5 Best IKEA Queen Bedframes With Storage Review 2022

IKEA Queen Bedframes With Storage

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IKEA Queen Bedframes With Storage

For many people, there is never such a thing as too much storage space. When planning an IKEA bedroom, this is doubly true. Add in the possibility of a college or small apartment and a queen bed with storage sounds heavenly.

However, the question is which bed to choose? IKEA makes a variety of different types of furniture for the bedroom. They range from simple, easy lines such as the MALM and move on to more complicated designs.

In order to choose, it is best to figure out precisely what is wanted. Factors such as cost, ease of assembly and looks should all be considered. While IKEA strives to make affordable furniture, there is a difference between the top and bottom of the line.

It is also wise to consider size. IKEA Queen bedframes with storage may not fit into a dorm room, but it makes a nice bed for a couple in an apartment. Size also includes height. There isn’t a lot of difference between the high and the low versions, but there is a bit of one.

Some IKEA furniture can be ordered online and delivered, sight unseen. However, a bed should not be one of them. It is best to go and see them in order to choose one that fits your needs.

5 Best IKEA Queen Bedframes With Storage Review

1) MALM High Queen Bedframe With Storage

MALM high queen bedframe with storage

This set goes with the MALM line of bedroom furniture. Other pieces include a chest of drawers and so forth. The high queen bed has adjustable side rails, so different bed heights can be accommodated. It offers four drawers with plenty of room for things that need stored.

Keep in mind that the bedframes do not come with a mattress or linens. Those must be purchased separately. Most of the people who purchased this bedframe loved it. For those who put together IKEA furniture frequently it went well.

Some reviewers were not thrilled, as the beds squeak. This may be due to missing hardware, especially after a move. One reviewer had some trouble with the IKEA screws, so he replaced them with bolts from a local hardware store.

For those who want a headboard, one comes with it, but it is not needed. There are a few hacks that go with this bed frame as well. One person recommends adding a light to it. The VARV spotlight can be attached and used as needed.

There are complaints about mattresses not fitting on this bedframe. Keep in mind that IKEA beds are only now becoming standardized as far as mattress size is concerned. If a perfect fit is required, an IKEA mattress is probably the best bet.

Overall, the MALM bed is a good choice and considered one of the ten best by IKEA. It might be wise to have extra bolts on hand, though, in case of difficulties.

2) HEMNES Queen Bed Frame With Storage

HEMNES queen bed frame with storage

The HEMNES bed frame is best in queen size and under. Most reviewers for the king size edition state that it falls apart, usually in the middle of the night. However, reviewers for the queen sized bed love it.

The bed frame is pine and beech with particle board for some areas, such as the drawers, foot board and head board. The slats are a combination of beech and birch veneer with an adhesive resin as a coating to keep it together.

There are metal supports that go under the bed to help prevent it from falling apart. By now, the king sized bed may even boast these supports. They are critical for keeping the bed in one piece, especially the foot board.

One of the things noted when researching this product is that it can be purchased on sites like Amazon. However, Amazon ratchets up the price quite a bit. A bed that costs one hundred ninety nine dollars at an IKEA store will cost at least three hundred dollars from Amazon… and that’s without shipping fees or the ability to purchase in home construction.

As with any product, some people had difficulties with some of the parts. One reviewer had to get out his tap and die kit to retap the holes. Otherwise, the screws just stripped as they were not the right size.

There is a debate about whether or not to use the slats that come with this bed frame. One benefit of using box springs over the slats is that the box springs are unlikely to fall off as easily as the slats. The other is that box springs will raise the bed up off of the floor, making it easier to change the sheets. However, not all box springs may fit.

3) NORDLI Queen Size Bed Frame With Storage Drawers

NORDLI queen size bed frame with storage drawers

The NORDLI bed frame is great for smaller bedrooms, as it contains six storage drawers instead of two. The color is off-white to grey, which allows it to blend in with any color palette. That’s a good idea, especially for those who have vibrant tastes.

