20 Best IKEA Chairs Review 2022

IKEA Chairs Review

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IKEA Chairs Review

Furniture shopping is often thought of as looking at beds, tables, couches, and shelves. One of the most overlooked pieces of furniture is the chair. The chair is essential in almost every room. Without chairs, there would be no where to sit. There is a variety of chairs for every room: office chairs, living room chairs, dining room chairs, stools, patio chairs, and so many more.

Looking for the perfect chair can become tiresome. After all, the chair can make or break a room. Chairs are also used in businesses, waiting rooms, in school, and at parties. There has to be a chair to fit every occasion. 

IKEA has some of the best chairs for every need. They have chairs for different rooms and events, as well as in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Here are 20 of their best ones.

20 Best IKEA Chairs Review

1) Pello Armchair

Pello Armchair

The IKEA Pello Armchair is a great chair for every room in the house. It’s durable, comfortable, and modern. It has a wood frame, and a cushion to make it extra lush. The product is sustainable, too. The wood is strong and renewable, and the cushion is made of recycled cotton.

This armchair is great for lounging and relaxing. The chair is designed diagonally so those who sit in it can recline back. This chair is great for the bedroom and living room, as well as the patio.

The chair comes in a subtle cream color, so it will match everything. The best part about the Pello Armchair is that it is affordable; it’s only $49.99.



IKEA’s Leifarne chair is cute, sleek, and perfect for a desk or the kitchen. It’s a simple yellow chair made of plastic and metal. The seat is comfortable because it has a scooped back that shapes to the owner’s needs.

The legs are re-adjustable so anyone can sit in this chair. It is also a great chair for storage. The chairs stacked on each other so it doesn’t take much space. The product is also sometimes made of recyclable materials, so when it wears down, it may be reusable.

Plus, it is very easy to assemble. Even though this chair looks plain on the outside, it’s something extraordinaryd. Between it’s fun and funky color and its flexibility, this chair will push owners outside of their boundaries - in a good way! It’s light, fun, and affordable at $49.99.

3) White TEODORES Chair

White TEODORES Chair

Teodore’s chair from IKEA is both boring and fun. Its striking white color will dazzle those who look at it. The white is so white, the chair looks like the teeth everyone wants to have. That being said, the white means those who own it should be careful to avoid stains. 

However, if something does spill on the chair, it is easily washed off with a clean cloth. This chair is great for storage, too. Six chairs can be stacked on each other to save space. This chair is also
affordable at $25.

Because of its affordability, people can buy this chair for the home, but also for big events like graduation or birthday parties. The chairs add a certain elegance to every room they are in. And, they’re super comfortable. This chair is easy to assemble and a genuine crowd pleaser. No one can go wrong with the Teodores chair.

4) NOLMYRA Chair


The Nolmyra chair is a classic chair with a unique design. Wood lovers will enjoy the birch veneer that is used for the chair’s base. The chair is lightweight, which makes it very transportable. In addition to this, the chair has a 10 year warranty, so if there are any problems, IKEA is flexible.

The cover is gray and grated. It gives the chair a unique, exciting look. The chair is comfortable and relaxing. It looks good in most every room. It can serve as a dining room chair, a desk chair, or a simple seat in the living room.

Because the chair is so simple, it is easy to assemble. The chair reclines back to help owners reach total comfort. This chair is only $39.99.

5) MARTIN Chair


The Martin chair is the best, simple and modern chair for the kitchen. It’s smooth, black, and lustrous. The chair looks like something that would be found in Austin Powers’s bachelor pad. It’s plain, but cool.

The chair gets this look from its black color that is covered in a clear acrylic lacquer. The chair itself is comfortable, but not too comfortable. It’s a great chair to eat dinner in, or do some homework at a desk. It sits up straight to discourage people from wanting to sit all day.

It’s also a great chair for graduation parties, or even a classroom. This chair is very affordable at $19. It’s fairly new to IKEA, so those who own it will stand out among their friends.

6) SNILLE Swivel Chair

SNILLE Swivel Chair

The Snille Swivel chair is the desk chair everyone dreams of. It spins quickly and suddenly. It’s fancy, fun, and has a modern edge. This chair has an adjustable height, so everyone can sit comfortably. It’s truly unique, and would look great in an artistic home.

This chair has also been designed for soft floors. This is a chair that would look great in the home, the office, and school, and so many other places. Plus, it swivels. Who doesn’t love a swivelling chair? This chair has quite a lot of mixed reviews.

