20 Best IKEA Bookcases Review 2022

Best IKEA Bookcase

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Bookshelves are some of the most exciting products to find in furniture stores. They are big, fun, and can really make or a break a room. There are so many bookshelves to choose from. They can be large, small, long, tall, colorful, or simple.

Everyone has different styles, and a bookshelf can reflect that. IKEA has so many gorgeous options when it comes to bookshelves. One of their most popular shelves is the Billy Bookcase. This book shelf is almost as popular as IKEA’s Swedish meatball.

However, those aren’t the only bookcases IKEA has to offer. There are so many more more bookshelves that furniture stores have to offer. IKEA has many great bookshelves, and these are just 20 of them. Some of them are Billy bookcases, and others are more of their amazing bookcases.

20 Best IKEA Bookcase Review

1) The LOMMARP Bookshelf

The LOMMARP Bookshelf

The Lommarp is a brand new bookshelf at IKEA, and one worth investing in. This bookshelf is slender, tall, and classy. Its dimensions are 25 5/8 x 78 3/8. The shelves are wide so they can hold books of all sizes, as well as other products.

Overall, this bookshelf has five shelves. Because of its tall size, this bookshelf should be secured to the wall. It is easy to assemble because it only has three big parts: the bottom shelf, the three middle shelves, and the top shelf.

This shelf comes in dark green and beige. It’s a great product for reducing clutter. It’s like a miniature library. The bookcase holds plenty of books, and is the perfect bookcase for book lovers. This bookshelf is $139.

2) The GERSBY Bookshelf

The GERSBY Bookshelf

The Gersby bookshelf is a fun bookshelf at an affordable price. It’s only $29.99, and is durable and spacious, too. That’s the price one would spend on a big bookshelf at a thrift store. For less than $30, IKEA provides a brand new one.

Over 50% of this product is made of renewable materials, so it is great for the environment, too. The Gersby bookshelf comes with five shelves that are long and wide. It comes in a gorgeous white color that will match everything.

This product is well-review with 4.5 out of 5 stars. This is a bookshelf that everyone will love. The bookshelf can hold up to 29 lbs! That is a lot of books on such an inexpensive product. No one can go wrong with the Gersby bookshelf.

3) The BILLY Bookcase

The BILLY Bookcase

The Billy bookcase it not only IKEA’s most popular bookcase, it’s also one of their most popular products. That’s because it is affordable, durable, and compliments every home. The bookshelf is gorgeous, with plenty of color options: birch veneer, black-brown, brown ash veneer, and white.

It’s made of natural wood, which gives a more homely, natural feel. It has adjustable shelves. It can be made to suit any book lover’s needs. It has five shelves, which means it can hold plenty of books and other things! It can even hold up to 66 lbs.

Best of all, the Billy Bookcase is super affordable. It costs $79. Owners will spend more money on books to put in the bookcase, than on the the actual product. The Billy Bookcase is a crowd pleaser, and a product all IKEA shoppers love.

4) The LAVIA Bookshelf

The LAVIA Bookshelf

When shopping for furniture, everyone wants something that will stand out. And that’s exactly what the Laiva bookshelf at IKEA does. This bookshelf is simple, but chic. It has four long, wide shelves that hold plenty of books.

The top and the bottom shelf have a back base, by the two middle shelves don’t. This gives the bookshelf an airy feel. This bookshelf is only $19.99, yet is still has over 250 reviews with an average score of 4.6 out of five stars. It’s big, too. Its dimensions are 24 3/8 x 65.

This product can hold books, decorations, and anything else the customer wants held. It works as a bookshelf, but also as an ordinary shelf. Budget shoppers are getting a huge steal with this shelf. Very few people dislike this shelf. It has received lots of praise, and looks great in the home.

5) BILLY Bookcase

BILLY Bookcase

According to IKEA, one billy bookcase in sold every five seconds. That is a lot of bookcase. IKEA has many kinds of Billy bookcases, and this one is no stranger to the 5-second love. It is large, sturdy, and dependable. It’s built with six large shelves for maximum storage. It is simple, but perfect.

This bookshelf comes in four colors: white, black brown, birch veneer, and brown ash veneer. It’s made of a renewable material, wood fiber. Just when it seems like it can’t get any better, it doesn’t. This Billy bookcase is only $59. Overall, this bookcase comes with one stationary shelf and four removable shelves. It’s great for the home, and a bookshelf that everyone loves.

6) The FINNBY Bookshelf

The FINNBY Bookshelf

The Finnby bookshelf is one of IKEA’s best deals. This is large, durable bookshelf that can be bought for the low price of $29.99. Think of all the things that could be bought for $29.99: supplies for dinner, a trip to the spa, a month of cable.

What these things don’t offer are a long shelf live (pun intended). This bookshelf is cheap, but long-lasting. It is made of sturdy materials and has adjustable shelves. It’s great for people on a budget, and for those who aren’t. It’s an all around great bookshelf.

