3 Best IKEA French Press Review 2022

Best IKEA French Press

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Best IKEA French Press

Coffee is the ultimate beverage that makes you alert and fresh. As for the coffee brewing, there are multiple methods out there, and the French press is one of the most popular choices. With the French press, the coffee grounds are steeped in the boiling water.

The French press is convenient and doesn’t take up space on the counter. Even more, there will be no dripping. For every coffee lover, we have added the 3 best IKEA French press review in this article to help you out. Let’s start pouring coffee, then!

3 Best IKEA French Press Review

1) UPPHETTA 34 oz


Choosing the right French press coffee maker can be pretty difficult because not every coffee maker can fix up the right coffee for you. On the other hand, one can never go wrong with IKEA because this coffee maker is designed with 34oz size. All you need to do is pour boiling hot water on the coffee ground and get a mug full of coffee in an instant.

On top of everything, the IKEA French press is pretty easy to clean but make sure for the first time, you need to clean it before using it. The French press is made from the stainless-steel frame and has used heat-resistant glass, which ramps up the entire coffee drinking experience. As far as the cleaning is concerned, it can be washed up in the dishwasher too!

2) UPPHETTA 13.5 oz

UPPHETTA 13.5 oz

The French press is one of the most convenient ways of making yourself a shot of espresso. This coffee maker is designed with 13.5oz, which is pretty suitable for people who like to run on caffeine. With this IKEA French press, all you need to do is crush the coffee beans or tea leaves in the coffee maker and pour boiling hot water on the top.

After adding the coffee beans or powders, just push down the strainer, and your coffee will be ready in no time. The coffee maker has easy cleaning features but makes sure that you clean the coffee maker before using it initially. On the other hand, if the plunger is being hard, don’t be harsh with it and just push it down slow and gentle. As far as the material is concerned, there is heat resistant glass and stainless-steel construction.

3) EGENTLIG 30 oz


For every coffee lover out there, using the French press is the right choice because it allows the users to drink perfect coffee and tea in no time. We are saying this because you can add tea leaves or coffee grounds in the coffee maker and pour some boiling hot water to make coffee or tea. The IKEA French press is designed to keep your coffee/tea warm for a longer period.

That’s to say because there is double-walled glass construction in this French press, which is all the way durable. The French press can be easily cleaned because it is dishwasher-safe. On top of everything, the glass is heat-resistant. This French press is the brainchild of Nike Karlsson, which speaks volumes about the high-end design.

Choosing The Best IKEA French Press

Coffee is the ultimate beverage for people who run on nicotine and like to stay alert. In the same vein, we have added some high-end IKEA French presses in this article. Well, all of them are designed and offered by IKEA, which is the guarantee of convenience, durability, and effective performance.

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