IKEA MYDAL Bed Frame Review


IKEA MYDAL Bed Frame Review

IKEA MYDAL Bed Frame Review

Our kids are the sunshine of our lives and a bright spot in the darkness. The parents go to every possible length to ensure the utmost comfort, convenience, and comfort for their babies. Be it the burp clothes or the cots; everything has to be perfect, right? Well, the real problem starts when you’ve two kids to cater to, and their room isn’t big enough to hold two beds, what a bummer!

But wait, there is nothing to worry because bunk beds are to the rescue, and on top of everything, kids love those beds for their fun and cozy feels. Kids can safely move around in the bed because our instructions make sure the sturdy construction and assembly. So, that’s why we have put together this IKEA MYDAL bed frame review for the parents with twins!

IKEA MYDAL Bed Frame Review


IKEA is famous for its minimalism inspired furniture, topped with the right amount of modernism and aesthetics. Similarly, this IKEA MYDAL bed frame is designed to add oomph to your kid’s room without compromising on the functionality. This bed frame is tested thoroughly, promising the highest standards of durability, safety, and strength.

The IKEA MYDAL bed frame is designed with guardrails, so your kids don’t slip through in their sleep (IKEA surely knows how kids fall in a night of deep sleep after the entire day of playing). The guardrail has only one opening, which promises that your kid isn’t suffocated and doesn’t fall from the upper floor, either. As it’s a bunk, we have to talk about the ladder, right?

So, the ladder is on the side with evenly spaced steps. Those even steps ease the climbing on and off the upper floor conveniently. However, we wouldn’t suggest using the upper floor of the bed for the kids under six years of age.

Features of the Bed Frame

In this section, we are sharing in-depth details about the bed frame’s feature, so you know what you are investing in!


The bunk bed frame is made from untreated solid wood. This wood is highly durable and is designed to last for years (even when your kids go off to college, these beds will be intact!). You can paint the frame according to the room’s theme or your child’s taste. The solid wood is actually the warm natural material, which settles perfectly with the room.

The step, front leg, and the bed base slats are constructed from solid pine and are bonded together through adhesives.


Space is always an issue in the kid’s room with all the toys, study tables, and God knows what. So, this bunk bed is a savior for such rooms with its compact design. This bed frame is the right solution for rooms with limited space. It’s pretty apparent that this bed frame will add a cozy touch to the room. Also, you can get some storage boxes and slide them under the bed for a better storage facility.


IKEA is famous for its knack for a combination of modernism and minimalism. So, this bed frame is no different, which happens to be the brainchild of IKEA of Sweden. The bed frame has guardrails, so your kids don’t fall off. In addition, there are no hooks and handles on the frame on purpose to ensure your kids don’t hurt themselves while playing and moving around.


This IKEA MYDAL bed frame is designed with highly customizable features. That’s to say because the ladder can be installed to the right or left side, whatever suits the room.


Sustainability and eco-friendliness are the new trends on the block, and IKEA is complying with all their heart and soul. That is because the IKEA MYDAL bed frame is designed with solid yet durable pine, which will last for years. In addition, the materials can be recycled if need be.

Pros of IKEA MYDAL bed frame

IKEA is all about ensuring the provision of proper products for consumers, which is one of the prime reasons people prefer them. So, in this section, we have outlined the benefits that you can outline with this bed frame!


Kids make a mess, and we all know it. They would put oily hands on the bed and throw in the paints. Well, this can make the bed look dirty. However, this bed frame can be wiped easily with a dry or damp cloth. Even with a damp cloth, the material will remain intact and protected.


With the savings account for kid’s college fund and their other expenses, parents can be tight on money (we all have been there!). However, this bed frame has no such problems because it’s pretty affordable and good for the wallet. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that IKEA’s prices will never get in the way of decorating the household.


Every room has its own theme, and if you want to match the bed with your kid’s room, this bed frame is an amazing choice. This bed frame comes in a plain design, so you can paint and stain it as you like. However, we would suggest using the prime, so the paint glides on smoothly and shows a consistent outlook.

CONs of IKEA MYDAL bed frame

Just like everything else, this bed frame has its fair share of cons, inclusive of;


The bed frame can be difficult to put together because, well, it’s techy and time-consuming. However, if you have a thing for hammers and screws, it wouldn’t be a problem.


The screws of this bed frame can come loose if you aren’t sturdy enough with them. So, make sure you’ve tightened them good.


Well, the solid pine wood is durable for sure, but it has a strong smell, which will take time to go away. But if you use the fragrant paints, the wood smell will be taken care of.


The package only includes the screws and bed frame components. This means that you’ve to buy the mattress separately from IKEA (since the bed has different measurements as compared to standard ones).

The Bottom Line

To be honest, this bed frame is a great purchase. This bed frame not only provides value for money, but it’s a space savior for sure. The safety and height are up to the mark, and we don’t think you’ll have any complaints!

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