This makes sense considering its price. It is $19.99. It’s a great temporary chair for those on a budget, but a nicer office chair made be better for those who want something long-lasting.

7) POANG Armchair

POANG Armchair

The Poang Armchair is an elegant, new chair from IKEA. The base of the chair is made of a renewable material, wood. The comforter of the chair is made of polyester and cotton. It is a classic brown color that will give the home a cozy feel. It also comes in an off-white color.

The comforter is a leather material so it is great for homes with kids that are prone to big spills and messes. The chair is large, and supports the whole upper body. It feels great on the back, and is a great chair to lounge on.

The chair can recline to the form of the back, too. It’s perfect for every home and costs $199.

8) Black ADDE Chair

Black ADDE Chair

The Black Adde chair is a cheap, grated chair with cute circles that give it a unique look. The chair is the equivalent of a cheese grater in chair form. It’s a lot of fun. The chair is made of plastic, so it’s light and easy to move.

The chairs are easily stacked to provide more storage space. This chair is great for those on a budget. It’s only $12.50. This would be a great chair for parties. Guests at graduation parties will enjoy how comfortable and fun these are.

They are also black so it gives the chair a classier look. This chair really is great for anywhere in the home. It can be a dining room chair, a desk chair, an extra chair for guests, and more.

9) TOBIAS Chair


The Tobias chair is a modern, creative chair. The whole chair is made of a clear, clean material. It gives the chair a shiny, fun look that draws people in. The chair is strong and durable. It sits up straight, and looks like something straight out of a penthouse. The most fun part of this chair is that it is transparent so it picks up the colors of the room.

This chair can look different and colorful in every room. No two chairs look the same. The seat has lots of flexibility, so sitting on the chair feels like sitting on a cloud. This chair is affordable at $79.

10) White ADDE Chair

White ADDE Chair

The White Adde chair is a cheap, grated chair with cute circles that give it a unique look. The chair is cute and exciting. It’s a lot of fun. The chair is made of plastic, so it’s light and easy to move. The chairs are easily stacked to provide more storage space. This chair is great for those on a budget. It’s only $12.50.

This would be a great chair for parties. Guests at birthday parties will enjoy how comfortable and fun these are. The white color makes it look nice, classic, and exciting. Those who visit the home will be impressed with how sleek this chair looks in the home. In matches any and everything in the home.

11) BUSKBO Armchair

BUSKBO Armchair

The Buskbo Armchair is a cute, canopy like chair like will remind owners of sipping margaritas in Bali. It looks like it belongs in an artsy bungalow hidden in the nooks of a jungle. This chair is extra special because it is handmade by craftspeople. Every chair is unique to itself. The chair is made of the natural material of rattan.

Rattan is a thin pliable stem of palm, which can also be used as a walking stick. The chair is topped with a cushion to give it a homelier feel. This chair is great for cozying up to read a book, or do some writing. It brown and tan colors make it the perfect chair to match every room. This chair is worth its cost of $160.

12) REMSTA Chair


IKEA’s REMSTA Chair looks like it belongs at the end of a long, wooden table where a rich, powerful man claims to have rewritten his will. It’s elegant, suave, and classy. It looks like it belongs in a Victorian home.

The chair is made of a material that can make anything fancy: velvet. The chair comes in three colors: dark gray, dark green-blue, and a yellow-beige. However, the velvet reflects light, so these colors can change according to the light of the room.

Because this chair is so top-notch, it needs to be properly cared for often. This chair is warm, luxurious, and affordable at $159. This chair would look great in a living room, palor, or a dining room. This is a spectacular chair at a reasonable price.

13) STEFAN Chair


The Stefan chair is great for environmentalists. It is a solid pine, wood chair that helps the environment by being renewable. It uses very little material, yet it is sturdy and strong.

The chair is simple, so it matches most styles and homes. This chair isn’t very comfortable on its own, but a comforter can be added to make it cozy. Adding a comforter would make this the perfect dining room chair. It is a well-suited brown-black color, great size, and looks perfect in the home.

This chair will make guests wish they had a Stefan chair of their own. This chair looks expensive, but is only $25. This is great for those who are on a budget, or who simply don’t want to spend a lot on a chair. This is one of IKEA’s best deals.

14) Green Teodores Chair

Green Teodores Chair

The Green Teodores chair is just as fun as the white one. This teal green color looks like mystical waves in the ocean. It’s fun, creative, and looks beautiful in the home. These chairs will give a bland looking room some extra spunk, color, and liveliness. These chairs can really tie a room together. They are so sleek and cute.

