IKEA NUTID Microwave Review

IKEA NUTID Microwave

IKEA NUTID Microwave Review

IKEA NUTID Microwave Review

Microwave ovens have changed how we think about warming up our food. Before microwave ovens, we always had to worry about our food getting cold. You cannot always warm up your food on a stove because sometimes it will burn the food as it is already cooked. Microwave ovens primarily do not cook the food but they just warm up the contents of the food so it becomes just like freshly cooked. When microwave ovens first hit the market, they took it by a storm. Suddenly, people did not have to worry about their food getting cold anymore, or what they will do if their food is delivered late.

To understand in simple words, microwave ovens use a specific frequency of microwaves that warm up the water contents of the food in the oven. As every type of food has at least some water content in it, the microwaves heat them and as a result, the entire food is heated by vibrations of water molecules. This scientific invention is now in place at almost every household and kitchen and especially for people who do not have access to a stove.

It has a range of uses and pros. You can use a microwave oven in an office, you can use it while living in an apartment where you don’t have a stove, you can use it to heat a glass of milk or water quickly. You can use it to heat dinner from the previous day. In short, anything that you put in the fridge to ave you can use a microwave oven to heat again and eat it. The most important of all, if your pizza gets cold, you can use the microwave oven to heat that and enjoy it like it’s fresh!

IKEA NUTID Microwave Review

IKEA NUTID Microwave
IKEA NUTID Microwave
IKEA NUTID Microwave

Talking about the IKEA NUTID Microwave Oven, it comes with a limited time warranty of 5 years. If within that time any type of technical problem occurs with the microwave, you can get it replaced or fixed from the company.

The thing about this specific product is that it has preset timings made for specific food items. This intelligent feature enables the user to leave it entirely to the microwave oven to heat the food based on what type of food it is. This is one of the best features of this IKEA NUTID microwave because when you have this feature, you do not have to worry about how much time you have to warm up a portion of food for it to be effectively heated and to the core.

Another important feature of IKEA NUTID microwave is the ability to defrost. It is not feasible in some cases to take food out of the freezer and immediately put it on the stove to start cooking it. This is where the defrost feature comes in. When you heat a food item using the defrost mode, it heats it to a point where it is easier to cook it on a stove than it would have been without using the defrost mode. So, a microwave oven can be used as a combination with a stove to make effective use of your cooking skills.

Adapting to this, there came products such as microwave popcorn and precooked food items that only need to be heated up in the microwave oven for 2-3 minutes and they’re ready to be eaten. This proved to be a huge hit because it was so convenient. IKEA NUTID microwave is specified in the market to make more use of microwave ovens. You want to have a quick munch of popcorn with your favorite movie but you don’t want to go out, no need to worry, just grab those ready to heat popcorn and put them in the oven for just 2 minutes and you have with you a great munching experience.

IKEA NUTID microwaves are also in varying sizes. They can be installed in cabinets, placed on shelves, or even carried easily with you if you’re traveling. They require electricity to function but that’s also not a very huge amount. The microwave oven has a lining of stainless steel that keeps the waves from escaping the oven because they can prove to be fatal as well. The electronic timer makes things better because that way you can keep an exact track of time.

IKEA NUTID microwave is a very good choice because of all the features it provides. It has a steel gauze from which you can see your food being heated as well. It has a very easy to use interface and have preset already present for a specific type of food that people use to heat in the oven more often.

The best thing about it is the shape and size. It is such that is not too bulky but not too small as well. You can easily get it fixed in your cabinet settings and it will just fit in the ambiance of the kitchen. It will prove to be a wonderful addition to your kitchen as it has plenty of uses and if you already have one, it is going to be a better replacement because of how smart it is in adjusting the temperature with time so the food does not get overheated in any case.

Further, IKEA NUTID microwave gives your kitchen a very classy look which is similar to having a baking oven. Although a microwave oven cannot do the same job as a baking oven, it can do many jobs of a stove and even better because it saves the food from being burned as well. It can help you make a quick cup of coffee and heat a glass of milk without ever worrying about washing the dishes because it provides you with the convenience of heating your food in a mug as well as a plate.

Plus, it has a try as well that rotates so that all parts of the food receive equal exposure and no part if left unheated in any case. The IKEA NUTID microwave is the best choice for your kitchen!

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2 thoughts on “IKEA NUTID Microwave Review”

  1. From Spring 2019, I have a NUTID Microwave Oven (item #40345632 = $699) from IKEA (installed over an Ikea Oven).
    Just recently – the entire Menu line called ” Meal Prep” – with separate circles to Press for Reheat / Cook / Defrost – Does not work.

    Everything else seems to work as usual – but NONE of those buttons do anything. Obviously – the most missed is Defrost….which I use often.
    Any suggestions how to FIX this so these buttons work again ? I tried just turning the Fuse Off & On…..that did not fix problem. The plug into electrical outlet is very hard to get to (behind a wall).

  2. I had the exact same thing happen to our microwave. It started intermittently, work not work, finally gave out totally. I have a the five year warranty and as service tech came out and replaced the panel. He told me it was common. Not sure that helps.

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