The world is evolving rapidly, and in this busy world, everyone wants to get at least a few moments of peace. For these moments of peace, people use to furnish their homes and offices. Whether you are at the office or home, a comfortable sofa can help you relax and remove your hectic day's stress.

In this modern age, sofas have become part of our everyday life. Sitting on a comfortable couch can help you to reduce stress while having a relaxing feeling. A good sofa set will help you to make your home and offices look better.

But, sometimes, it gets tough to select a sofa for your home or office use. You can get confused, or possibly, you may choose the wrong sofa set that will ruin your sitting experience. Keeping everything in mind, we have brought and reviewed one of the best selling sofas of IKEA.



The IKEA KARLSTAD sofa is something that everyone must need to have at their home or working place. This sofa is designed to provide you ultimate comfort along with a decent look. If you want to get the best sofa from the market, then stick to this article till the end.

Product Description

IKEA KARLSTAD sofa is a relatively decent sofa that adds more class to your living standards. IKEA always brings new ideas for providing its customers with unique and stylish furniture. This sofa is a living example of what IKEA can provide you in a decent budget. This beauty of IKEA will cost you $399, a very decent price tag for such a comfortable and reliable sofa.

The best thing about this sofa is, you can easily return or replace it. The IKEA KARLSTAD will let you enjoy a peaceful experience with your family and friends. Moreover, this sofa has a ten-year limited warranty that can be availed anytime within ten years of the purchase of this sofa (terms and conditions applies).

The Exterior of IKEA KARLSTAD

Like other IKEA products, this sofa is also very uniquely designed that fits perfectly in your home and office environment. This sofa is wrapped up in grey colored cover that makes it look like a decent and vintage style sofa. It is made by using 100% polyester fabric, which is excellent for moisture-wicking. The sofa is designed like an old styled sofa, which is so eye captivating that you cannot resist loving it.

Comfort and Cushioning

The very first thing that someone notices while buying a sofa is the comfort that it will provide. No matter how better your sofa looks, if it can't guarantee comfort, it is useless to spend money on it. When we talk about comfort, IKEA products stands second to none. IKEA has always provided its customers with the best quality furniture that guarantees ultimate comfort. This sofa is one of the best IKEA products that you can get for premium quality comfort. It uses hollow fiber polyester wadding and high-resilience polyurethane foam for cushioning.

Main Body

Along with the comfort quality of a sofa, the second important thing is reliability. A sofa is something that you do not buy every day. So, it is crucial to spend your money on a reliable sofa for long term use.

This sofa's main body is made up of solid hardwood, fiberboard, plywood, and particleboard. It has a steel bracket with epoxy powder coating. IKEA has used solid birch for the legs of this sofa. The frame of this sofa provides extra strength to the whole body and increases its reliability.

Cleaning and Care

If you want to increase your sofa's life, then you need to put some extra effort into its care. The sofa is a sensitive type of furniture, and if not cared well, it will not provide better comfort. The IKEA KARLSTAD sofa has a removable cover that can be washed when needed. You can also change the cover if required.

The cover of this sofa needs to be washed at normal speed; you can't bleach or tumble dry it. Along with it, the cover needs to be ironed at medium temperature for its long life. The cover of this sofa is not suitable for dry cleaning. To keep your sofa safe, keep it away from water, and if you want to clean it, then use a partly wet sponge.


This IKEA sofa comes up with different packages and sizes. The most preferred size of this sofa has a width of 21 ¼ inches, its height reaches 10 ¼ inches, its length is about 36 ¼ inches, and it weighs around 30 lb 14 oz. This IKEA product is also available in two other sizes and packages.


Assembling can be a hard nut to crack for many people. Most people have no idea how to assemble a sofa. If you are also struggling to assemble your sofa, then you better read the assembling guide before assembling your new sofa.

IKEA always provides a detailed assembling guide with all its products. The guide is easy to understand, and if you have a little knowledge, you can quickly assemble any IKEA product. The IKEA KARLSTAD is a very easy product to assemble. This beautiful sofa is mostly assembled when it is delivered to your home.

You need to give a brief read to the IKEA assembling guide, and you will become an expert in assembling sofas.


Most people love to have sofas that provide premium comfort with reliability in a decent budget. Keeping this in mind, the IKEA KARLSTAD is the perfect sofa for you to get. This article has mentioned more or less every single detail about this sofa. Whether it is cushioning or the structure of the frame, you will know about every aspect of IKEA KARLSTAD in this article.

Going through this article will resolve all of your concerns about getting a good sofa. But, if there remains something that is bothering you about this product, then do let us know in the comment section. We will give our best to solve your issues.

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