6 Best IKEA Sheets Review 2021

Best IKEA Sheets

Best IKEA Sheets

Buying a good bed sheet is as important as getting an ideal bed for comfortable nights. When you spend hundreds of dollars on getting a cozy bed, then it is sure that you will never compromise on its clothes. Bed sheets are essential for a peaceful sleep. The icing on the cake is that they keep your beds neat and clean.

Selecting an ideal bed sheet can be a hard nut to crack. But, when you have IKEA sheets available as an option, there is nothing to worry about their quality and comfort levels.

IKEA always come up with premium quality sheets that help its customers to rest comfortably. In this article, we will be introducing the 6 best IKEA sheets that you must keep your eyes on.

6 Best IKEA Sheets Review

1) DVALA Sheet Set

DVALA Sheet Set

This sheet set of IKEA comes up with a twin flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a pillowcase with a perfect bedroom set. IKEA has manufactured the DVALA sheet set with 100% pure cotton. DVALA sheet set is quite comfortable and durable as IKEA has used 152 threads per square foot, which makes the sheet densely woven.

IKEA DVALA sheet set is available in five different colors and costs around $12.99 per set. This bed sheet has a shrink count of 4% and can be machine washed easily. If you want to keep your bed sheet set fine, then avoid the use of bleach.

IKEA Sweden designs this sheet set. The best thing about the DVALA sheet set is, IKEA has used completely renewable material for the production. It can be the perfect sheet set for your bedroom.

2) ULLVIDE Sheet Set


IKEA never disappoints its customers when we talk about premium quality and comfortable products. ULLVIDE sheet set is the perfect example of the class that IKEA can provide you within a decent budget. ULLVIDE sheet set contains a twin flat sheet, a twin fitted sheet, and a pillowcase, and all of these costs you around $19.99.

The IKEA ULLVIDE sheet set is extra soft and durable, with a thread count of 200. ULLVIDE sheet set is available in three different colors that allow you to select according to your room interior. This sheet set is densely woven. IKEA has used 85 % cotton, 15 % lyocell for manufacturing the ULLVIDE sheet set.

ULLVIDE sheet set has a shrink rate of 4%. The best thing about this sheet is that you can machine wash, tumble dry and even dry clean it without jeopardizing the material of the sheets. If you are looking for an ideal sheet set, then this is something you need to bet on.



If you are looking for a sheet set that is comfortable, beautiful, and durable at the same time, then the IKEA NATTJASMIN sheet set is made for you. This sheet set offers you premium class comfort and durability and helps you to enjoy a peaceful sleep. The sheet set is available in six uniquely different colors and can be availed at $ 39.99.

What makes the NATTJASMIN bed sheet stand in the market is the thread count of 310. It makes this sheet set quite comfortable and densely woven. The set 1 queen fitted sheet, one queen flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

IKEA Sweden has used 60 % cotton, 40 % lyocell for the manufacturing of the NATTJASMIN sheet set. If you were struggling to find an ideal sheet set, then IKEA NATTJASMIN can be the perfect partner for your bed.



There are thousands of sheets sets available in the market, but there is nothing that can provide you with the comfort IKEA ÖKENSTJÄRNA sheet set will contain. ÖKENSTJÄRNA sheet set comes up with 600 threads per square foot, which is quite rare to find nowadays.

ÖKENSTJÄRNA sheet set is available in two colors and costs around $59.99. The sheet is so elastic that it can fit mattresses of up to 18 inches. ÖKENSTJÄRNA sheet set includes one queen-sized flat sheet, one queen-sized fitted sheet, and two pillow covers.

ÖKENSTJÄRNA sheet set is made up of 100% cotton that makes it comfortable enough to sleep for hours without even having a moment of discomfort. It can be either machine wash or you can dry clean it. The sheet set has a shrink rate of 4%. It can be the best sheet set that you may own.



IKEA is globally renowned for providing comfortable and durable furniture and its accessories. JÄTTEVALLMO sheet set of IKEA is the perfect example of why IKEA is one of the most preferred brands. The sheet set is introduced with an ancient pattern and costs around $27.99. The sheet is made up of 100% pure cotton and has a thread count of 152.

JÄTTEVALLMO sheet set can fit the mattresses of up to 15 inches of thickness. The set includes one queen fitted sheet, one queen flat sheet, and two pillowcases. The cotton of the JÄTTEVALLMO sheet set is taken from 100% sustainable resources.

The ancient pattern of this sheet provides a decent look to your bed. The JÄTTEVALLMO sheet set has a shrink rate of 4%. It can be easily machine washed, tumble dry, or dry clean. It can be the best sheet set if you want to enjoy a peaceful sleeping experience.

6) NORDRUTA Sheet Set


IKEA is famous for using renewable materials and sources to protect our Earth, NORDRUTA sheet set has no exception as well. NORDRUTA sheet set is made of 100% sustainable cotton (with a thread count of 86) that becomes even softer after every wash.

The material is good for any type of skin with no optical brightener added, that ensures you have a good night’s sleep. Its cotton flannel also able to warm your body even during cold nights.

Furthermore, the NORDRUTA sheet set has a shrinkage percentage of 4%. It is not recommended to bleach it and dry clean, only machine wash with hot water plus normal cycle to maintain its soft fabric.

Choosing The Best IKEA Sheets

The article has covered six of the best IKEA sheets set that you may own to make your bed look better and comfortable. All of the six IKEA sheet sets have different qualities. Some will provide you high thread counts, and others can offer you a variety of colors and patterns.

All of the six IKEA sheet sets are best according to their qualities, and you can choose whichever fits your requirements. If you are still confused or having difficulties, then do let us know in the comment section.

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