13 Best IKEA ÄPPLARÖ Review 2022


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Named after an Island in Swede, the IKEA ÄPPLARÖ series of furniture is beyond anything that you have ever set your eyes on. ÄPPLARÖ series comprises of garden furniture that you can use easily on the outdoors and have the same comfortable experience with a minimalistic and modern look out of it.

There are tons of options that are being offered under the ÄPPLARÖ series that would live up any garden or outdoor space. Whether you are looking to set a dining experience beneath the bright blue sky or have a relaxing stargazing experience. Whatever your needs might be, you can always find a product that you will not be able to resist from the ÄPPLARÖ series.

13 Best IKEA ÄPPLARÖ Review

1) ÄPPLARÖ Drop-Leaf Table

ÄPPLARÖ Drop-Leaf Table

This one right here can serve as the table for four or the one you can use for keeping your drinks during a sunbath. With a contemporary design and industry-leading finish from IKEA, the table gives out a look that is simply not easy to ignore.

There are two drop leaves at each side of this table that you can fold when not in use, or open them up to make it a table large enough for 8 people to dine.

The table can be used as a garden dining table for 4, 6, or 8 people. This whole would table is remarkable in terms of sturdiness and gives out the authentic and strong wooden feel by looking at it or touching it.

2) ÄPPLARÖ Gateleg Table

ÄPPLARÖ Gateleg Table

ÄPPLARÖ gateleg table is the perfect combination of modernization, innovation, and authenticity. This compact table can be folded easily and hardly covers a space but the utility that this table can provide will surely leave you surprised. 

The table can be used as a coffee table by the wall for two, or you can unfold it to get a dining table enough to seat 4 people comfortable outdoors. From frame to legs and top, everything is made out of organic wood so there are no chances of it getting damaged for years.

This table is the perfect thing to have for your small-sized patio or outdoor gardens. Just unfold the table when you need it, and fold it back to have space utilizable for other purposes again once you are done.

3) ÄPPLARÖ Bench


Who doesn’t like to have a bench in their garden to fill up the empty space and make it more utilizable for outdoor dining or housing their guests for some events? This bench by IKEA is made out of hardwood so you can have the feel of warmth and beauty for your garden.

Combined with matching tables and chairs in the ÄPPLARÖ series, this would make outstanding outdoor dining set for your garden.

From design to finish and workmanship, everything about this bench is simply fantastic and you can feel the sturdiness by the texture itself. This bench gives out a solid feel and 3 people can be seated on it comfortably.

4) ÄPPLARÖ Reclining Chair

ÄPPLARÖ Reclining Chair

Most people find themselves in a fix while looking for outdoor furniture options, but IKEA is solving the problem for you. With this chair available in a brown and stained brown finish, you can have the best chairs for your outdoor sitting experience. You can couple it with other IKEA ÄPPLARÖ series items to have the best furnishing for your garden.

Made out of hardwood, this reclining chair can be folded easily to save you storage space and increase the efficiency of this product.

Not only that, but you can set this chair to 5 different positions so you can eat, relax or enjoy them both. This chair would add the right value to your outdoor furniture experience and you must consider it if you are looking to get the right comfort, durability, and save on some storage space as well.

5) ÄPPLARÖ Storage Bench 31 1/2 x 16 1/8”

ÄPPLARÖ Storage Bench 31 1 2 x 16 1 8”

The whole ÄPPLARÖ series is about bringing you convenience, comfort, and make the most of your outdoor space you get. Adding value to that, this storage bench helps you put your storage space at the balcony or backyard to its full use. The bench comes with a loose lid that can be slid to store some cushions or anything that you want inside it.

Moreover, you can sit on this bench as well and enjoy some fresh air out of your balcony. The bench can also be used as a low table if you like it that way. In addition to all the utility, this bench adds to your life, you can be assured that this bench will last you for years and still look like new, thanks to the finish by IKEA.

6) ÄPPLARÖ Chaise


Metal furniture is no good out in the sunlight or by the pool as it can get hot or worst get rusty over time. With this chaise by IKEA, you get the perfect combination of utility, minimalism, and comfort.

You can fold it down completely to lay and get yourself tanned or recline it into 5 positions to suit your self. You can relax, read, watch the surroundings, or whatever you like. The best thing is, it is not going anywhere for years.

Hardwood is used like all the other ÄPPLARÖ series products to add warmth and beauty to it. Two wheels on the side make it easy for you to carry it around without having any issues or hassle at all. This chaise would be perfect for you to have if you are looking for some poolside furniture.