The bed frame is made of wood, with the head board and foot board made of particle and fiber board. All of the materials are environmentally friendly, as that is a major goal for the company. Good furniture doesn’t have to be expensive for the budget or the planet.

This bed frame is a little harder to put together, in part because it does have six drawers. Some people needed more than one other person helping. It takes five to six hours, according to most reviewers.

It might be wise to stick to an IKEA mattress with this frame. As one reviewer pointed out, a standard mattress may not be wide enough. However, if a standard mattress is needed there are plenty of hacks to get around that problem.

A reviewer noted that he needed to mount the head board to the wall, rather than attach it to the frame. This may not be the case with all the kits, but if hanging something on a wall is a problem, be sure to ask an IKEA customer service representative.

There were no reports of broken queen size beds, nor any that said squeaking was a problem. The drawers probably help brace the slats so that this isn’t a problem.

4) BRIMNES Queen Bed Frame With Storage

BRIMNES queen bed frame with storage

Unlike the NORDLI bed frame, the BRIMNES bed frame has adjustable side rails. This eliminates the problem of fitting a standard mattress onto the frame. However, it is not as sturdy as the other beds.

The series is designed for small rooms and/or apartments, and is made mostly of particle board, fiber board, plastic and strips of veneer glued together. It is not recommended for large people and may not be able to handle much activity.

A head board can be purchased with this bed frame, and it has a nice feature. There are holes in the head board for cords that will handle lamps, chargers and other devices so that no one has to trip over tangled cords.

Almost every reviewer who bought this bed commented about how much time and frustration there is in putting it together. Those who didn’t have that complaint hired it done. Even that took more time than is usual for IKEA products.

The biggest complaint about this bed frame is that it isn’t as durable as other frames. The veneer lasts about two years before it starts peeling and it is very easy to scratch and mark the frame. This problem is compounded when it is for a child. It won’t stand up to antics like jumping on the bed.

All in all, this frame had the least amount of satisfied reviewers. Those who were satisfied were quiet, smaller adults. It is probably not a good choice for a family, as even the parental bed is likely to be used like a trampoline by children.

5) SONGESAND Queen Bed Frame With Storage

SONGESAND queen bed frame with storage

Like the BRIMNES bed frame, the SONGESAND is made from fiber board, particle board and veneer. It is also made with a type of sturdy plastic. The reviewers who liked this bed most often bought slats to go with it… otherwise it isn’t going to hold the weight of a mattress.

The bed frame comes in two color choices, white and brown. There were no comments about it being easy to mark or scratch, although one website gave instructions on how to clean it so that it keeps its shine.

This bed frame is designed for a small room, such as a dorm or even hostels such as those at the Grand Canyon. It has a support beam across the bottom, and with the slats it should be fairly comfortable.

Because it was designed for hostels, it is a little more robust than the BRIMNES, and could be used for a family. It would not be recommended as a trampoline, but it should stand up to normal wear and tear.

Assembly for this product is reported to be easier than that of the BRIMNES. That said, with the added slats, it may take some time and will probably require two people. For those who aren’t handy with tools or inclined to patience, paying to have a professional may be the best bet in putting it together.

The general score for this bed frame is three and a half stars. Part of the lowering of the score is that there are only two color choices. The other part is the lack of slats. If you are happy with the colors offered and willing to add slats, this is a good bed.

Choosing The Best IKEA Queen Bedframes With Storage

IKEA products are designed to be friendly to the wallet and the environment. They have their limitations. Solid wood furniture is heavy, it usually isn’t environmentally friendly and they are expensive.

For those who don’t have a lot of money, these products will work well. Doing research beforehand will help to ensure that the product chosen will work in the environment it is meant for. Not doing so will result in an unhappy customer experience.

IKEA does have a one year warranty on their furniture… if you keep your receipt. Put it in a safe place in case something does happen and you need to return it.

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