13 Best IKEA Computer Desk Review 2021

Best IKEA Computer Desk

Best IKEA Computer Desk

Setting up the home office can be pretty daunting since there are hardly any desk choices around. Nonetheless, having a suitable desk plays an important role in optimizing productivity, so that you can tick tasks off your to-do list. These computer desks will serve as a primary anchor of your space so that you can settle your computer, mouse, keyboards, and other items.

While you are choosing the computer desk, it is advised that you measure the monitor beforehand. This prior measurement will ensure you have proper space on your computer desk for everything. When you choose the right computer desk, it will ramp up your working space and play a significant role in overall performance.

The computer desks not only offer easy access to the computer or laptop while containing the cables and clutters. But once you step into the market to purchase a desk, you will be bewildered with choices. With this notion, we have tried to ease up the process for you. That’s because we have added 13 best IKEA computer desk reviews because IKEA is the ultimate choice if you prefer sleek designs!

13 Best IKEA Computer Desk Review

1) MICKE Desk, Black-Brown 41 3/8 x 19 5/8”

MICKE Desk, Black-Brown 41 3 8 x 19 5 8”

Nothing says office and work like those brown and black computer desks. If you have a similar choice, this black-brown desk is the right choice for you. The desk has a sleek, simple, and clean outlook that can fit in small spaces.

The best thing about this desk is that it settles with other unit drawers like a glove. The desk has a cable outlet at the back, making it easier to sort out the cables and cords. As for the storage unit, it can be mounted to the left or right side, as per your choice.

Around the computer area, there are air ventilators to ensure your computer doesn’t heat up. As for the shelves, they can be adjusted to your preferred heights, so that you can effectively use the spaces. This computer desk is the right choice for your home office as well.

2) MICKE Desk, Black-Brown 55 7/8 x 19 5/8”

MICKE Desk, Black-Brown 55 7 8 x 19 5 8”

This desk is from the MICKE computer desk series as well. For the people who need diverse choices, these desks are available in white and black-brown color. Designed with a clean and sleek outlook, this desk will settle with the minimal theme of your home.

This desk has a unique and cunning design that can easily hide the cables and other clutter, offering a clean interface. The users can easily mount the legs to whichever side you like. In addition, there are drawers to offer ample storage and comes with high-end drawer stops.

This desk is suitable to fit two people at one time, and with the finished back, it can be placed in whichever location. The desk’s top panel and bottom panel has fiberboard construction with plastic edging and acrylic paint. Also, the paper filling is added to the top panel for a clean and durable design.

3) MICKE Corner Workstation

MICKE Corner Workstation

If you have an idle corner space in your room and want to transform it into a working space, this corner workstation by IKEA is a perfect choice. The desk comes with a magnetic board on the back panel so that you can write down the important notes there. As for the shelves, these can be adjusted to your distinguished needs.

The cable outlet is at the back so that you can keep the cords and cable at bay. The legs can be mounted to the right or left, offering higher customizability. This workstation is suitable for domestic use and has a side panel made out of particleboard for higher durability.

Also, there are plastic edgings and embossed acrylic paint on top for better appearance and smooth texture. But you need to check the fastenings regularly because they tend to loosen up.



This is the perfect desk for your home and serves the purpose of work from home stations. This desk is available in brown color and is the brainchild of IKEA of Sweden. The BRUSALI desk is designed with cleanliness in mind because you can collect the extension cords and cables under the table. That’s to say because there is a specialized shelf under the top of the table.

The shelf is designed with easy access. The shelves are designed with adjustability in mind, along with the ability to fit the computer into a cabinet. The tabletop is constructed from particleboard and filled with paper foil.

Around the sides, there is a plastic edging that makes it safe. The legs are made from fiberboard. With a height of 28 inches, it can settle with people of average heights.

5) MALM Desk


IKEA has designed this desk for everyone who has been looking for high-end tables with minimal design. This MALM desk has been designed with three colors, white, black-brown, and brown stained ash veneer, so it can effectively settle with the diverse themes of your room.

The clean design of this desk is suitable for your space and has intricate details on all sides. The MALM desk is designed with a free-standing design and can be placed against the wall. With this being said, you can hide the cables and cords behind.

The storage unit of this desk can be installed on the right or left side, as per your liking. If you have other furniture pieces from the MALM series, it will perfectly settle with it. The tabletop has been designed with fiberboard and honeycomb paper filling for higher durability.

6) ALEX Desk, White

ALEX Desk, White

Choosing the right desk plays an integral role in optimizing your work productivity. IKEA has designed this ALEX desk for everyone looking for a top-notch design. The desk is available in different colors, such as beige, black-brown, blue, white, and gray color.

It is designed by Johanna Aschoff, who has added his knowledge about interior design and minimalism to this desk. Even if you want to place this ALEX desk in the middle of the room, you can because there is a finished back.

However, if you place the desk against the wall, you will be able to hide the messy cables. All the sides of this desk are finished and intricately designed to offer a cleaner outlook. The desk is pretty suitable for your home office. Also, there are drawer stops to keep the drawers at bay.

7) SKARSTA Sit Stand Desk, 63 x 31 1/2”

SKARSTA Sit Stand Desk, 63 x 31 1 2”

This SKARSTA desk is designed with a sit/stand posture in mind so that you can change your position as you like. There are crank handles on the desk so that you can adjust the height and support your arms. With this posture, you will actually feel fresh to work.

