4 Best IKEA Loft Bed With Desk Review 2022

IKEA Loft Bed With Desk

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IKEA Loft Bed With Desk

The concept of a bed is simple: a base, a mattress, and a headboard. It’s a classic design that needs to explanation. It is supportive, and works. There are many other options for bed frame designs. Another popular design is the loft bed with desk. It’s great for children, teens, and dorm rooms.

By lofting a bed, more space is made underneath it. Many people who have loft beds with desk put things like couches or desks underneath. There are great loft beds with desk to consider, and IKEA has plenty.

4 Best IKEA Loft Bed With Desk Review

1) The Stuva Fritids Bed

The Stuva Fritids Bed

The Stuva/Fritids loft bed is a great choice for those who want to make the switch to a loft bed. It’s accountable, cute, and sturdy. This bed is great for children. It comes with its own desk, shelves, a closet and drawers. There are shelves surrounding the actual sleep area, so there is no risk of anyone falling out.

The product itself is great for decorating. It comes in a sleek white color that is perfect for every kid. If necessary, the bed can be repainted to a more kid-friendly color like purple or pink. This bed is such a fun design. It’s unlike most other loft beds, and takes up very little space.

In addition to this, the desk is detachable. If the owner does not want to use the area underneath for the desk, they can do whatever they want with it. There is also a cable outlet in the behind the bed that so that devices can still be charged from the loft.

This product is great for the environmentalist. About half of the products are made from renewable materials. This is one of the best beds to buy for children. They love how easily accessible it is. Having a loft bed is like sleeping at summer camp every day. The Stuva/ Fritids loft bed is a great buy, and costs $483.

2) The Vital Loft Bed

The Vital Loft Bed

The Vital loft bed is great for those that want to keep their beds simple. The bed is made of metal, and is mostly just the bed and its base. This product is best for those who want a loft bed, but don’t want to spend a lot on it. This product is affordable at a simple $229. There is a small desk that is included, but it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Other things can be added to the space underneath the bed.

This bed is great for kids, and also those heading to college. It takes up little space in the room, and still comes with a desk. Another great feature comes on the desk. There are holes included so things like pencil cases or keys can be hung from the desk.

This bed comes in white, and matches all rooms. Those who own this bed can easily make it their own.

3) The Stuva Loft Bed

The Stuva Loft Bed

The Stuva loft bed is very similar to the Stuva/Fritids but at a smaller cost. The Stuva Fritids is $483, where the Stuva loft bed is $409. Other than that, they have a very similar layout. The biggest difference comes in the storage space. While the Stuva loft bed has three great shelves, it’s not as much as the Stuva Fritids, which has shelves, drawers, and a closet.

Both products come with desks, and are great for children. The desk is detachable, so it can be put anywhere in the room. This way, kids can decorate the bottom portion however they like. They can bean bag chairs, a couch, a dollhouse, or anything else they might want.

Over 50% of this product is made of renewable materials. Most of it is made of wood. The bed has a very sleek look to it.

The best part of this product, however, is how reliable it is. The bed is strong, the ladder is easily accessible, and it’s pretty cheap. This bed is great for kids, and adds a little spunk to a new room.

4) The Stuva/ Fritids Loft Bed with Four Drawers

The Stuva Fritids Loft Bed with Four Drawers

The Stuva/ Fritids loft bed with four drawers is very similar to the original Stuva/ Fritids. It is fairly new, so not many people have shared their experiences with it. This product is slightly more expensive than the original Stuva/ Fritids, being priced just at $489.

The bed is sturdy and great for kids, and those staying in college dorm rooms. It’s big enough for those with long legs to lay comfortably. Best of all, the bed has lots of storage space. The bed has a closet, four shelves, and drawers. In addition to this, it comes with its own detachable desk. People who buy this product are essentially buying two pieces of furniture for the price of one.

This bed is very strong, and great for people who want to save space. This bed is accountable, sleek, and well worth the money. Those who need a bed for their adventurous 10 year old or their kid heading to college should check out the Stuva/ Fritids bed.

Choosing The Best IKEA Loft Bed With Desk

IKEA has many great quality loft beds with desk at cheap prices. They are trendy, sleek, and modern. They come in different colors, shapes, and with different levels of storage space. Whether parents are buying a bed for their six year old, or their 18 year old that’s off to college, IKEA is the place to shop. Their loft beds with desk are well-reviewed and look great in any room.

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