What Tools Do I Need To Assemble IKEA BEKANT? (Must-Have 12 Tools)

ikea bekant what tools do i need
ikea bekant what tools do i need

IKEA BEKANT is a simple and easy-to-assemble desk. It does not require special tools, just a screwdriver, an Allen key, or other basic tools.

However, if you still need to get these tools, you can easily find them at your local hardware store.

Before starting the assembling, it would be better to ensure all the desk pieces are complete and present.

Once you have the required tools with all the parts of the ready-to-assemble desk, assembly is quick and easy.

Following the instructions provided by the desk in the user manual will make things easy for you.

Also, the user manual includes drawings of all parts and the screws/fasteners you need to use and will help you assemble the BEKANT sit-stand desk in no time.

We’ve compiled a list of basic tools and supplies needed to get started with your IKEA BEKANT desk.

What Tools Do I Need to Assemble IKEA BEKANT?

A list of tools required to assemble the IKEA BEKANT:

  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers (both Phillips and flathead)
  • Screws 
  • Allen wrench
  • Grip fasteners 
  • Level

Additional supplies required to assemble the desk:

  • Washers 
  • Socket wrenches
  • L-brackets
  • Support brackets (if needed)

Let’s have a detailed look at the utility of these supplies.

1. Utility Knife 

A utility knife is required to cut any packaging or materials in the assembly process and to score along any lines that need to be cut.

The BEKANT sit/stand ready-to-assemble desk comes in two packages secured with adhesive tape, one containing all the big parts of the assembly and the other the smaller, more intricate parts.

utility knife

 You will require a sharp utility knife to cut along the adhesive table without excessive force, as it may damage any compact part of the desk.

 Also, be careful while using the utility knife, as it is very sharp. Cut through the package once and put the knife somewhere safe, especially if you have kids at home. 

2. Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is required to accurately measure the IKEA BEKANT parts and the space in which they are assembled.

The measuring tape helps ensure all the pieces are cut to the correct size and that everything is lined up properly during assembly.

Measuring the parts also makes it easy for you to determine the same size pieces that are meant to be put together.  

measuring tape

3. Hammer 

The hammer must tap in any dowels or nails needed during the assembly. While using the hammer, be careful not to overdo it, or you might damage the wood.

 A safer method to prevent any harm to the desk material is to keep a cloth between the hammer and the nail head.

This item of clothing could be anything, a napkin, your old t-shirt, or a towel. Keeping it over the nail head will dampen the hammer’s blow.

 It will also protect your BEKANT desk legs or desktop from any scratches and indentations, and the cherry on top reduces the hammering sound and allows you to work in a tranquil environment.  


4. Screwdrivers (Both Phillips and Flathead) 

You will need both screwdrivers to complete the IKEA BEKANT assembly, as different screws require different drivers.

It is essential to match the screwdriver with the screw you are tightening, as using a screwdriver that doesn’t match the screw head will not allow you to tighten the screw adequately.

Failure to do so will result in the assembly collapsing when any pressure in the form of a laptop or monitor is placed over it.

If you’ve never used a screwdriver before, it’s important to remember that you should always use the right size driver for the screws you’re using.

Using the wrong size driver can damage both the screw and the driver and eventually your desk, too, if you fail to fix it properly. 


5. Screws 

Screws are used to attach various parts of the IKEA BEKANT. The BEKANT ready-to-assemble desk comes with total screws.

Eight 1-inch long 6 mm cap screws are used for attaching the rails at the side of the motor unit. 2 at each corner, totaling 4 screws used at each side. 

Furthermore, 2-inch long 6mm cap screws are used to attach the feet of the desk to the motorized legs.

For an easier approach, experts recommend fixing the screws by hand before you put a tool over them.

When they are aligned well and somewhat fixed, you can use the screwdriver or the Allen wrench to tighten them snugly to prevent any wobbling of the desk later.

2 of these cap screws go under each foot of the BEKANT sit/stand desk.

After completing the motor unit leg assembly, it is attached to the desktop with the help of four 2-inch long 6mm screws.


Ensure to tighten them snuggly to make your BEKANT sit/stand desk stable enough to be used. 

6. Allen Wrenches 

Allen wrenches, or hex keys, are required to tighten or loosen any bolts.

The Allen wrench is used mostly while attaching the desk rails to the motor unit. The cap screws are used to do this task according to the user manual.

When you have lined up these cap screws in the holes, you can spin in these cap screws quickly by using the long arm of the Allen wrench.

It is recommended to always shift to the short arm Allen wrench key to apply the extra torque if these cap screws are not firmly tightened.

You may also require an Allen wrench to tighten any other fasteners or screws after fixing them with the screwdriver.

Similarly, you can use an Allen wrench to loosen the bolts, nuts, or any screws that are wrongly placed.

allen wrench

The variety in length of the arm helps you choose according to your need.

Where the longer lever requires less force and is used to spin in (for tightening) or out (for loosening) the bolt/screw quickly, shorter lever arms provide enough force and torque to tighten them firmly. 

7. Grip Fasteners

 Grip fasteners are also used to assemble the BEKANT sit/stand desk.

These grey plastic grip fasteners are used to secure the brackets under the desktop and have two parts.

One is the large plug that presses through the bracket and into the wood, and then a small plastic pin pushes into the plug expanding and giving it the grip to keep the bracket on the back of the desktop.

13 grip fasteners are used to fix three brackets under the desktop

8. Leveler

A leveler is necessary after you have fixed/attached all the parts to ensure that your IKEA BEKANT is assembled correctly and evenly.

For this purpose, a spirit level, bubble level, or a simple level can be used to indicate whether the horizontal surface of our desktop is leveled.

 Ensuring this will keep you from any mishaps which may otherwise happen, like a monitor or stationery sliding down the top if you didn’t check the desk level.

If you observe the desk is not leveled, check all the motor unit-leg screws, excessive tightening of screws on one side and loosening on the other could cause the problem.

It is better to identify and correct anything while you still have the tools. 

9. Washers 


Washers are used with screws to create a more secure connection and prevent the screw from going through the material.

These are occasionally used when you recognize the screw is not fitting in its place firmly.

It helps protect the surface from any damage during the tightening process, distributes the load under the bolt head, and fixes the screw right in place.

IKEA BEKANT sit/stand desk doesn’t include the washers in the package. You’d have to get them from a local hardware store if you feel the need for them. 

10. Socket wrench 

A Socket wrench is a spanner that uses a closed secure socket format to turn a fastener.

 In some measures, it is similar to, or you may say, a type of Allen wrench used to attach any screws that require a hex key or to tighten or loosen any bolts.

 If you do not have an Allen wrench or hex keys, you can work with the socket 

11. L-Brackets 

L-brackets are used to connect two pieces of wood at a 90-degree angle.

l bracket

Although they do not come in the BEKANT sit/stand desk package, you can separately get them to provide extra support to your desk. 

12. Support Brackets

Support brackets are required depending on the size and weight of the IKEA BEKANT you are assembling.

These brackets provide additional support and stability. The BEKANT sit/stand desktop traditionally comes with three brackets.

A center bracket comes with one longer side facing toward the desk’s L side.

The other two are for the sides, a longer one for the longer side, and a shorter one goes on the shorter side on the undersurface of the desktop

You can easily find all these tools and supplies at any hardware store. Now that you have gathered the necessary tools and supplies, you can start assembling.

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