IKEA MUREN Recliner Review


IKEA MUREN Recliner Review

IKEA MUREN Recliner Review

This world is a process that never stops and keeps on changing. This change brings innovation, and the innovation fetches ease and comfort. It is the 21st century, and this technologically advanced age provided us with various luxuries that we have now become habitual of.

It is always good to sit and relax on a couch after working for a long day. But, in today's world, who will prefer a regular couch when you can get a recliner. Recliners are supposed to be the best alteration that sofas have ever been through. Sitting on a recliner not only provides you comfort but also helps you revive your lost energy.

Recliners in today's world have become the need to the market. Today, everyone wants to have at least one recliner at their home. They are small, comfortable, and, most importantly, they add class to your life. But, when you have so many choices available, it is hard to choose the best out of the rest.

For you to choose the best recliner with no difficulties, we have brought you this article that will allow you to know about one of the best recliners available in the market. After getting through this article, you will be able to choose the perfect recliner for your home.

IKEA MUREN Recliner Review


Product Analysis

If you have chosen to get an IKEA product then the thing that you do not need to worry about is the quality and comfort of that specified product. IKEA is one of those rare brands that always bring the best quality product for their customers. The IKEA MUREN recliner is the living example of the quality that IKEA provides.

The IKEA MURAN recliner is one of its kind that will allow you to enjoy a pleasant sitting experience. This particular recliner costs around $269. This recliner comes up with three adjustable positions that help you to sit according to your need.

The IKEA MURAN recliner is designed to provide you extra comfort and a relaxed feeling while sitting or lying over it. This recliner has got more or less everything that you need for a luxurious sitting experience.

A Glance at the Exterior

The IKEA MUREN recliner is colored in grey. This recliner is manufacture while using 100% polyester. The fabric of this recliner is moisture resistant that allows you to sit for an extended period without difficulties. The best thing about the recliner is that it has a removable upper cover that you can wash if it gets dirty. The cover is abrasion resistant, and it can handle 50,000 cycles, which is way more than traditional furniture.


IKEA MUREN recliner is designed to provide you with maximum luxury and comfort. IKEA has never compromised on the comfort of its customers. This recliner has a high neck that provides a relaxing feeling and support to your neck. Along with it, the polyester wadding at the back of the recliner relaxes your body. The best thing about the recliner is that it helps you relax your back, which is essential for your sound health.

Furthermore, the recliner has a built-in footstool that helps your feet to relax while lying comfortably. The footstool of this recliner folds out when you lean backward. If you talk about comfort and luxury, then this recliner is something you must bet on.

Body of the Recliner

The frame of this recliner is made up of fiberboard, plywood, and solid wood that add extra strength to the recliner. Along with it, the recliner has steel, epoxy powder coating brackets that increase the recliner's life. IKEA has used solid birch and clear acrylic lacquer in the legs of the recliner.

The armrest, the seat, and the foot section of the recliner have polyester wadding and Polyurethane foam as their main elements. The frame of this recliner is designed to carry heavyweight without compromising its comfort levels.


The IKEA MUREN recliner comes up with a removable cover that you can easily wash whenever required. But, you cannot tumble dry or bleach the cover. The cover needs high iron after washing. You can also dry clean it if needed.

Unlike the cover of the recliner, you are not allowed to wash the frame of it. Doing so can harm the brackets and other sensitive parts of the recliner. You can only clean it carefully with upholstery shampoo. The main body of the recliner is not supposed to be dry cleaned, iron, or bleached.

Size of the Recliner

The IKEA recliner is a one sitter medium-sized couch. The Width of this recliner is 35 ½ inches, the height of this recliner is 33 ½ inches, its length is around 38 ½ inches, and, the recliner weighs approximately 93 lb 4 oz.

This recliner is something not too big and not too short to get. It is perfect in size that can easily fit anywhere you want it to be.


Assembling this recliner is not so hard. The recliner arrives at your doorstep, almost assembled. Even though the recliner does not need complete assembling, IKEA provides you with a short assembling guide that you will need to study to assemble some of its small parts. This small assembling guide will allow you to assemble the recliner perfectly.


Buying a recliner can be hard for many people, but if you are reading the conclusion of this article, you do not fall into the list of those people. In this article, you will find every detail that a person needs to know before going to get the perfect recliner.

The IKEA MUREN recliner is one of the best possible comfort machines that you can bring your home at such a reasonable price. The article will assist you in getting in-depth knowledge about the IKEA MUREN recliner. If you still have some questions in your mind, then do let us know in our comment section. We will love to resolve your concern in the best possible way.

2 thoughts on “IKEA MUREN Recliner Review”

  1. I have just last week bought the IKEA MUREN Recliner. The most comfortable sitting room chair I have ever had. I’m able to fall asleep, in the straight position and slightly reclined as well. That is a compliment. Now a potential problem: when I recline to the middle position or further, the right front leg of the MURA lifts up from the floor. This seems not how it should be, an I warping the MURA? Or did I make a mistake assembling it? Before I look further, and possibly do more damage, would love your advice. Thank You!

  2. I Bought the IKEA MUREN Recliner 2 months ago, after few days my daughter spills Some water on this, and it leaves water strains. when I try to cleans it become more mess. now it looks so weird.
    When I emailed the situation to Ikea, they are not ready to take the product back. but they are also claiming that fabric is washable, but actually, I Wouldnt see any removable fabric to wash. I am very much unhappy with this Muren Recliner. Think twice if your buying one.

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