15 Best IKEA Desks For Home Review 2022

IKEA Desks For Home

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IKEA Desks For Home

There are a lot of reasons for needing home desks. Children and college students need a place to study, the home computer needs a place to be located, and in many households there is more than one computer.

The question is, what desk do you get? An antique roll top desk sounds great, but where would the computer cords go? Those in need of a desk usually have to go shopping, and IKEA is one of the more popular places.

IKEA is known for its “put it together yourself” furniture and the desks are no exception. However, for price and space saving, these desks are often the best choice. Each desk choice has its pluses and minuses, but all in all, they are good choices.

When getting ready to choose a home desk, it is important to pay attention to details. The first thing to do is to figure out what the desk will be for. Is it primarily for homework? Will it need a computer? What are the measurements of the space it will be in?

Once that is done, consider the person who will be using it. A child may need a different sort of desk than an adult. In fact, a child may need a desk that will grow with him or her.

15 Best IKEA Desks For Home Review

1) FJALLBO Laptop Table

FJALLBO laptop table

This is a great desk for a small room or for children who need space to do their homework. While it can be a little difficult to assemble, it is small enough to fit but sturdily built. The designer of this desk took influence from the Industrial age around 1900.

The top is solid pine, which is far better than veneer. The sides are made from metal, which together makes a sturdy desk. There is a small tray under the top of the desk to store books, paper or even a laptop when it isn’t in use.

There was only one two star review, and what happened to this person could happen to anyone with any DIY furniture. The first time the reviewer tried to put the desk together the holes in the metal parts didn’t line up. After getting replacements, they did.

The biggest complaint about this desk is the difficulty in putting it together. That can be resolved by hiring it done. Taskrabbit is one of the companies IKEA uses for this purpose. These people are pros.

2) LILLASEN Desk Bamboo

LILLASEN desk bamboo

There are a lot of positives for this desk and only one negative. Let’s get the latter out of the way first. The only complaints about this desk were with the assembly. It wasn’t just IKEA newbies complaining, either. Some experienced people had this problem.

That said, those who got it together love it. The desk top is made from solid bamboo. There are three drawers. Granted, they are small, but a reviewer noted that sheets of standard paper will fit in them without folding.

The legs of the desk are metal and curve outward. This is probably one of the points that were a problem. It was suggested that purchasers look up a video online to help with construction. One suggested reddit.com but youtube might be another good choice.

This isn’t a large desk; it wouldn’t be suitable for multiple computers, etc. However, it does fit into a small space, it is lightweight and it looks stylish. It is perfect for homework, crafting and other tasks. It was also bought as a side table for an RV.



There were very few complaints about assembly for this desk. A couple of people had trouble with the drawers, but most reported that it was easy to put together. Like the LILLASEN, it is a small desk. It would be suitable for a child doing homework or various crafts.

This desk is largely made of particle board and plastic. Those who read about the materials knew that, those that didn’t were a bit disappointed. Two people reported that the desk was damaged on arrival, though IKEA was quick to post that returns are allowed within one year if there is a receipt.

This desk is very heavy. It will fit into a small space, but it may take two people to move it. That is in part because particle board is heavy. The desk only comes with two legs; the other side is held up with drawers. The top of the desk is not attached to the drawers, which disturbed one reviewer.

With care, this desk will last a long time. However, if a solid desk is wanted, this is probably not the desk for you.

4) MICKE Computer Desk

MICKE computer desk

This is one thing to keep in mind. This desk was designed for computers. The side cabinet is for the CPU. It does not have a back so air can circulate around it. It has a hole in the back for cables, which helps to keep the clutter they can cause under control.

The lack of a back to the cabinet was the biggest complaint about this product. Some who posted added a back, others just complained. This is another example of needing to read all of the product information before making a purchase.

Most people love this desk. It is small enough to fit in a tinier room and still get the jobs needed done. Like the LINNMON, it is made of particle board and plastic, so care has to be taken. A reviewer noted that high humidity or an errant hot cup of coffee can damage the surface.

For those who loved it, the size and style was what was most appreciated. It did have one funny complaint. “The desk was ok, as long as you don't mind deciphering hieroglyphs for directions.”



This is a versatile product. It has been used as a dining table, although it is a tight squeeze for four. Those who use it for this purpose suggest it is more comfortable for two rather than four if that is the purpose it is purchased for.

As a desk, it is very light and ideal as a computer table. It doesn’t have any drawers and it is simple to put together. One person can do it easily. Like many IKEA products, it is made of particle board with metal legs.

