2 Best IKEA Drill Review 2022

Best IKEA Drill

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Best IKEA Drill

For everyone working in the production or automotive industry, they would know about the importance of fills. There is a wide variety of drills available, electric, manual, and cordless. But the cordless drills are best since they offer a fine combination of maneuverability and ease. So, thanks to IKEA, we have managed to outline the best dills out there. If you are interested in buying a new drill, we have added the 2 best IKEA drill review in this article. So, let’s make those holes!

2 Best IKEA Drill Review

1) FIXA (7.2V)

FIXA (7.2V)

IKEA is the master of all trades, and they have proven it with this lithium-ion drill. The FIXA series is all about the equipment and tools needed to get done with your work. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is a DIY drill starter kit for your home projects when you have to drills holes for those bookshelves. Thee drill is integrated with around 15 torque settings and the adjustability that empowers you to complete diverse functions.

Integrated with the lithium-ion battery, the IKEA drill has a low self-discharging rate, which promises a long battery life. There will be ultimate protection from overheating and overloading, given the integration of ECP. The best thing about this drill is the easy-to-grip handle constructed from synthetic rubber. Before you use the IKEA drill for the first time, it is suggested that you fully charge the battery. Also, it is warrantied for 500 charging cycles.

2) FIXA (14.4V)

FIXA (14.4V)

If you have redone your room or lounge, you would know the importance of a hand drill. We are saying this because you need to make holes and screw in the nails to hang stuff on the walls. Well, this cordless drill by IKEA, along with the screwdriver function is the lethal choice. There are two gears; one for the high-end screw-driving hence the low speed, and one for the drilling hence the high speed. Even more, there are around 19 torque settings, speaking volumes about the adjustability.

The drill has been integrated with the Electronic Cell Protection that ensures the elimination of overheating and overloading. For the people concerned about the battery, it has a lithium-ion battery along with the low self-discharging features. The drill has a rotational direction configuration, which makes it moveable to the right or left, anywhere you want. Last but not least, the handle provides a sturdy grip, so there are no chances of slippage.

Choosing The Best Best IKEA Drills

The technology has improved a great deal over a couple of years. With this being said, these drills by IKEA are the epitome of performance, quality, and safety. Even with the cordless design, there will never be compromises on power. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these best IKEA drills are a model for flexibility and sophistication. So, which one are you digging for?

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