IKEA JOKKMOKK Dining Sets Review


IKEA JOKKMOKK Dining Sets Review

IKEA JOKKMOKK Dining Sets Review

Finding a good dining table is still a dream of many. Most of the time, you cannot get a good table, and sometimes it is hard to find chairs that complement your dining table. It'll be cherry on the top if you find a complete dining set.

Getting a perfect dining set is not as hard as it looks. You need to visit the IKEA website, and there you go to get one of the best dining set. In this article, we will review the IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets. It will assist you in choosing a good dining set for your home.

IKEA JOKKMOKK Dining Sets Review

  1. Product Description

IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets are a perfect bargain if you are looking for a small dining set. The dining set can serve four people at a time and is ideal for small families. IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets are made up of pure wood and come up with a price tag of $129. It is a beautiful dining set with a classy look and texture of wood.

In this dining set, you will get a medium-sized table and four chairs of the same quality. The dining set adds more beauty to your home as its well-designed, perfectly crafted, and portrays your standards' right image.

IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets give your dining hall a traditional look. Along with it, the wood and acrylic lacquer is so durable that you can use it for years without even having a complaint regarding its quality.

Getting this product will be complete satisfaction, and if you still feel unsatisfied after bringing IKEA JOKKMOKK dining set, then IKEA enables you to replace it with no question asked.

  1. Exterior of the Dining Set

IKEA is one of the best manufacturers of wooden furniture. It has been providing its customer with quality products with unique designs. IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets are not only durable, but it also comes up with a finely designed exterior that sprays a traditional fragrance to your dining hall.

IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets' exterior is designed and manufactured so that it is resistant to oil, food stain, heat, and bumps. It makes this product one of the most loved dining set of IKEA.

  1. Material of IKEA JOKKMOKK

IKEA has created its name after serving for decades, and to maintain this name IKEA never uses low-quality material for manufacturing its products. For manufacturing the IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets, IKEA has used pure pine wood, stain, and clear acrylic lacquer.

Pinewood increases the durability of the dining set, and acrylic lacquer provides it with finishing. Moreover, as soon as the IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets get old, pinewood changes its color, and the table becomes deeper than ever. This change provides an antique look to your dining set.

  1. Design

Like its traditional appearance, the IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets are also designed in an entirely traditional way. The dining set has no curves or extra crafting over it. It is manufactured decently with delicate edges, yet it is so eye captivating that you cannot resist watching it.

  1. Maintenance

Wooden furniture may look attractive and eye captivating, but it is one of those materials that, if you do not care about it, it will not last long. So, if you want your IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets to last long, then you need to put some extra efforts into maintaining it.

  1. Cleaning of the Dining Set

If you use your dining table for an everyday meal, then it is inevitable that you need to clean it regularly. But, there may be some issues while cleaning a wooden dining set. Some wooden furniture is not so good that even a damp cloth can ruin their look.

But, when you are using the IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets, then you can easily clean it while using a damp cloth and a cleaner. After it, wipe it with a dry cloth to remove moisture from the dining set.

  1. Product Size

The essential thing is to check your dining set's size before putting your money on it. The IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets have a table length of 46 1/2 inches, the table width is 29 1/8 inches, and the height of the table is 29 1/8 inches. Coming towards the chairs, the seat width is 16 1/8 inches, their depth is 16 1/8 inches, and their height is 17 3/8 inches.

  1. Environment and Sustainability

Like other IKEA products, the IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets are also made up of 100% renewable material. IKEA never uses illegal wood to manufacture its products and must get all its wood from sustainable sources. So, buying this dining set will not only allow you to dine with ease, but it will also help to sustain the ecology.

  1. Packaging

The IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets to come up in a single package with a width of 30 ¼ inches, its height is around 7 inches, the length of the box is about 48 ¼ inches, and the weight is approximately 71 lb 10 oz.

  1. Assembling

After the package is at your home, the first thing that you need to do is to open the package and start assembling the IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets. You need to fix screws at the right place in the table, and all of the four chairs and your dining set are ready to host you for dinner. But, keep in mind to place all the screws at the right place while reading the manual guide provided by IKEA.


Here we are at the part when you have learned everything about the IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets. In the article, you will find some of the minor things about the dining set. We have included every possible aspect that you need to know before getting your perfect dining set. If you have been thorough the article keenly, then you better know that how good the IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets can be for your everyday dining experiences. If you have any questions regarding the IKEA JOKKMOKK dining sets, let us know in the comment section.

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