While most reviewers bought this for homework and computer applications, a few bought it to use in the craft room. It is the right size to hold a sewing machine or to serve as a cutting table. It could be used for many different crafts and fits into small spaces easily.

Unlike the other desks reviewed prior to this one, there were only two negative reviews. One person didn’t like the size and the other said that while the table was cute it was wiggly. IKEA responded to the latter suggesting a replacement might be the solution.

6) MICKE Desk Black/Brown

MICKE desk black-brown

This MICKE desk is more of a student desk than the previous one. Most of those who purchased it did so for children, although a few bought it for their home office. It has a hole for computer and charging wires in the back, which helps keep that tangle out of the way.

The desk is largely made of particle board. That means that it chips easily, so that should be taken into mind before purchase. Chips can be repaired and children probably won’t mind. However, if it is a problem, it might be wiser to buy a different model.

The biggest complaint about this desk is with the drawer. Eight reviewers had trouble with that and IKEA stated more than once that it will replace. One of those reviewers did take the desk back. The IKEA personnel said that this is a problem with MICKE furniture.

Other than that, there were numerous complaints about the directions. This seems to be true of almost everything IKEA makes, and the more complicated it is, the more complaints there are.

7) LINNMON / ALEX Table, black-brown, blue, 78 3/4x23 5/8 "


This desk is ideal for crafters and for those who need extra space to spread out when working on things. From the reviews it is relatively easy to put together… for IKEA furniture. The uses for this have ranged from high school and college students to craftspeople.

There was one complaint about it that was common. Eight people commented on it, and that is the leg of the table. In order to support the weight of the particle board desk top, the leg is in the middle of the table. A lot of people thought it would be at the back.

This may or may not be a problem. Those who are used to RV tables, which also have a leg in an inconvenient spot, won’t have a problem. Others might. However, if that’s the only problem listed, and it is, then this is a wonderful desk.

Some of the comments were about what the purchaser used it for. One was for a teenage boy who needed extra space to do his homework. He had a laptop, textbooks and his school papers spread out on it. Another had two sewing machines.

8) MICKE Desk, black-brown, 55 7/8x19 5/8 "

MICKE Desk, black-brown

One hundred twenty three people gave this product a four or five star review. Fifteen gave it one or two stars. Almost all of the complaints were based on quality issues; they said the desk started sagging after a year and the drawers didn’t work anymore.

This desk is made mostly from particle board. While that is what makes it inexpensive, it can also add to the sagging problem, especially if something heavy is in the center. One other complaint was that it was not ergonomically correct.

Most of the people love it and are continuing to use it. It fits into a small space and like other MICKE products it has a hole for electrical cords. This desk is a little longer than some of the other desks, and the hole is on the right side. That may make it harder for a desk lamp to fit.

This is a good “starter” desk. It may not be a good long term fit due to what it is made from. However, for the price, it does its job.

9) MICKE Desk, black-brown, 41 3/8x19 5/8 " with add on unit

MICKE Desk, black-brown with add on unit

As with most of these desks, this desk is made mostly from particle board. There is also some fiberboard and the add on unit has a metallic white board that can be used for notices or for pinning up a child’s art work.

Some of those who purchased this wanted it for a vanity, and the white board area could be where the mirror would go. Most, however, needed a computer desk and the add on unit helped provide more storage space without taking up more floor room.

There are the usual quality complaints and a few people who had difficulty assembling the units. The biggest problem seems to be the drawers; some people had trouble aligning them and couldn’t get them to open or close properly.

This is a great starter desk for young people and is a good fit for a small apartment. One reviewer got it so that she and her young son would have a place to work other than the dining room table. Both of them love it and she said that it gave them more open space than they had before.

10) MALM Desk, black-brown, 55 1/8x25 5/8 "

MALM Desk, black-brown

This desk is almost as pretty as the bamboo desk. It is made of particle and fiber board, with some plastic and metal parts. Most of the reviewers were very happy with their purchase of this desk. It is mainly used for young people with homework.

One of the reviewers thought that there was a drawer under the long section of the desk. If you look at the picture closely, there is no drawer there. There are two drawers on the side. One is large enough to be a file drawer but it does not have hanging brackets.

There were a few complaints about defective drawers and one reviewer stated that he needed to reinforce the drawer with L-brackets. This seems like a good idea in any case, as particle board is known to droop after a while.

This is a great starter desk, although it is not designed to be a computer desk. The cabinet the drawers go into does not have predrilled holes for wires and there is a back to the drawers so not enough air circulation.

