2 Best IKEA High Chair Review 2022

Best IKEA High Chair

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Best IKEA High Chair

Be it Instagram or Tumblr, the cute pictures of babies with mashed fruits and cream on their bubbly cheeks are everyone’s favorite. But have you noticed what all those pictures have in common? The high chair! The high chairs have become the necessity for kids when you are teaching them to eat themselves (and trying to have dinner in peace!).

All in all, the high chairs will be an essential part of your life, so make sure you choose the right one. In this article, we have added 2 best IKEA high chair review to help all those parents out!

2 Best IKEA High Chair Review

1) ANTILOP High Chair

ANTILOP High Chair

Getting babies to eat solid foods can be a struggle, but once they are locked in the high chair, they will learn for sure. So, this high chair by IKEA has a tray and is available in silver and white hues. The best thing about this high chair is the portability, so you can pack it and take it wherever you go. This high chair will make it easy for those munchkins to have dinner with his/her parents while being safe. With this being said, your kids will see positive growth in socializing.

The IKEA high chair is designed with a raised edge, promising zero spills on the floor. The construction of this high chair is harmless for your kid because no harmful substances are used. The high chair is suitable for kids up to three years old. Even more, there is a safety belt to ensure your baby doesn’t get hurt while he/she is trying to jump. As for the weight, it can cater to around 33 lbs. Also, this high chair is only suitable for indoor use, so don’t choose it for the beach and yard time.

2) LANGUR High Chair

LANGUR High Chair

Getting stuck with a high chair only meant for toddlers can be pretty frustrating because of monetary investment. But not to worry because this high chair not only provides a shelf for food but it empowers them to leave on their own (when they are big enough, of course!). The construction of this high chair is done with high-end materials, promising zero harm to your baby’s skin.

The high chair is integrated with the safety punch, which makes putting baby in the chair a breeze. For easy release, there is a quick-release button and lock your kid in with one hand. Also, there is a meal tray which will help your kid learn how to eat on their own. The tray is designed with raised edges, protecting for spick and span floor from the spills. Also, the frame is L-shaped that promises more space in the chair and better stability.

Choosing The Best IKEA High Chairs

Once babies get the hang of high chairs, it becomes their favorite spot (only if the chair is comfortable). With this being said, the high chairs by IKEA are perfect for those little bundles of fluff that not only keeps them in place but teach them independent eating. We are pretty sure that your babies will be happy with these high chairs, so which one are you opting for?

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