Best of all, it’s easy to assemble. This product is great for people on a budget who own lots of books. It has five huge shelves that can hold up to 29 lbs. This is one of IKEA’s most affordable bookshelves. It looks great in the home, too.

7) The KALLAX Bookshelf

The KALLAX Bookshelf

The Kallax bookshelf is a hip and modern shelf that will help give the home an edge. It’s the Jack Kerouac of bookshelves. It’s adventurous, spontaneous, and easy to take on the road. This product can be customized to suit one’s needs, too. It can be placed horizontally or vertically.

Drawers can be bought to go with it to help store more things. This shelf could be be used as a storage unit, bookshelf, or both! It’s unique, and incomparable to other bookshelves, so those who buy it will stand out among their friends. It’s a definite eye-catcher.

It’s even more pleasing to the eye in its eight different colors/styles: black and white, black-brown, wood effect gray, high gloss gray, high gloss white, walnut effect light gray, white, and white checker pattern. This product has many functions, and matches most any room.

8) The BILLY Bookcase

The BILLY Bookcase 1

This Billy bookcase is simple and small. It has plenty of storage for books, but is compact. This is the perfect bookshelf for a studio apartment, or a dorm room. It only has three shelves, but it can hold up to 66 lbs. No wonder Billy bookcases are so well-liked. This produce is able to be recycled or used for energy recovery.

It is made of wood fiber, which is a renewable material. This bookshelf is an environmentalist’s dream. And it can fit many books. The dimensions of this bookshelf are 11 1/2 x 5 3/4 x 42 1/2. Because this product is so small, it’s easy to set up.

Plus, it has adjustable shelves. Big books can have their own large shelf so they don’t have to be laid flat. This Billy bookcase is $39, and is well worth its price.

9) The BILLY Bookcase

The BILLY Bookcase 2

This Billy bookcase is simple, but elegant. It is simple, yet elegant. It is a bookcase that has a straight, slender, vertical design, rather than one that is wide and horizontal. It is tall and has six shelves that hold a generous amount of books.

Overall, this bookshelf can hold up to 31 lbs of weight. It has a beautiful look that is made of a natural wood veneer. This wooden bookcase can be purchased in brown ash veneer, black-brown, or birch veneer.

These colors reflect the wooden, homely tone of the bookcase and match the home easily. This bookcase is only $69 and has a fairly consistent editing with 4.7/5. This is a great product, and one that won’t take up too much space.

10) The BILLY Bookcase

The BILLY Bookcase 3

This Billy bookcase is unlike the others. It has a modern, unique edge with its glass doors. It is big, strong, and durable. Its glass doors protect the books inside. This bookshelf is great for everyone, but is particularly perfect for those who collect first edition books. This book case comes with two glass doors and six shelves.

The shelves are long and tall, so they can hold any size of book. They are adjustable, too, so they can cater to every size of book. The shelf comes in three colors: dark blue, dark red, and beige. It costs $169, and matches every room in the home.

This product can be placed next to the same or similar products to create more space for books, and other assortments of things.

11) The BRIMNES Bookcase

The BRIMNES Bookcase

The Brimnes bookcase is tall, sturdy bookcase with ample storage and plenty of shelves. It comes with six shelves, but two of those are drawers. This shelf is inexpensive, so it can many can be bought and placed next to each other.

This bookcase comes in black, gray, and white. It is sleek, and has smooth running drawers that helps keep the shelves in place. This bookshelf also has adjustable shelves so it helps cater to book sizes. 

This shelf is great for those who want to mix up the every day bookshelf. It looks cute, and would look nice in a studio apartment or dorm room. It’s inexpensive at $99, and can hold up to 40 lbs. This is an amazing bookshelf, and one that no one will regret buying.

12) The LIATORP Bookshelf

The LIATORP Bookshelf

The Liatorp bookshelf is a huge bookshelf. Its dimensions are 37 3/4 x 14 5/8 x 84 1/4 and it can hold up to 77 lbs. This bookshelf has eight shelves so it is great for every book love. It has adjustable shelves so they can be any size they want. This bookshelf is big and of top quality, so it is fairly expensive. It costs $249.

There are two shelves that stay in place to secure the shelves. This product has stripes inside it which makes it look cool, fresh, and exciting. The legs on these shelves are adjustable for the floor, too. This product is a definite must. It’s on the pricier side, but is worth it for its quality and space.

13) The KALLAX Shelf

The KALLAX Shelf

The Kallax shelf isn’t actually a bookshelf, it’s simply a regular shelf. However, it can be used to store books. The books can be split up in different categories. They can be organized by genres, alphabetically, and by size. There are twelve different cubby like shelves. This can be placed horizontally and vertically.

Drawers can be placed in the cubbies to give it an extra edge. The dimensions of this shelf are 44 1/8 x 57 7/8. It comes in both black-brown and white. This product is $89.99, so it is very affordable. It looks amazing in the home, and spruces up every room. This is one of the best bookshelves one could buy. It may not be a bookshelf, but it is worthy of all books, and other things.

