IKEA GÅRÖ / RISÖ Hammock Review


IKEA GÅRÖ / RISÖ Hammock Review

IKEA GÅRÖ / RISÖ Hammock Review

IKEA provides the biggest ranges of products when it comes to home décor and other useful accessories of our lives. IKEA has earned great popularity over the years thanks to its variety of products of home décor, office use, product quality, and exceptional customer support. There is no exception when it comes to hammocks. IKEA offers multiple good options that you might like to consider if looking to buy a new hammock.

It can become difficult to decide what you want to buy when IKEA offers you so many multiple options to choose from. One of these options that you might consider is the IKEA GÅRÖ / RISÖ Hammock.

IKEA GÅRÖ / RISÖ Hammock Review


It is one of the best-selling and popular in-demand products that the company has to offer. As its popularity suggests, it likely is one of the hammocks that you might already be considering purchasing. A hammock is used for outdoor activities. It can be used to sleep or relax while enjoying the sun at a cool beach or poolside.

We took our time and test this hammock to prepare a review for you. This review features everything that you need to know about this product before purchasing it. Read this review and decide for yourself whether this hammock is good enough for you to buy or not.

  • Aesthetic

The IKEA GÅRÖ / RISÖ hammock has a simple yet beautiful design. It has a stylish build and includes a pouch on the side of the hammock which makes it stand out from its competition. You can keep books, magazines, your phone, keys, or other small important things in the side pouch. It comes with a stand with included hooks, so you don’t need to tie any knots. The stand comes in with wheels through which you can easily move around this hammock, especially if you are at a poolside or tanning in your backyard. It is a very strong and long-lasting hammock.

  • Comfortability

This IKEA GÅRÖ / RISÖ hammock gently rocks you in a state of relaxation and harmony. Whether being hung by the stand it comes with or mounted between two trees, you can hang loose until it is time for you to do your next chore. It is as comfortable and relaxing as any hammock gets.

  • Cleaning and Care

Cleaning this hammock is not much an issue. The fabric of the hammock is made of 100 percent polyester. It is advised by the manufacturers to gently clean it with warm water using a mild soapy solution. Its stand does not require any such maintenance. Besides, the hammock base made of sturdy Galvanized steel able to last for years with still new-looking.

  • Packaging and Assembly

This IKEA GÅRÖ / RISÖ hammock comes as two packages. One is the hammock and the other is the hammock stand. Assembling products can be a hard nut to crack for some people as they have little to no idea of how to assemble products but not in the case of this hammock. IKEA provides a detailed assembling guide with this hammock, so you better read it if you are an amateur at this before assembling this hammock. It is actually very easy to hang up with the included hooks and there is no need to tie any kinds of knots.

  • Value for money

A good price is one of the main factors in purchasing any product. A good product can look pretty average if the price is too much. On the contrary, a fairly mediocre product may start to appeal to us if it is cheap as it is easy on our pockets. Whether a product should be bought or not depends a lot on the product’s price and our budget. IKEA offers this hammock with a stand for $99. This is as good as it gets. So, we suggest that this IKEA GÅRÖ / RISÖ hammock is a value for money products and you should be quick to buy it while you can because a hammock this good for only $99 would not stay in the market for long.

  • User Review

Before we give our final verdict about this hammock, let us share what the users of this particular product had to say. Most of the users rated it at a full 5 stars and it has an average rating of 4.5 stars which brings us to the conclusion that this hammock has a good and pretty satisfactory user review.


This IKEA GÅRÖ / RISÖ hammock is a very good product that comes at a very decent price which you would not feel like a burden on your wallet. It is perfect to be placed in your backyard, at a poolside, at a beech, or tied at any quiet little place for relaxing. The only drawback of this product is it only allows 1 person in use. We would advise you to also consider some other similar products offered by IKEA. But at this price, IKEA GÅRÖ / RISÖ hammock is one of the best products to buy.

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