12 Best IKEA Drapes Review 2022

Best IKEA Drapes

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Best IKEA Drapes

Drapes are an important part of your interior decoration. Moreover, they protect you from sunlight. So, if you have a nocturnal schedule then it can be quite annoying to sleep when sunlight is coming through your window. Luckily, some darkening curtains can fix this issue for you.

So, if you’re looking to buy drapes for your home then your best option is to go to IKEA. They have a wide collection of drapes available in reasonable pieces. You can browse through different designs and sizes to pick the one that matches your home interior perfectly. Let us go over the 12 best IKEA drapes that you can buy.

12 Best IKEA Drapes Review

1) SANELA Room Darkening Curtains

SANELA Room Darkening Curtains

First, on the list, we have SANELA room darkening curtains. As the name suggests they absorb/reflect most of the sunlight coming in through your window. The material used is high-quality cotton that gives these curtains a premium look.

SANELA curtains also increase the overall privacy of your home. You can rely on these curtains to protect you from the heat in summer and drafts in winter.

There are different color options that you can choose from depending on your interior design. There is a unique depth to its color due to the cotton velvet material used to design these curtains.

2) HILJA Curtains

HILJA Curtains

If you’re having glare issues in your living room and can’t watch TV properly then HILJA curtains might be the best option for you. They don’t completely block the sunlight but rather balance out the light to make a comfortable environment in your living room.

The overall texture bends quite nicely with your walls and you can choose through different color options. They are designed to be used with layered windows primarily.

The material used is polyester and they look quite nice with your furniture if you can get the color shades to match.

3) MAJGULL Blackout Curtains

MAJGULL Blackout Curtains

If you have to work night shifts and can’t seem to get sleep during the day due to the sunlight then MAJGULL blackout curtains will help you a lot. As mentioned in the name, these are blackout curtains and block almost all of the light coming through the window. This enables you to catch up on your sleep and you won’t be disturbed by sunlight anymore.

Besides, it also works on stopping glare coming from streetlights and moonlight. So, if you have trouble sleeping when there is light coming into your room then these drapes will suit your needs perfectly.

4) MERETE Room Darkening Curtains

MERETE Room Darkening Curtains

Just like SANELA curtains, MERETE room darkening curtains are also made up of high-quality cotton. The curtains are quite soft to touch and you can easily install them on your track.

The thick fabric used in these curtains stops the majority of sunlight from coming into your room. These also increase the privacy of your home or apartment as no one can look from outside.

The high-quality fabric used is quite heavy and enhances the overall beauty of your interior design. However, these curtains don’t block as much light when compared with the MAJGULL blackout curtains.

5) HANNALILL Curtains


HANNALILL curtains are lightweight curtains that you can easily install in your house. If you are looking to balance out the light coming into your room then these curtains will do the job. These are light enough to let sunlight through but also opaque enough to maintain your privacy.

You can choose through different colors to match your interior design and they don’t cost as much when compared with other curtains on this list. So, if you’re a college student looking to buy some curtains then HANNALILL curtains might be the perfect fit for your needs.

6) ANNALOUISA Curtains


ANNALOUISA curtains are high-quality curtains made up of 100% cotton. They are very useful in lowering the general light levels in your room. You can use these along with a curtain rod or a track.

The overall installation process is quite easy. So, you shouldn’t have any issues in setting up the curtains without any help.

The white color shade is perfect and won’t look out of place along with your furniture. It is perfect for you if you want a balanced atmosphere in your room and not darken up the room too much.

7) RITVA Curtains with Tie-Backs

RITVA Curtains with Tie-Backs

The thing that customers love the most about RITVA curtains with tie-backs is the overall texture. They have a simplistic design and you also get matching tie-backs with these curtains. They are not room darkening curtains and only block the glare coming in through the window.

So, if you were looking for something to completely block out sunlight then these might not be the best option for you. You can use curtain rods or tracks to set them up in your room. These are lightweight curtains made up of 100 percent cotton.

8) LILL Lace Curtains

LILL Lace Curtains

LILL lace curtains are by far the cheapest option on this list. The good thing about these curtains is that you can cut them to your desired length quite easily. They are made up of polyester and are quite light. You can also use these curtains as a room divider and also as a mosquito tent.

On the other hand, LILL lace curtains don’t stop much light from coming through the window. Also, privacy-wise these are not very good as it is quite easy for other people to see into your room even if you have these curtains installed in your room.

People mainly buy these curtains to use them along with another pair of curtains to manage their lighting better.

9) BOLLOLVON Room Darkening Curtains

BOLLOLVON Room Darkening Curtains

BOLLOLVON room darkening curtains are thick curtains made up of 100 percent polyester. The reason why customer like these curtains is that they block every tiny bit of sunlight from coming into your room. That is if you install them correctly.

They have an eyelet heading that makes it quite easy for users to install them into their curtain rod. Make sure not to use any bleach while cleaning these curtains. Just machine wash them with a warm solution at normal cycle speed.

Even getting them dry cleaned will damage the curtain fabric. So, make sure to be very careful while cleaning these curtains.

10) HENNY RAND Curtains


HENNY RAND curtains are relatively light and made up of 100% cotton. The texture on these curtains looks quite nice and will match your home interior perfectly.

As mentioned before, these curtains are light and will allow light to come into your room. These are perfect for increasing your privacy while balancing out the light levels in your living room.

The curtains allow users to make a comfortable environment in their homes. These can be installed by using a curtain rod with eyelet headings.

11) VILBORG Room Darkening Curtains

VILBORG Room Darkening Curtains

These are densely woven curtains that have a minimal design. VILBORG room darkening curtain looks quite classy with your home interior and blocks the majority of sunlight from entering your room. This allows you to take afternoon naps or just protect your privacy in general.

There is no way someone from outside will be to tell what is going on inside your room if your curtains are closed. These are made of polyester and protect your room in summer as well as in winter. Clean them by machine washing them at a warm temperature.

12) VILMIE LINJE Curtains


VILMIE LINJE curtains have been woven from polyester threads and have a narrow stripes design that blends nicely with your home interior. The overall quality of these curtains is quite premium and allows a bit of light to filter through the curtains.

These are quite heavy and some users have mentioned that the length of these curtains is quite long. So, make sure to first go through the dimensions of your windows to check whether or not these will fit into your room.

The installation process is quite easy and you can use a curtain rod to set them up in your room.

Choosing The Best IKEA Drapes

These were the 12 best IKEA drapes that you can buy. Depending upon your requirements, you can either choose room darkening drapes or regular lightweight drapes which allow the light to filter through IKEA drapes.

There are a lot of color options available and you can easily pick the ones that will blend perfectly with your home interior. The fabric is of high quality and if you have any issues with the product, you can contact IKEA support to help you sort out the problem.

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