Are IKEA Toys Non-toxic?

Are IKEA Toys Non-toxic?
Are IKEA Toys Non-toxic?

Are IKEA Toys Non-toxic?

There is nothing like buying a child a toy only to have it be recalled due to some safety problem. This is a big issue with some toys, particularly those made in China. Cadmium and other heavy metals can cause serious problems for young and old.

As twenty-two percent of the products IKEA sells are made in China, it does beg the question. Are their toys nontoxic? The simple answer is yes. However, most parents would like a little more information to reassure them on this issue.

IKEA has a group of policies called IWAY. It is testing of products, especially those for children, is spelled out in those policies. All toys must pass rigorous testing before they are offered for sale and possible toxins are a part of that testing.

There is a great deal more to the toys offered by IKEA. Children’s minds can absorb a lot of information. IKEA is aware of this and some of its toy lines show it. As an example, they have a set of stuffed animals that show species of the world. Each species depicted is endangered.

IKEA is keenly aware of environmental issues and IWAY plays a role in how it approaches the topic. These stuffed animals are filled with soft polyester… from recycled plastic. The reviews about these stuffed animals all speak of how soft they are and how much their children love them.

IKEA makes a lot of products for children. They have one of the best play kitchen sets on the market. Rather than plastic pans that look and feel like toys, they offer metal pans that look similar to what mom and/or dad use in the real kitchen.

Children often need a few other things that IKEA markets. Most people prefer to eat off of ceramic plates and bowls, but they are heavy and breakable. IKEA makes plastic dishes designed just for children. For those just learning to use utensils, they even have a little lip to make spills less likely and eating easier.

Adult silverware is heavy and awkward for children. Having knives, forks and spoons that are just their size make eating a lot easier and a lot less messy. These dishes and silverware are heavily tested as any IKEA toy.

Going back to the toys, many children love to play with dolls. IKEA’s doll beds actually come with linens; something many stores don’t sell for children. They carry a fifty-piece wooden track set that would delight any boy or girl.

Lest people think all of the toys are just toys, IKEA sells books. Both picture books and activity books for children, along with a variety of “toy” tools such as an abacus are available. Many of the toys are aimed at stimulating the minds of the children who play with them.

These toys even include a circus tent. Many hours of fun can be had using this tent, pretending to have a circus or using it for other pretend events.


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  1. The shower systems with thermostatic valves are made with Brass. Brass often contains lead. These two items are not marked “lead free” like some of the Ikea kitchen and bath faucets are. I asked customer service and they stated that their products don’t have lead. This begs the question however because brass usually contains lead and they are legally allowed to have 8% lead in bath/shower faucets AND these products are not marked lead free. Can you help?

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