3 Best IKEA Play Kitchen Review 2022

IKEA Play Kitchen

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IKEA Play Kitchen

Kids become the center of our universe in no time, but their brought-up needs to be mindful. It’s important to understand that kids learn what they see. By the age of three years, they become ultimate play buddies. As parents, choosing the right toys play an integral role in making their minds. With this being said, the toy kitchen sets tend to be apt because it’s a fun learning activity. For all the parents out there, we have added the 3 best IKEA play kitchen review in this article.

3 Best IKEA Play Kitchen Review

1) DUKTIG Play Kitchen

DUKTIG Play Kitchen

If your kid loves to assist you in the kitchen, this play kitchen set is the perfect choice for those little chefs. This is a full-fledged kitchen set with which your kid can cook and bake. Well, the mommies might need to test those munchkin recipes. There are cooktop lights on the stove that offers a very realistic outlook but doesn’t get hot, so the kid will remain safe.

The height has three different settings, which means it will be suitable for growing kids as well. However, it is not suggested for kids under three years old because there are small parts. As for the lights, they consume low electric voltage.

On top of everything, there is a detachable sink, which makes it easy to clean. As for the appearance, the kitchen set has bright paints that excite the kids and captivate them to learn and develop cooking skills.

2) SPISIG Play Kitchen with Curtains

SPISIG Play Kitchen with Curtains

For the parents who were looking for some old-school play kitchen sets, this one comes with curtains (and with the check pattern). Well, this kitchen set is pretty diverse because it has a kitchen on one side while the other one has a blackboard for your kids to doodle. The stove comes with knobs, and they make those ticking sounds like the real stoves.

Your kids can play role-playing and host the puppet shoes as well. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that your kids will start making impressions and become the food creators. There is also a sink that can be detached for easy cleaning.

As for the curtains, there are touch-fastening, so they are easy to close and remove. The entire set is painted in captivating colors. However, you should only use the damp cloth to clean the set rather than throwing in a water pipe.

3) NYBAKAD Play Kitchen with Sliding Door

NYBAKAD Play Kitchen with Sliding Door

Ah! This play kitchen set is the epitome of advanced design because it’s designed with a sliding door. This set is made in white color and allows those master chefs to show their creativity at best. This kitchen comes with two hot plates and the knobs for the quick switch on and switches off. In addition, there is a detachable sink for easy cleaning.

On the bottom side, there is a cabinet with a sliding door, so your fluff bundles can store their utensils and pots in it. The sliding door can also be used as the blackboard, promising a very learnable experience.

However, this set isn’t suitable for kids under three years old. The set needs to be assembled, which can be a pain sometimes. As for the construction, it’s pretty durable since it uses fiberboard material. To create an interesting image, there is acrylic paint (safe for kids).

​Choosing the Best IKEA Play Kitchens

Your kids are the sunshine of your life, right? Well, these play kitchen sets are designed to captivate your kids and make a perfect playing buddy. With these sets, your kids will learn the critical thinking process, and the motor skills will be improved. As long as your kids are above three years old, these kitchen sets are amazing!

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