These chairs are great for when guests come over because they are easily stored. When all those extra family members come over for Thanksgiving, these chairs will be there to greet the family. This chair is very lightweight, and easy to assemble. These chairs are affordable at $25.



The Nilsove/ Norna Chair is a handwoven chair made of rattan, the thin pliable stem of a palm. This chair is unique because it is unlike any of the others in the collection. It is specifically made by craftspeople, so no two chairs are alike. The chair has legs made of a sturdy material, a back base made of rattan and bamboo, and a cushion made of cotton.

This chair is all things comfortable and chic. The product uses natural materials, so it is great for environmentalists. Overall, this is one of the most unique chairs IKEA has to offer. What makes it better is that is offered at the low price of $96.99. This is a great deal on such an extraordinary product.



The Strandmon chair is a chic, classy arm chair that comes in many colors and patterns. It can come in with flowers or leaves, or in a straight-forward color like yellow, gray, red, beige, or green. This chair is something else. It’s tall, so it supports the whole body. It’s cushy, so anyone can relax in the chair.

And best of all, it has a foot rest. IKEA created this chair 60 years ago. Over half a decade later, it’s still a top- selling product. The chair has 100s of reviews and still maintains a 4.6/5 star score.

This chair is perfect for everyone in the family; moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and kids will all love this chair. Best of all, it’s like a barcalounger but with a classy edge. This chair is special, and priced at $249.

17) VEDBO Armchair

VEDBO Armchair

The Vedbo armchair is a modern, wide chair that every gamer needs. This chair is fun, spunky, and comfortable. The legs of this chair are made of a strong birch that gives the chair some liveliness. The cushion is made of cold foam and polyester wadding. It is both comfortable and stylish. The cushion comes in three colors: blue, dark gray, and light-brown pink.

The chair will make a gamer’s home look artsy, instead of like a bat cave. The chair bends backward, so it’s easy to recline back and get snug. The design and color scheme of this chair makes it easy to place in various rooms. This chair is the total package, and costs $199.

18) RENBERGET Swivel Chair

RENBERGET Swivel Chair

Everyone loves a swivel chair. They’re exciting, spinny, and a lot of fun. They make boring office jobs enjoyable and endurable. The Renberget swivel chair is no different. This chair is great for CEOs on a budget. The chair is only $49.99 but looks like it could be $500. It has a long back, a cushy seat, and a suave look. The chair has a brake so when someone stands, it doesn’t move.

The chair also has tilt tension so it can cater to anyone’s support needs. This chair is well worth the price. It’s a bold, black color that will look great in the office. This chair is great for typing, or for racing a co-worker down the hall. This is the office chair that everyone needs to invest in.

19) OGDER Chair


The Ogder chair is a cute, beige chair that matches every room. It is small, but mighty. The seat is bowl-shaped with a rounded back with makes it comfortable and chic. This chair is so simple, no tools are necessary to assemble it. It can be put together with one click. The chair looks like wood, but still is light and airy. That’s because it is made of a wood plastic compote.

This chair is great for families because it is easy to clean. Gone are the days of tough scrubbing to clean up the toddler’s messes. Spills will come out with the simple rub of a wet cloth. This chair is durable, too.

It passed its strength and durability test. The OGDER chair is a unique twist on the everyday design of the chair, and is only $89. This is the perfect chair for someone wanting to change things up.

20) BLECKBERGET Swivel Chair


The Bleckberget swivel chair combines the everyday office chair with the hip, artist’s chair to create an idiosyncratic desk chair. It’s fun, quirky, and durable. The chair was modeled after the chairs from the 50’s and 60’s with a modern spin.

The chair is great to sit in because it has an adjustable height and swivel. Everyone loves a swivel. This chair makes studying fun. It’s particularly great for dorm rooms. It comes in three fun, exciting colors: beige, dark gray, and mint green.

The green color is particularly trendy. The chair is made of a mix of plywood, foam, steel, and a few other products. This makes it very strong. This chair is very affordable at $49.99. Every officer worker and college student should check this chair out.

Choosing The Best IKEA Chairs

These are some of IKEA’s many chairs. They all serve different purposes, and will look great in the right persons’ home. They can be personalized with cushions that can also be bought at IKEA.

These chairs can be ordered online, but they can also be tested at the store. The store has so many great products that can match with these chairs. Chairs are hard to shop for, but IKEA, as always, is here to help.

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