11 Best IKEA Dining Table Review 2022

Best IKEA Dining Table

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Best IKEA Dining Table

Since you use it pretty much every day, you probably want your dining table to be durable enough to last you a long time. It is likely that you also wish to get one that looks appealing and has the right appearance to fit in with all the other furniture in your home.

IKEA provides multiple great options that can match most of these demands. We’ll be reviewing the 11 best IKEA dining table reviews today in order to help you learn more about what makes them so good.

11 Best IKEA Dining Table Review

1) SKOGSTA Dining Table

SKOGSTA Dining Table

The IKEA SKOGSTA is the first name on this list due to the fact that it is arguably one of the best dining tables that IKEA has to offer. It is very appealing in terms of appearance thanks to the fact that is made almost entirely out of solid acacia wood. This is also great for the table, as the design of the acacia wood is different for each SKOGSTA, making each model unique.

This dining table can comfortably seat 8 people, although any more than this is not recommended. It is also quite easy to clean and is quite resistant to stains and scratches alike. Simply using a damp cloth to clean it and dry, clean cloth in order to dry it is enough to make it look brand new.

2) JOKKMOKK Table & 4 Chairs

JOKKMOKK Table & 4 Chairs

This is a smaller dining table, as it only seats 4 people at a time. There’s no room for any more than 4 to fit, meaning that this isn’t the table for you if you intend to dine with a lot of people. However, this doesn’t mean that this table is a bad option for everyone. The 4 chairs are also included with the product, meaning that you won’t have to buy them separately after you purchase the table.

The appearance of the JOKKMOKK is also great. In fact, the wooden design of this dining table makes it a great fit in most homes. The appearance only becomes better over time, as the wood becomes richer in color. The table is also durable and considerably durable against bumps and scratches, as well as food stains.

3) LISABO Table


The IKEA LISABO isn’t exclusively a dining table, as it can be used as a home office desk or anything else of the sort. As a dining table, it is capable of comfortably seating up to 4 people, making it a great breakfast dining table for any kitchen. Its stylish yet simple wood design is also great and it makes the LISABO look aesthetically pleasing in the eyes of most.

This table is also very easy to assemble. You won’t even need to use a guide or anything else in order to get it together, as the LISABO can be easily assembled in under 10 minutes. The table is more than capable of handling excessive use and will be able to last for years even if you use it every single day.



The IKEA MELLTORP is a great yet very simple table. In terms of design, this dining table is as plain as it gets, which isn’t a bad thing. Its stylish and simple white design makes it a great fit in just about any room in any home. You can put it in the kitchen or anywhere else and it will be able to serve you for years thanks to its durable design.

The IKEA MELLTORP is both stable and durable thanks to its metal frame. It is also designed to combine with other MELLTORP dining tables. For example, you can easily create a large table by placing one of these tables with another MELLTORP. This product stands out from most of the rest due to its cheap price tag which makes it an option that anyone can easily afford.



The IKEA YPPERLIG features a wide design that provides you with plenty of room to enjoy your food. This dining table is capable of allowing 6 or fewer people to comfortably enjoy eating. However, 8 people can also dine at the YPPERLIG table with ease. The top of the table features ash veneer which gives it a beautiful and appealing look.

IKEA YPPERLIG is also designed to be highly convenient for use. It features pre-drilled holes and other conveniences that make it highly easy to assemble. The materials used for both the table’s legs and the top are easy to clean and also durable.

You won’t have to worry about any messes either as the table is fairly resistant against stains and against scratches or bumps as well. Just regularly tighten the screws every few weeks as they tend to loosen up.

6) VANGSTA Extendable Table

VANGSTA Extendable Table

The IKEA VANGSTA is a simple looking table that is actually quite versatile. Its size can be easily changed whenever you like. It is an extendable table that you can make bigger or smaller to suit your needs. It can allow you to seat up to 6 people for dinner. The tabletop is very easy to keep clean and is both moisture and stain-resistant. You can simply wipe it clean using a cloth.

The extendable leaf of the VANGSTA can be stored inside the table itself. It is very easy to change between the two sizes and the process only requires a single person. The overall design of the table is quite appealing and both color variants, white and black, are able to perfectly fit in most homes.

7) TÄRENDÖ Table


The IKEA TÄRENDÖ is arguably the best option for anyone looking to buy a simple dining table for their home. It is very affordable and will be able to serve anyone well enough for them to get their money’s worth. In fact, the TÄRENDÖ is one of the cheapest options on this list and it can be a great addition to your home if you’re on a tight budget.

This dining table doesn’t sacrifice any quality either. It is almost just as durable as any other table on this list. In fact, it is actually a bit more durable than some. This is due to its melamine covered top which makes it resistant to both heat and scratches. 4 people can comfortably dine together on this table, making it great for the kitchen.

8) LANEBERG Extendable Table

LANEBERG Extendable Table

The white finish of this table makes it glow and stand out from all the other décor in your home. The look of the table makes it a great addition in just about any kitchen or dining room. It is a good option for both as it is an extendable table. Like the previous extendable table that was reviewed, this table is also capable of seating 6 people at most.

You can use it as a small dining table for your family and then quickly extend it whenever guests are about to visit. The process of switching the sizes of the LANEBERG is easy and anyone can do it without needing help. The table also comes in a color other than white, which is brown. This means that you can simply purchase the variant which suits your home more.

9) LERHAMN Table


The IKEA LERHAMN features a small yet versatile design that allows it to fit in just about any room, regardless of available space. Its beautiful white and wooden design makes it look appealing and aesthetically pleasing.

There’s also a black and brown combination variant for the LERHAMN which you can purchase if you prefer a darker theme. The solid pine used for both variants adds to the beauty and makes this dining table look even more appealing over time.

While the design is small and effective, it can also be a little uncomfortable for some. The height of the LERHAMN makes it a little uncomfortable for some people to enjoy sitting on. Overall, it is a great budget option if you’re looking for a beautiful table to add to your kitchen, although it can be a bit too small for dining rooms.

10) INGATORP Extendable Table

INGATORP Extendable Table

The IKEA INGATORP is a relatively beautiful table and is one of the only products on this list that features a modern design. The design of this table is very pleasing to the eye, making it a beautiful addition in just about any home.

INGATORP table is capable of seating 4 to 6 people though, which makes it more flexible when serving guests thanks to its extendable feature. The only real problem with this table is the assembly. It needs two people to assembly due to safety and convenient purpose.

Gently put it on a carpet during the assembly process to avoid scratches or damage to the tabletop. There are also two different color options to choose from for this dining table as well.

11) MÖRBYLÅNGA Table, Oak Veneer

MÖRBYLÅNGA Table, Oak Veneer

For those fond of the classy wooden piece, this is the ideal option for you. Its retro golden-brown undertone design and genuine wood feeling add beautify to this product. The sturdy oak material with a prominent grain used for this table will last you for a long period to use.

MÖRBYLÅNGA table has passed the endurance, safety, and stability test to stand off the daily usage for years. This table is capable of 6 seats just like the normal dining table to accommodate your friends and family member enjoying your happy dining time. There are three sizes to select according to your kitchen needs.

Choosing The Best IKEA Dining Tables

These are 11 of the best dining tables that you can purchase from IKEA. As you can see from our reviews, all these tables are great in their own way. Most of the IKEA dining tables are durable enough to provide you with years of service as well. Check out all the reviews given above in order to decide which dining table sounds like it will suit your home the most.

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