2 Best IKEA Over The Toilet Storage Review 2022

Best IKEA Over The Toilet Storage

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Best IKEA Over The Toilet Storage

IKEA is a famous brand known mostly for its furniture. The best thing about their equipment is that they come in unique designs. Along with this, all of them come in a ready to assemble function which requires almost no effort to set up.

You can then proceed with positioning them in your house according to your desire. When it comes to placing a storage unit in your bathroom. There are many products that you can choose between which can make the user confused. Considering this, here are 2 of the best IKEA over the toilet storage units.

2 Best IKEA Over The Toilet Storage Review

1) HEMNES Bathroom Shelf

HEMNES Bathroom Shelf Unit

The HEMNES lineup offers its users a bathroom shelf that they can place over the toilet. It has two open shelves have a door in them which will keep all of your equipment stored in them at all times.

Aside from this, you are also provided with a bottom shelf that you can use to store items that are required within hand's reach. The overall fiberboard design of these shelves will make your bathroom look even better while providing you with storage.

Though, keep in mind that you do not let them get in touch with water. This can damage the material on your shelves and even destroy it.

2. DYNAN Open Storage

DYNAN Open Storage

The DYNAN open storage shelves from IKEA are designed more towards toilets with a cramped space. These will fit in easily even in tight corners and give you access to a lot of storage. The best thing about these shelves is that you can install them in your room both horizontally or vertically.

You can then add in additional shelves to get storage according to your desire. The customizable product is made from steel which gives it amazing durability. You can even clean it off using water but keep in mind that it can damage the white color on it. The shelves can be used to store whatever you want and should easily hold up even heavy stuff.

Choosing The Best IKEA Over The Toilet Storages

Here is the review of 2 of the best IKEA over the toilet storage cabinets and shelves. IKEA over the toilet storages should fit perfectly in your room while giving them an elegant look. You can choose either of them according to your use.

For further details about the product, it is recommended that you visit the official website for IKEA. This should contain information about the dimensions of these products as well.

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