2 Best IKEA L Shaped Desk Review 2022

Best IKEA L Shaped Desk

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Best IKEA L Shaped Desk

IKEA is known worldwide for its best furniture. Be it the furniture you need for your home or the furnishings you need for your office, you will find everything you desire at IKEA. 

IKEA also brings L shape desks that are true space savers for both your home and office. They provide two surfaces on which you can perform two types of works simultaneously. IKEA creates two L-shaped desks that you need to get your hands on.

We have reviewed both of them for you so you can choose the one that best fits your space. 

2 Best IKEA L Shaped Desk Review

1) BEKANT Corner Desk Left Sit/Stand

BEKANT Corner Desk Left Sit Stand

This BEKANT left corner sit/stand desk costs around $579. The size is just perfect for any room. It is tough, strong, stable, and durable. It is a long-lasting table that is why it comes with a 10-year warranty. It has adjustable legs so you can adjust them according to your work requirement whether you are sitting or standing.

The height of this desk can be adjusted from 25⅝" to 49¼" and that's quite a big range. The table comes with an elongated L shape on the left side which is very handy for resting your hand or arm while writing or doing work.

You can perform two tasks simultaneously on this desk. You can do paperwork along with digital or computer-based work at the same time using this desk. 

2) BEKANT Corner Desk Right

BEKANT Corner Desk Right

This BEKANT right corner desk costs $279. It also has adjustable legs and its height can be adjusted between 25⅝ to 33½" which is a pretty nice range for a sitting table. It provides decent support to rest your arm or forearm while working.

This desk can be used for performing a couple of tasks simultaneously. It is a strong and tough table that is durable and will surely last longer. This table has the elongated L-shaped corner at the right side which makes it very handy to do your paperwork and computer-based digital work together at the same time.

 You can also use it for having coffee alongside your job. Its size is very accurate to be placed in any room's corner. It is a useful table for both office and home.

Choosing The Best IKEA L Shaped Desks

Both of them are outstanding L- shaped desks that can fit your rooms in the office as well as at home. Both come with a cable management net to keep your table neat and tidy with keeping the cords handy, whenever needed. It can handle two works simultaneously and that is the best thing about any L-shaped corner table.

Before choosing either one of these desks, consider the hand you use more often and then decide which one will fulfill your needs. IKEA makes an ideal quality desk so you can easily get your hands on any of IKEA's furniture. 

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