7) ÄPPLARÖ Stool


When you think you have seen all there is about the IKEA ÄPPLARÖ series, you can get surprised again. They have thought about everything that you can need about outside furniture and this stool right here is the perfect example of that. It comes preassembled for your convenience and comfort and does not require any maintenance. The stool can be folded easily to ensure it doesn’t take much of your space while storage.

It can serve you as a low table to put your books, magazines, drinks or you can use it as an extra seat for a gathering or family dinner. Made with solid hardwood, you get the best durability you can expect, and it goes perfectly with other items in the ÄPPLARÖ series.

8) ÄPPLARÖ Bench with Backrest

ÄPPLARÖ Bench with Backrest

IKEA understands that a bench is right to sit for dinner or some time, but it is not possible to sit at a simple bench for a long time. That is why you get this bench with backrest and armrests so you can sit outdoors comfortably for hours and enjoy the view with your loved ones. The bench can seat 2 adults easily and can be placed outside in the backyard, patio, or garden to have the minimalistic look and added comfort.

This bench goes great with other IKEA ÄPPLARÖ furnishing so you can also use it with the dining table or on its own according to your convenience and requirements. The finish and build quality are as good as it can get so you won't have to worry about maintenance much or having it replaced for years.

9) ÄPPLARÖ Storage Bench 50 3/8 x 22 1/2”

ÄPPLARÖ Storage Bench 50 3 8 x 22 1 2”

This is the same as other storage bench but a bit longer, so you can have additional space. The bench will help you to free up the storage space on your terrace, patio, or even in your garden. You can store your cushions, poolside accessories, towels, and a whole lot of accessories in there. It can also be used for sitting and serve the purpose of an outdoor bench efficiently for you.

There are casters at one end so you would not have to worry about moving it around the place. You just have to lift up from the other end and move it around without damaging your floor or grass. The best thing is that it goes with other ÄPPLARÖ products well and you can add it to your collection if you are looking to have ÄPPLARÖ furniture around.

10) ÄPPLARÖ Armchair

ÄPPLARÖ Armchair

Armchairs are the most important part of any outdoor furniture. You get added comfort with these curved back and armrests on the chair to lean your arms on. The curved back ensures a comfortable posture for you so you can enjoy long dining sessions or conversation outdoor and don't get tired.

You can add a cushion that fits perfectly as well and the outdoor dining experience would never be the same for you. The chair is perfect for sitting upright just watching the kids play, read a book, or join your friends and family to an outdoor dining table from the IKEA ÄPPLARÖ series.

11) ÄPPLARÖ Wall Panel

ÄPPLARÖ Wall Panel

This wall panel just doesn’t add looks to your wall but can serve any purpose that you might have planned for it. From serving as a support for your vertical garden to having your things hanged on it using the 6 hooks that come with it, you can do whatever you like with this panel.

Best suited for outdoors, this goes perfectly well with other ÄPPLARÖ series furniture and will add the right touch of contemporary styling to your balcony or garden. You can use this beside your outdoor dining table to hang your cutlery, use it to keep the gardening tools handy, or whatnot. The utilities with this wall panel are simply limitless.

12) ÄPPLARÖ Table & Stool Section

ÄPPLARÖ Table & Stool Section

If you are looking to have a multipurpose arrangement that you can use for whatever you like, then this table/stool section is the perfect choice for you to get your hands on. This sectional sofa can be designed any way that you like and the designers have left it upon your creativity to play with it.

One thing is for sure that you can use it for having cold drinks with friends, lay on it, sit for long hours without getting tired, and whatnot. The sofa is designed from sustainably sourced acacia so you can be sure that it is going to last you for years without even looking old. A wet wipe on it and it will continue to keep new as from day one.

13) ÄPPLARÖ Table + 2 Benches

ÄPPLARÖ Table + 2 Benches

This is a whole set fit for dining, a round of drinks, or gossiping with friends and family outdoors. You get a table that can be extended as well so you can easily seat 6 people around it. Comes with two benches that are one with a curved back to add comfort to your sitting posture.

This one is the perfect thing to have if you get lots of guests and want to make the most out of your time outdoors. Needless to say, that it is made out of sustainably sourced acacia to add durability, comfort, and looks to the whole set. You can also get cushions for it and get some added comfort for extended dinner parties.

Choosing The Best IKEA ÄPPLARÖ

IKEA is one of the best furnishing brands around the world. With their ÄPPLARÖ series, you get a whole range of choices for your outdoor furniture. They have designed the series, keeping every possible utility in focus so no matter what size of your space is or what your requirements might be, you can always find the best furniture for outdoor sitting among the ÄPPLARÖ series.

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