6 Best IKEA Laundry Shelf Review 2022

Best IKEA Laundry Shelf

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Best IKEA Laundry Shelf

Laundry shelves are the best thing that you can get out there to make the full use of your laundry area. These shelves add the storage space for you and provide you some cool and great features that you are going to love. Not only you will be able to store everything there like your cleaning supplies, but you can also hang some extra clothes there to dry them off or separate them based on the colors.

Well, there are tons of possibilities and you get a lot of choices for your laundry shelves from IKEA that you can easily install at your home. A few of such choices that you are going to love having around are shown below.

6 Best IKEA Laundry Shelf Review

1) BOAXEL Shelf Unit

BOAXEL Shelf Unit

This one right here is the perfect option for you if you don’t have much space in your laundry area. The unit comes with several shelves that allow you to easily house your laundry supplies without facing any issues at all.

The upper shelves are sturdy enough that you can use them for loads of weight without having to worry about shelves cracking up or your objects falling down. The metal frame on the back is designed perfectly to go with your wall and offer the right support for your stand.

There is also space for you to hang up the washed clothes and dry them at your ease. The shelf unit’s size is 32 ¼ x 15 ¾ x 79”.

2) BOAXEL 2 Section Shelving Unit

BOAXEL 2 Section Shelving Unit

The 2-section shelving unit for your laundry comes in white, so it will go perfectly with your walls. The shelving unit’s size is 63 ¾ x 15 ¾ x 79”. The best thing about this one is that it got tons of hanging space for you. You can hang complete shirts on it with the spacious hangers and there is also designated space for a regular-sized washer dryer that will allow you to make the best use of your laundry area.

You also get a few shelves and tubs on this shelving unit that allow you to keep your floors dry and you can use them for any purpose you might like. These tubs are quite durable in the terms of weight handling, so you are not going to have any issues even if you put your wet clothes in these tubs.

3) BOAXEL 3 Section White

BOAXEL 3 Section White

If you are in need of something to cover your whole wall, then this 3-section shelf would be just the thing that you are looking for. It’s size 89 ½ x 15 ¾ x 39 5/8” that allows you to utilize all the space on a wide wall for a normal-sized laundry room.

You get hangers at the bottom that allow you to dry off your damp clothes without any issues. Then, there are two wide and sturdy long shelves on the top allowing you to store all the different kinds of things that you might need for your laundry room including clothes, cleaning supplies, ironing, and a lot more.

The shelf is also pretty easy to install, and you will not be having any issues getting it mounted up on your wall.

4) BOAXEL 3 Section Metal White

BOAXEL 3 Section Metal White

This is also a 3-section shelving unit but just 2” less in the width (87 3/8 x 15 ¾ x 39 5/8”). The unit has 3 different shelves that can serve multiple purposes as you seem fit. The best thing about having this shelving unit for your laundry room is that you will essentially be getting all the space for keeping your stuff like cleaners, detergents, and more.

You will also be able to hang the clothes with clips or hangers and that will essentially solve all the issues for you. The stand is pretty sturdy and strong to handle all sorts of weight from the damp clothes, your cleaning supplies, and even some of the appliances if you plan on storing them in the laundry room.

5) BOAXEL 2 Section Shelving Unit, White

BOAXEL 2 Section Shelving Unit, White

For spaces that are not much in width but have a pretty good height for the laundry room, this is a perfect design. The shelve essentially has two vertical sections but it has lots and lots of shelves.

There are also hanging racks of different sizes that will allow you to put this shelf to the best use and you can store a whole load of stuff on this laundry shelf. The size of this shelving unit is 63 ¾ x 15 ¾ x 79”.

This shelving unit is essentially designed aesthetically to add the looks as well as utility to your laundry room wall and you will never have to face the issue with space or dealing with the mess in your laundry room.

6) BOAXEL 2 Section Shelving Unit, Metal White

BOAXEL 2 Section Shelving Unit, Metal White

BOAXEL series is all about the utility and making sure you have the right utility off your space in the laundry room. This product size is 63 ¾ x 15 ¾ x 79”. This unique one however is not just any other shelving system that you can get but it will also look good.

The strong metal is designed to endure weight and years of usage. Meanwhile, the white paint is built to last, and you will not be needing any repaint on the shelves even after years of usage. You can easily create a personal solution for any of your detergents, dirty laundry, or clean laundry with the help of this 2-section shelve.

Choosing The Best IKEA Laundry Shelves

Well, you can get any sort of laundry shelves out there, but you can know that you will have the perfect durability with IKEA. IKEA laundry shelves are going to last you for years with the right durability and you have plenty of choices to choose from according to the space you might have.

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