Buying a couch can often prove to be a very difficult task. Before one decides on buying a couch, he has to set a specific budget he is willing to spend on the couch. Couches can get pricey as compared to other furniture. Although couches come with plenty of options, a couch should always be comfortable. Apart from spending your time on a bed, you will spend most of the day on a couch when at home. This is why it’s important to not go cheap on a couch.

IKEA offers plenty of couch options if you’re budget is anywhere around a $1000. They have more than 20 styles of the couch, along with some of the most comfortable sofa you can find on the market. Besides being incredibly comfortable, IKEA delivers plenty of promising features in their products while not being overpriced. They are one of the leading brands for providing household furniture to their customers.



Today, we will be reviewing the IKEA Vallentuna Sofa. We will be giving a brief analysis of each and every one of its features, while also giving our humble opinion on them. In the end, we will conclude whether you should buy this product from IKEA or look for another option with the same budget.

Keep in mind we have divided each feature of the IKEA Vallentuna into different sections and gave our thoughts on the said feature individually. This is done to help you get familiar with all the pros and cons of this Sofa, and get a better understanding of this product is for you or not.

After testing it ourselves, here’s what we think about the IKEA Vallentuna Sofa:

  1. Fully Modular Sofa

One of the main highlights of the IKEA Vallentuna sofa is that it’s fully modular. This means that you can easily modify the Sofa to your liking. For instance, you can remove a few parts of the Sofa to look more compact. In the same way, you can also change how the Sofa functions by combining them together, and try out plenty of different settings to go with your house.

This feature is always welcome whether you are planning to use it or not. This allows you to change your Sofa settings on the go. You will have more customization options for your whole couch settings, which is a plus point for this Sofa. It is also worth mentioning that you can turn the sofa into a bed, which is another great feature that comes with the Sofa being modular. So, if you often run out of bed space, this Sofa will offer you the solution for it.

  1. Storage Option

A storage option is always great to have. Not many couches offer this option, where the IKEA Vallentuna comes in. This Sofa gives you a complete storage option on each couch. Although we have mostly seen this storage option in a bedframe before, IKEA has given this option in this product as well.

This feature can be a blessing to those who spend most of their time on a couch. For instance, if you’re into reading comics, you can store in all your favorite comics in the Sofa all thanks to the storage option. This way, you will always have your favorite stuff right beside you when you are relaxing on the Sofa.

  1. Comfortable

Although a Sofa can have plenty of features packed inside it, it’s important that it has one of the most important things covered which is being comfortable. The main purpose of a Sofa is to allow a person to simply spend his quality time on it to relax.

Well, we’re happy to mention that IKEA Vallentuna is pretty comfortable. You can sit on the Sofa for hours and not have any issues with it at all. But being comfortable isn’t the highlight of this Sofa, as you can find plenty of comfortable couches in less price range.

  1. Build Quality

While going for a Sofa in this price range, one should ensure the build quality is fine. A Sofa with a bad build quality won’t last you much longer as it’s not durable. It will also start to give you multiple issues after a certain time period.

IKEA’s Vallentuna series are made with care using great materials, which is why it has an exceptional build quality. The seats are coated with 100% polyester and 100% polyurethane. The Sofa also has a pocket spring system inside is made of pure steel which gives it plenty of durabilities. The Frame is made of solid wood, using plywood, particleboard, and polyurethane foam.

  1. Cleaning Options

A Sofa can get dirty pretty easily. Mostly, people snack while sitting on the Sofa. This can leave a few stain marks on the Sofa. This is why it’s crucial to see whether the Sofa can be easily cleaned or not. Most Sofas don’t give you the option of using water, and their sheets are non-removable which can make it a hassle to clean them.

Unfortunately, the IKEA Vallentuna series have non-removable sheets. Also, the Sofa can’t be washed, dry cleaned. Also, you absolutely cannot use bleach and iron on the Sofa. The only way to clean the Sofa is through Vacuum. In the case of light stains, using a mild soapy solution, or a damp sponge can prove to be quite effective for cleaning.


For our final thoughts on the IKEA Vallentuna, we think it’s one of the best options in this budget range. Although we’d only recommend it if you have used for all these added features. If you’re just looking for a comfortable Sofa, there are plenty of other cheaper options available on the market. But the IKEA Valletuna series is much more than just giving you a comfortable experience. You get a storage option, exceptional build quality, and a fully modular Sofa.

This concludes our review of the IKEA Vallentuna Sofa. What are your thoughts on this product? Be sure to leave your comments and tell us what you think!

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