8 Best IKEA Comforter Review 2021

Best IKEA Comforter

Best IKEA Comforter

A comforter is a handy thing to have in any home. As their name suggests, these comforters allow people to be more comfortable in specific weathers. They do this by heating or cooling a person in cold or hot weather respectively.

IKEA offers a wide variety of comforters, all of which are great in their own way. We’ve reviewed 8 of said comforters by IKEA and highlighted all of their strengths and weaknesses. Use these reviews in order to make it easier for yourself to decide on a new IKEA comforter to buy for your bed.

8 Best IKEA Comforter Review

1) MYSKGRÄS Comforter

MYSKGRÄS Comforter

MYSKGRÄS by IKEA is one of the best budget options that they offer. It is a great duvet that will keep you both comfortable and cool at the same time. This makes it an ideal option for people that can’t stand the heat and need a good comforter at a low price. It features polypropylene and polyester filling.

MYSKGRÄS is a good option for all those that tend to feel warm at night. Some say that it is a little too thin, however, it is meant to be this way. The thin design adds to its cooling abilities, although it also makes it seem a bit unattractive in the eyes of some people.

Overall, it is a good and very cheap option for anyone looking to try a new cooling comforter.

2) STJÄRNSTARR Comforter


This comforter stands out from most other options that IKEA has to offer. It is a great cooling duvet that is actually quite cheap given how effective it is. The filling inside of the STJÄRNSTARR makes it a lot more comfortable and cooler. It is a great option for all those that feel warm at night and is capable of keeping anyone cool even during the hottest of days and nights.

The one thing that makes this a truly great duvet is the viscose fibers attached to it. These fibers are capable of absorbing your body heat and making sure that you stay cool. They’ll also release the temperature that they absorb once your body temperature drops. This helps you maintain a cool and even body temperature so that even the warmest days can’t affect you.

3) HÄLLESPRING Comforter Set


The IKEA HÄLLESPRING is a good option in general, but it is especially great for people that take the design of a product into serious consideration. It is a simple yet stylish duvet thanks to its grey color. The color makes it seem more attractive and makes it go well with most rooms with a darker theme.

In terms of how effective it is, the HÄLLESPRING is actually quite comfortable. It has a very light and soft feel to it, which adds to its comfortability. is a comforter that works best in neutral weather. It is also a great option for people that are allergic to dust mites. This is due to the fact that this comforter can be washed at high enough temperatures in order to kill said dust mites.

4) SÄFFEROT Comforter

SÄFFEROT Comforter

The IKEA SÄFFEROT is another good option for people that like a neutral temperature while sleeping. It is intended to keep the person sleeping on the comforter slightly warm. You won’t feel too cold while sleeping on this duvet and you won’t ever feel too warm either. It is also washable at temperatures as high as 60 degrees Celsius, which is enough to eliminate dust mites.

This comforter maintains a nice, even temperature thanks to the soft fibers inside of it. They don’t exactly absorb the extra heat. Instead, these fibers maintain their insulation ability and volume throughout the night in order to give you a peaceful rest as you try to sleep. It can be cleaned through a machine wash or it can be tumble dried.

5) FJÄLLARNIKA Comforter


IKEA FJÄLLARNIKA is one of their premium comforters. It is quite effective and very comfortable to rest on. The main thing about this duvet is its great box stitching, which keeps the filling inside of it in place. This cotton and feather filling is one of the main reasons why FJÄLLARNIKA is so comfortable in the first place.

Other than this, the box stitching is also responsible for keeping sure that heat and air pass through the comforter. This heat is able to push out the cold and keep anyone warm, making this a great option for those that feel a bit cold while sleeping. It can be easily washed in a machine and tumble dried afterward in order to make it seem as clean as new.

6) STRANDMOLKE Comforter


This is an option that fluffs loving people will greatly appreciate. It is a very soft and fuzzy comforter that does its job quite well. The hollow polyester is very fluffy and is something that greatly adds to the comfort of the duvet. It is a very soft comforter that is good at neutral and colder temperatures.

 The STRANDMOLKE is also a great option due to its soft fibers. As mentioned previously as well, these fibers are great at maintaining the volume and insulation ability of a duvet. The comforter is also sold along with a cotton bag. This bag can be used to easily pack and store the STRANDMOLKE when it isn’t being used. This is a small detail which makes this comforter greatly convenient as opposed to others.

7) FJÄLLBRÄCKA Comforter


This is another light-warm option from IKEA which is great for maintaining a nice and neutral temperature throughout the night as you sleep. The fabric made of cotton and the filling consisting of feathers are great as well. This is due to the fact that both of these absorb the extra moisture, which makes it possible to maintain the neutral temperature in the first place.

The FJÄLLBRÄCKA is great for almost all weather, although it can be a bit too hot for most around the summertime. This comforter also features a box-stitch design. As mentioned previously, these types of designs are great for sleeping comfortably. This is due to the fact that they allow air and heat to pass through, providing you with just the right amount of warmth.

8)  STJÄRNBRÄCKA Comforter


This is a very good option by all means. It is very good at keeping you comfortable, while also being very convenient in the sense that it is very easy to clean and take care of. It also provides many great features at a low price that mainly only high-end comforters offer. This makes it a preferred option for most that have the right amount of budget to spend on it.

The STJÄRNBRÄCKA is filled with polyester/lyocell fillings which feel very soft. These fillings pair nicely together with the cotton fabric of the duvet in order to provide you with a lot of comfort and warmth. The fabric is also capable of absorbing moisture and the comforter itself is very easy to clean by simply washing in a machine.

Choosing The Best IKEA Comforters

All these options mentioned above are great for specific types of weather. IKEA comforters are all great at performing specific tasks and will be able to keep you warm or cold depending upon the duvet in question. You can also try out any of them without having to worry about wasting your money on a product that you won’t like.

IKEA has a lenient return policy which allows you to return any items that you didn’t like in under a year after the initial purchase. In short, try any of the IKEA comforters mentioned above and you’ll be able to see why they’re so great.

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