11) BRUSALI Desk, brown, 35 3/8x20 1/2 "

BRUSALI Desk, brown

This is another nice looking little desk. Please note the word “little.” It is for a small space and is not meant to be a giant workstation. It is great for a child to do homework or an adult with a laptop. It is a perfect fit for small spaces such as an apartment or dorm room.

The reason for the emphasis is because that was one of the two chief complaints. The other complaint is the difficulty of assembly. Even those who have put IKEA furniture together before had to resort to common sense and/or the internet to get it together.

All but two of the people who reviewed think it’s a great desk. Those two have decided to keep it rather than return due to the difficulties of disassembly. This is one desk where it might be advisable to go to the IKEA store and get a good look before purchase.

There were no complaints about sturdiness or sagging. A few people complained that it chips easily, but all particle board products do. All in all, a good little desk.

12) MICKE Corner Workstation, black-brown, 39 3/8x55 7/8

MICKE Corner workstation, black-brown

While most of the people who bought this workstation love it, one problem was pointed out. The back leg is weak. Eight people reported that it snapped off when the station was moved. Some of them pointed out that it happened just after putting it together.

There are hacks for this problem and IKEA stated several times that replacement legs are available. However, it needs to be done in person. Their phone system is not all that great, at least in some parts of the U.S. and the website doesn’t always work.

That said, it is a handy little workstation. Please note the word “little.” This is ideal for small spaces and/or for children and college students. It is roomy for the space it takes up, although a chair with arms may not fit under it. That is true of most desks.

When putting this desk together it may be wise to have some additional support for the back leg handy. Another solution would be to attach it to studs in the wall itself.

13) HEMNES Desk, dark gray stained, 61x25 5/8 "

HEMNES Desk, dark gray stained

This is a great little desk but there are some hacks that will make it both sturdier and less dented. The desk is made out of solid pine. It is heavy, and pine is a soft wood. Several people complained that even medium pressured writing on the desk without a pad caused scratches.

Another complaint was that it was squeaky. Those who read all of the reviews posted reviews saying how they got around these two problems. If those hacks are followed, it may be the right desk for your needs.

The hacks include using gorilla glue for the joints and where the bottoms of the drawers are put in. The second hack is to use something across the top that won’t scratch the pine. One woman used acrylic glass and is very satisfied with the results.

The desk is wide and there is a cabinet for a CPU to go in if that is desired. The cabinet can also be used for storage. IKEA would like to let everyone know that returns and replacement are good for one year with receipt.

14) HEMNES Desk with 2 drawers, white stain, 47 1/4x18 1/2 "

HEMNES Desk with 2 drawers, white stain

This is a sturdy desk that will fit where something narrow is needed. There were no complaints about broken pieces or squeaking, which is good. The biggest complaint was with the hinges on the compartment that hides cables.

This piece is one of those that are harder to put together. One person commented that if something is put on backwards it takes a while to notice. That means disassembling until the piece that was put on incorrectly is found.

Like the other HEMNES desk, this is a solid wood component. However, the wood is pine so it scratches easily. Those using it for a sewing table may not have any problems at all, other than the shallow drawers. Those using it for a computer, ditto. However, if using it for writing it is wise to have something under it.

Many people commented about changing out the handles to something they liked better. That is an easy hack; Lowes or Home Depot should have some that will please. If you’ve assembled a lot of IKEA furniture, this should be fairly easy.

15) PÅHL Desk, white, 37 3/4x22 7/8 "

PÅHL Desk, white

There are no complaints at all about this desk/table. It is adjustable, so if it is for a child it can grow as the child does. For adults, it still works amazingly well. It can be used as a desk, for crafts or as a hallway table.

The desk is made of particle board and metal. There are no drawers and it is easy to fit together. It is a very simple desk, and useful for many purposes. An office chair should easily fit under it and it should hold the weight of a sewing machine or monitor and keyboard.

This product was designed for children, but there is no reason an adult wouldn’t like it. The designer made it to go with other units, so that if a child needs drawers for it, a separate unit may be necessary. It will also go with the other PAHL furniture.

It is delightful to write about something with no negative reviews, and if you want something simple, easy to put together and very affordable, this is the right desk.

Choosing The Best IKEA Desks For Home

IKEA is known for the type of furniture described. There are problems with any product bought from any company, so it is reasonable that there might be a few with IKEA home desks. However, there are many benefits from getting this type of furniture from IKEA.

It is environmentally friendly and the wood is sustainably forested. IKEA has a better return policy than many other inexpensive furniture retailers and usually a better customer service. The most important things to keep in mind are to measure the space, read the reviews and keep your receipt. With those steps, your purchase will be what you had in mind.

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