4 Best IKEA MICKE Desk Review 2022


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It doesn’t matter if you are setting up space in the workplace or the home office; choosing the right desk is the real necessity. While choosing the desk, one has to be mindful of the size, space, material, appearance, and aesthetics.

Well, that’s a lot of things to ponder about. In the same way, if you have been researching about the high-end tables, we have added the 4 best IKEA MICKE desk review in this article. All of them are the epitome of appealing outlook and durability, so let’s dig in!

4 Best IKEA MICKE Desk Review

1) MICKE White Desk 41 3/8x19 5/8"

MICKE White Desk 41 3 8x19 5 8

Rather than going overboard with the size, it is better that you choose the simple desks that ramp up space while looking all clean. So, this MICKE desk by IKEA is available in black and white colors so that you can find the desk that suits your desire. On the other hand, if you want to add additional space and storage, you can buy more furniture pieces from the MICKE series.

The best thing about this IKEA MICKE desk in the unique design that keeps all the cables out of the way, hence the clutter-free work station. There is a slot in the back from where all cables can be run. As for the storage units, they can be attached to either left or right side. Even more, there are air ventilates that keeps your laptop and computer cool, given ample air circulation.

2) MICKE Black-Brown Desk 28 3/4x19 5/8"

MICKE Black-Brown Desk 28 3 4x19 5 8

Choosing the desk for your workspace might sound simple, but it’s an intricate decision to make. So, to help you out, IKEA has come up with this MICKE desk that’s available in black-brown and white color. These color options help you choose the desk that strikes with your interior and theme. As for the outlook, this desk portrays a very simple yet clean outlook that is perfect for modern as well as traditional spaces.

We are absolutely in awe of the unique design at the back through which you can keep the cables at bay. For people who are confused about the storage unit, it can be attached to the right as well as the left side. As for the back, it is finished, which makes it easy to use the desk anywhere you like. The entire table has an acrylic paint finishing and plastic edging which promises a smooth texture.

3) MICKE White Desk 55 7/8x19 5/8"

MICKE White Desk 55 7 8x19 5 8

The monochrome colors are the best options for everyone because they can clearly strike with modern homes. That’s the prime reason that we are talking about this MICKE desk by IKEA because it’s available in black and white color options. The overall outlook of this desk is pretty clean and simple that doesn’t compromise on the sophistication of your place. Also, you can create a clutter-free workstation since all the cables can be put in the back.

The desk is actually an apt choice for two people because it has a long table design. The legs can be attached on either side, whatever suits your needs. On top of everything, the desk has a finished back so that you can put the desk wherever you need it. However, you will need to keep the desk away from water and use it only for domestic purposes.

4) MICKE Black-Brown Desk 41 3/8x19 5/8"

MICKE Black-Brown Desk 41 3 8x19 5 8

For everyone who has been looking for the dark-hued desk to complete their workspace, IKEA has got you covered with this one. There are proper shelves in this MICKE desk which can be adjusted according to your taste. Even more, there is extra storage on the top, which can be used to keep the books or the CD collection.

As for the side panels, they work as bookends, and everything will remain intact at their position. There are air ventilations all around the desk, so you can work long hours without feeling the heat. As for the drawers, they are integrated with drawer stops, so there is no accidental pulling out the drawer. All in all, with the plastic edging and acrylic paint coats, the desk promises a smooth texture.

Choosing The Best IKEA MICKE Desks

Understandably, desks are essential for every home and office. However, one needs to be vigilant about the space because a huge desk might overwhelm the room. So, if you have limited space but need a desk as well, the IKEA MICKE desks in this article are the perfect choices for everyone. We are pretty sure that you will find something that strikes with your taste!

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