are renewable. Most of that is wood. This shelf is great for new, modern homes and is priced at $130.

12) FJALLBO Shelf


The Fjallbo shelf is a fun take on wood and metal shelves. Often IKEA shelves are made of wood or metal, but the Fjallbo is made of both. The base of the shelf is made of black metal, and the shelves are made of wood. There are four shelves, but the bottom one is grated, which gives the shelf and extra something.

The shelf is great because is has lots of space, and can store whatever one wants. It even has enough room for tubs and boxes. The top shelf does not have a supportive back base, but that’s okay because the shelf needs to be mounted to a wall.

Those who want to get really creative can simply used the product to add decorations and pictures. It’s a great piece, and it’s only $119.

13) Vittsjo Shelf

Vittsjo Shelf

Vittsjo shelves are special because they combine glass and metal. The shelves are made of tempered glass, so they look sleek while still being durable. This shelf has five shelves and the bottom one is all metal. The shelves are simple, but modern.

They provide enough space for a little bit of storage, but not a lot. This shelf is great for books or plants. It would look great in every room of the house, but the best room for it would be the study or living room. Those who buy this shelf should be extra careful, though.

Despite tempered glass be safe and durable, it is still glass. It can easily crack or scratch if too much pressure is applied to it. Other than that, this shelf is great and affordable at a low price of $49.99.

14) Small Fjallbo Shelf

Small Fjallbo Shelf

One of the smaller sizes of the Fjallbo shelf is a lot of fun. It is made of metal and wood. The bottom shelf is made of a metal grate, and the top shelf is made of wood. This makes it look like a fireplace.

And storing wood for a fireplace could be one of its uses. The shelf itself is not very big, so it should be used to store smaller things. It could be used to store decorations, or even as a tv stand. The measurements of this shelf are 39 ⅜ x 37 ⅜. This product would also look great in a study.

It could be used for storage, but it also could be used as a deck. It’s simple, chic, and easily moved. This product is only $99. No one can go wrong with a Fjallbo shelf.

15) Omar Shelf

Omar Shelf

The Omar shelf is perfect for everyone’s kitchen needs. It’s tall, durable, and made of metal. It has six shelves that have plenty of space for storing pots, pants, tupperware, boxes, and more.

The Omar shelf will look great next to a steel stove, or next to a kitchen island. It’s big, and one of the most spacious shelves IKEA has. Because it’s made of metal, it comes at a cheap price. It is only $49.98. This is something everyone can afford, because in the long run, it will help tremendously.

No more losing dishes in the crazy crevices of cabinets. This shelf helps turn the small kitchens into one that could be used in a restaurant. It’s really that good.

16) Bror Shelving Unit

Bror Shelving Unit

The Bror Shelf is something every garage needs. This shelf is massive. Its dimensions are 100x 21 ⅝ x 74 ¾. Anything can be stored in this unit. Those who aren’t faint of heart can put this in the home, but it will take up loads of space. It’s best to use in the garage or attic to clear all the extra clutter. It’s strong and durable. It’s made of wood and metal.

 It’s the best product for holding heavy stuff, too. This shelf can hold twice the weight of any ordinary shelf. That being said, it should still be secured to the wall for extra precaution. It’s more expensive than most, but that’s only because it’s of such high quality. This shelf is $305.97.

17) Fjalkinge Shelf

Fjalkinge Shelf

The Fjalkinge shelf is exciting because of the name itself. What makes it all the better is that the shelf is exciting, too. This product is one of IKEA’s most convenient shelves. It’s easy to assemble and take apart. Because of this, the product has four shelves and two drawers.

The drawers can be put anywhere in the shelf. This means customers can store their clothes at the bottom, and books on the top or vice versa. It would also look great in a bathroom. It could store towels, washcloths, and toiletries. This is a strong, easily assembled shelf that costs $239.

18) Havsta Shelf

Havsta Shelf

The Havsta is every wood lover’s dream shelf. The shelf is made of solid wood. It has two parts to it. There is a front part with two shelves, and a back part that is staggered with four shelves. The back shelves don’t have as much space, but there is still plenty.

The dimensions of this shelf are 24 x 83 ½ x 14 ⅝. It’s a perfect product for every room, but would make a particularly fine bookshelf. The shelves are wide, but not too wide. The shelf is big, but not too big.

Overall, it’s the perfect size. And the best is yet to come. The product is super cheap. It can be purchased for $165. That’s six, solid wood shelves at a low low price.

19) Veberod Shelf

Veberod Shelf

The Veberod Shelf looks like something that could be found in every hipster’s home. It is made of both metal and wood. The bottom is comprised of three office-like drawers. These could be used to store spices, or important papers. Then there are three airy shelves that look like they should home the hipster’s succulents.

Line up three of these shelves and it gives it an extra chic special look. The shelves also have a flat top so more things could be stored on top, or it can simply be a place to keep the cookie jar from the kids. This product is adequately priced at $149. This really is a special, breezy product. It should definitely be mounted on the wall, though, to ensure safety.

20) Omar Shelf

Omar Shelf

The small Omar shelf is one of the most reasonably priced shelves at IKEA. It is $24.99, which likely has to do with the fact that it’s small and made of metal. The product has three long shelves with a generous amount of space between them.

The product can be used in most any room and can hold lots of weight. The best part is that, because it is metal, it does not need to be mounted to the wall. The shelves are adjustable, too, so it can cater to any homeowners needs.

Another great feature is that it can be used in damp areas. The metal is not affected by water, so this product can be used in the bathroom. The Omar shelf is great no matter the person or the place. It’s fun, and so much more affordable than most shelves.

Choosing The Best IKEA Shelves

These are just some of many IKEA shelves. Each shelf has a title like “Fjallbo,” “Omar,” or “Kallax.” Narrowing down choice when shelf shopping will help customers find the category of shelf they most want.

There are so many materials and sizes to choose from, and IKEA can help. They want the product to best suit the shoppers needs. They want customers to feel happy leaving the store. And they want the shelves to be easy to assemble.

More IKEA shelves can be found in store, or online. They all are great, durable, and most importantly, super affordable. That’s seems to be the IKEA guarantee, and they always follow through.

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