9 Hacks For IKEA BESTA Not Deep Enough

IKEA BESTA Not Deep Enough
IKEA BESTA Not Deep Enough

Like most people, you have an IKEA BESTA system in your home. They are great value and can be customized to fit your needs. However, some people have reported that the units are not deep enough. If this is the case for you, don’t worry! We have some troubleshooting tips and suggestions for ways to fix the problem. Keep reading for more information.

Fixing IKEA BESTA Not Deep Enough

  1. Add More Shelves

One way to fix the problem is to add more shelves. This will give you more storage space and make accessing stored items on the lower shelves easier. Another option is to utilize baskets or bins to keep things. This can help free up space and make finding what you’re looking for easier.

  1. Organize your Stuff To Make More Space

It is always helpful to organize your stuff. This will help you make more space and find things more easily. An easy way to organize stuff is to use storage containers. You can also label items, so you know where they go.

  1. Use the Wall Space

Use the wall space to create more storage space. You can hang shelves or put hooks on the wall to store items. This is a great option to use space and free up space in your BESTA unit.

  1. Time To Declutter

If there’s still trouble fitting everything into your BESTA unit, it might be time to declutter. Look at your stuff and see if there is anything that you can get rid of. This will help you free up space and make it easier to find what you need.

  1. Get IKEA Bins for Additional Stuff

You might want to consider getting IKEA bins if you have a lot of stuff. These are great for storing additional items, and you can place them on the floor or shelves. A few alternatives you could use to increase storage space include using a coffee table with storage, an ottoman with storage, or a TV stand with storage.

  1. Get A Replacement

If you weren’t aware of the depth of the IKEA BESTA, consider getting a replacement that will fit all your stuff. You could also look into other IKEA furniture that will better suit your needs, such as the IKEA HEMNES or the IKEA LACK.

  1. Check The Back

If your unit isn’t deep enough, check to see if anything is blocking the back. Sometimes there’s a plastic piece you’ll have to remove for the unit to flush against the wall.

These are just a few troubleshooting tips and suggestions for ways to fix an IKEA BESTA that is not deep enough.

  1. Assemble it Without the Back Part

If you still find your IKEA BESTA not deep enough, try assembling it without the back part. This will give you extra space and might be all you need.

  1. Use Command Hooks 

If you’re tight on space, try using command hooks. These help to hang things on the wall or the back of doors. This is a great way to free up space and make accessing items stored on the lower shelves easier.

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