The height of the SKARSTA desk can be adjusted from 27 inches to 47 inches. The users can always mount the handers according to your choice, be it left or right. There are crank handle slides designed under the table, empowering you to slide them inside if you don’t want them.

 Also, there are adjustable feet in this SKARSTA desk, which promises streamlined and sturdy standing on uneven floors. The desk comes with ample surface area so that you can keep the computer and additional documents on the side. Last but not least, you can use the cable trunks to handle the cable mess.

8) SKARSTA Sit Stand Desk, 47 1/4 x 27 1/2”

SKARSTA Sit Stand Desk, 47 1 4 x 27 1 2”

Being stern while working can be bad for your health, and IKEA cares about you. That’s to say because they have designed this SKARSTA desk with a sit/stand feature so that you can change the position. There are crank handles, offering support to your arms while you work.

In addition, the users can easily adjust the desk’s height from 27 inches to 47 inches, proving it suitable for every height. When it comes down to the installation of crank handles, you can mount them on the left or right side, as per your liking. For the times when you aren’t using the crank handle, just slide them under the table and gain a clean outlook.

With the adjustable feet, the desk will settle on the floor perfectly. The best thing about this SKARSTA desk is the cable trunk, empowering users to attain the uncluttered by containing the cables.

9) IDÅSEN Sit Stand Desk

IDÅSEN Sit Stand Desk

You work hard for sure, and if you want the right desk to assist you during work, this IDÅSEN desk by IKEA is the right choice. This a special design, so that you can tuck all the cords and cables below the table. Available in black and dark gray color, this will strike a contrast in your room.

On top of everything, the IDÅSEN desk has adequate space for you to place the computer and other stationery. The IDÅSEN desk is designed with adjustable height, ranging from 24 inches to 50 inches. There is a veneer surface designed for this desk, offering easy to clean and stain-resistant option.

Also, the IDÅSEN desk is pretty durable and comes with a 10-year warranty. This desk is better for your office and workplace because of smart features. Even more, the desk is controllable through your smartphone (and the Desk Control app).

10) BEKANT Left Corner Desk

BEKANT Left Corner Desk

Everyone has that idle corner space, which is the hardest part to decorate. Well, you can use that space for your workstation because this BEKANT desk has a corner desk-left design. The desk has been designed in black stained ash veneer, which looks pretty classy and edgy.

The BEKANT desk comes with a 10-years warranty and has an adjustable height feature. The height can be adjusted between 25 inches to 33 inches. There is a cable management net designed under the top so that you can keep the desk neat and clean.

The best thing about this table is the contoured design that offers support to forearms and wrists. There are no compromises on durability and stability, making it a perfect choice for your workplace. On the top, there is a clear acrylic lacquer, promising a crisp outlook.

11) BEKANT Right Corner Desk

BEKANT Right Corner Desk

For all the right-handed people who have an idle corner in their workplace, this BEKANT desk will serve the purpose of extra working stations. IKEA has designed this BEKANT desk with a corner desk design on the right side.

There is a white finish all over that looks uber chic for the modern spaces. The legs of this desk can be adjusted according to your height, ranging from 25 inches to 33 inches. 

On top of everything, there is a melamine surface at the top, making this BEKANT desk stain resistant, durable, and easy to clean. With the cable management net, you will be able to keep the cable clutter at bay.

Also, the contoured design promises arm support while you work. There is a plastic edging all around the desk, making it safe to roam around. Last but not least, you can set up a proper work station with an adequate workspace.

12) BEKANT Desk


For all the white lovers who had been waiting for the dream computer desk, it is better to start from this IKEA BEKANT desk. This computer desk is designed to assist you while you burn the midnight oil. There is ample work surface on the desk, offering space to keep your files and computers at arm’s length.

 With the leg’s adjustability, you can adjust the table according to your height (25 inches to 33 inches). With the melamine surface on the top, you will be able to harness the easy cleaning and zero coffee stains (we know how your hectic schedules demand coffee).

The BEKANT desk has a unique net under the top, offering space to keep the cables out of the way. All in all, this is a pretty reliable and durable choice for your workplace desk!

13) LINNMON / ALEX Table


Nothing says chic and edgy like white, and that’s why IKEA has introduced this high-end computer desk. The LINNMON / ALEX desk is designed with a long tabletop, promising ample space for two people. If you aren’t good with hardware, this computer desk comes with pre-drilled leg holes, so you don’t have to toggle the drill.

As for the drawers, they can be pulled pretty far, signaling sufficient storage. There are plastic bumpers in the LINNMON / ALEX desk that offers robust and sturdy assembly. There are adjustable feet that ensure that you can use the desk on uneven surfaces.

However, you might need to invest in an additional leg if you want to optimize the stability. The top of the LINNMON / ALEX table has a fiberboard construction with acrylic paints on top to offer a clean and smooth surface.

Choosing The Best IKEA Computer Desks

With this article, we have tried to remain specific and offer only the best IKEA computer desks to meet your diverse needs. Be the IKEA computer desks the sturdy option or higher flexibility; this article has something for everyone. So, have you found your dream computer desk, yet?

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