14) The HEMNES Bookshelf

The HEMNES Bookshelf

The Hemnes bookshelf is the perfect classic bookshelf. It is tall, sturdy, and beautiful. It is made of real wood. It’s a gorgeous product that looks fantastic in the home. It comes in black-brown, dark gray stained, and white. These colors make colored books standout on the shelf.  Its dimensions are 35 3/8 x 14 5/8 x 77 1/2.

It can hold up to 66 lbs. It is four adjustable shelves and one stationary shelf. This product is simple, but it stands out in the home. It has solid pine elements, too. This product is one of IKEA’s best and is only $149. It easy to assemble, has adjustable shelves, and is so classic, it stands outs.

15) The BILLY OXBERG Bookcase


The Billy Oxberg bookcase is a huge bookshelf with glass doors and plenty of shelves. It is a book lover’s dream because it so so huge, and is great to showcase the books. It has six shelves and three glass doors. It can hold many different books of different sizes. It comes in three different colors: black-brown, brown ash veneer, and white.

This is a new product to IKEA, and one people should look out for. Very few people will have this bookcase, so customers should get it while it is hot. It costs $258 and is best suited for a large living room, or library. It is strong, sturdy, gorgeous, and a bookcase that will stand out among the crowd.

16) BILLY Bookcase

BILLY Bookcase 2

Every Billy bookcase is similar, but also has its own idiosyncrasies. This one is special because of its large shelves. It is separated down the middle with a long divider. Each side has six shelves. This shelf is great for organizing books, and can even be used in libraries.

This is probably one of the best bookshelves for actually organizing books. It is best for those who enter Barnes and Noble “just to browse” and leave with 10 books(spoken from experience). 

It has so much space and can hold up to 66 lbs. this bookshelf is made of natural wood veneer. It’s strong, it looks beautiful in the home. It comes in four colors: birch veneer, black-brown, white, and brown ash veneer. This is a book lover’s dream bookcase, and one everyone should check out.

17) The LIATORP Bookshelf

The LIATORP Bookshelf 2

The Liatorp is one of the biggest, and most expensive bookshelves IKEA has to offer. It has over 20 shelves and has huge dimensions. It is 108 5/8 x 84 1/4. The product has a country vibe with cute designs on the side.

The designs on the side connect to other Liatorp bookcases to make one large shelving unit. There are two fixed shelves, but all the others are adjustable. This product also have glass doors that give it a classier feel.

This product is huge, so it should be handled to care. This bookshelf also has a damper that stops the door from banging loudly. This bookshelf is expensive at $897, but is well worth the cost. It is the bookshelf for some one who has way too many books, or too much of anything.

18) The BESTA Bookshelf

The BESTA Bookshelf

The Besta is a large bookshelf that has two large doors, shelves, and two windows in the center. It is a beautiful big shelf that looks a look like a barn door. It comes in over 20 different colors. Many of the colors come in a high gloss, which gives it a classy finish.

The windows all have white, light effect or a black-brown glass. This product is large with the dimensions 120x42x192 cm. The product has a soft closing or a push open function. The glass doors will stop doors from getting in, but still make the books look beautiful and chic.

This is a great bookcase for storing first edition books because it has a cover, but still showcases the books. The Besta is $450 and is new to IKEA, so everyone who buys it will stand out among friends in family.

19) The BILLY Bookcase

The BILLY Bookcase 4

This IKEA Billy bookcase is a big, strong, sturdy bookshelf that is worthy of everyone’s attention. It may not fit in every space, but as the saying goes, “make it fit.” This is a product for a mansion, or big living room. It has over 25 shelves.

This bookshelf actually could be separated by letters because there are enough shelves to do that. The shelves are adjustable. It is also made of a wood veneer, so it has a homely feel. It may be big, but it still looks cozy. 

This bookshelf is actually perfect for an at home library. This bookcase comes in four colors: birch veneer, black-brown, white and brown ash veneer. This is a pretty new product to IKEA, and is not too expensive for its quality. It is only $446 with many shelves.

20) The HEMNES Bookcase

The HEMNES Bookcase

This bookcase is gorgeous, bright, and brings lots of light to the home. It is made of solid wood, and has a beautiful look to it. It has adjustable feet, so it can be made to fit any floor. This bookcase is classic, and fits every home. Its dimensions are 35 3/8 x 77 1/2. It comes in many colors: white stain/light brown, white stain, dark gray stained, and black-brown.

The two colors gives it a simplistic, yet gorgeous look. The product has one stationary shelf, and the rest are adjustable. It isn’t very expensive. This shelf can be attached to others in the Hemnes unit to make it one large shelving unit. It is one of the best products, and looks amazing in every home.

Choosing the Best IKEA Bookcase

These are just 20 of IKEA’s amazing bookcases. There are bookshelves of all sizes. They can be used to store books, or anything else. A piece of furniture is truly what the customer makes of it.

IKEA has so many products that are and can be made into high-quality, beautiful bookcases. It’s important to take good care of books, and with an IKEA bookcase, anyone can do it.

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