3 Best IKEA HÄGGEBY Review 2022


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When it comes to home furniture and interior range, there is hardly any company that comes close to IKEA in terms of variety and quality of products. IKEA has several different options when it comes to kitchen series. HÄGGEBY kitchen series is one of their most popular ones. This series provides excellent design and quality at an affordable price.

IKEA HÄGGEBY series is a perfect option if you are looking for a bright and modern kitchen. According to IKEA itself, the series is well complemented with FÖRBÄTTRA cover panels, decorative strips, and toe kicks in white. Here is a review of the 3 best IKEA HÄGGEBY products.

3 Best IKEA HÄGGEBY Review



IKEA HÄGGEBY is one of the simplest yet one of the most stylish and modern doors. The entirely white door is available in different sizes. It creates clean straight lines and gives a modern feel to the kitchen. The melamine used in the door is very durable. It is resistant to staining and moisture which is a must for kitchen doors.

Also, it is resistant to scratching and impacts. Another big plus of the HÄGGEBY door is that it is very easy to clean. You can use the IKEA UTURSTA 110° hinge to complete the door. IKEA HÄGGEBY doors are known for their superior quality, easy installation, and low price.

2) HÄGGEBY Drawer Front

HÄGGEBY Drawer Front

Just like cabinet doors, drawer fronts also play a key role in the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. IKEA HÄGGEBY drawer front has a white color and creates clean straight lines. It gives a modern and bright feel to the kitchen. Like other items in the HÄGGEBY series, this drawer front has also been designed for durability. So, you can pretty much install it and forget about it for years to come.

Easy installation, easy cleaning, and a low price make it one of the best options. You can use it with knobs or handles. The clean white color allows you to either use matching knobs or handles, or go for the contrast of grey or black.

3) HÄGGEBY 2P Door/ Corner Base Cabinet Set

HÄGGEBY 2P Door Corner Base Cabinet Set

Made with the same durable and moisture resistant melamine as HÄGGEBY doors and drawer fronts, the 2p corner base cabinet set is another long-lasting item in the HÄGGEBY series. It gives nice finishing to the kitchen and complements the other items in the series.

According to IKEA, it must be completed with UTRUSTA 153° hinge with a built-in damper for the kitchen. You can choose the doorknobs or handles according to your preferred color combination and styling. Although the base cabinet set is best suited for use with other items in the IKEA HÄGGEBY series, you can use it to provide contrast with a different color combination.

Choosing The Best IKEA HÄGGEBY

IKEA HÄGGEBY is the perfect solution for anyone looking to build a nice kitchen with modern and sleek aesthetics. The price range of the IKEA HÄGGEBY series is quite affordable. It will not make your kitchen fancy or give it a royal look.

Still, despite its low price, it will give a premium look. IKEA HÄGGEBY series can be used in combination with other kitchen series as well. The fact that the HÄGGEBY series is designed to be a durable solution makes it a perfect choice for the homeowners. With 25-year limited warranty, the homeowners can be sure of the top-notch quality of IKEA.

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  1. Just 2 years after my Haggeby kitchen cabinets, doors and drawers were installed I noticed chips and paint flaking from drawers and doors. No wonder IKEA has discontinued Haggeby products when I tried to buy replacements. I wished I had the forethought to spray gloss varnish over the complete kitchen after installation and am now trying to do damage control with sandpaper, putty and spray paint.

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