2 Best IKEA Doll Bed Review 2022

Best IKEA Doll Bed

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Best IKEA Doll Bed

Many kids appreciate being cuddled up before they say goodnight. They can mimic adults with the help of doll beds and bestow their beloved dolls some extra love before they fall asleep. This can assist in kids understanding the process of putting the little ones to sleep.

IKEA makes some awesome doll beds at the most affordable prices. They look nice and luxurious and you don’t have to pay extra for them as they are rated pretty reasonably.

In this article, we have reviewed the 2 best IKEA doll beds. If you are interested, just keep on reading.

2 Best IKEA Doll Bed Review

1) DUKTIG Doll Bed


DUKTIG doll bed with bedlinen set multicolor costs $14.99. It is made from pine wood. This doll bed is only recommended to be used by children above 18 months. It is a very practical item to motivate role-play and enhance kids’ imagination.

The size is very appropriate, and it can be used by your pets also. Your rabbits or kittens can easily lay down in these beds without messing your place, taking a sprawl over it, and taking a nap.

DUKTIG doll bed is well made and pretty affordable which is value for money. They are super cute and can be the best gift to your kid for their dollar or pets.

2) HUSET Doll Furniture

HUSET Doll Furniture

HUSET doll furniture for the bedroom costs $17.99. It is a complete set of room furniture for your doll needs. The set comes with a bed, a cupboard to hang in your doll’s clothes, a table, and a chair.

HUSET doll furniture is a replica of IKEA’s classic furniture in miniature. It is recommended for children over the age of 3 to be cautious that if younger kids are trying to reach the doll furniture to prevent any choking hazard in place.

Product from Sweden guarantees its high quality as well as the value of money.

Choosing The Best IKEA Doll Beds

Children like to furnish their doll’s house and bedrooms in a similar pattern as you love to furnish your kid’s room. If your kid is looking for something like this, you can present these to your kids on their birthdays. Let your kid’s imagination take over and let them feel like grown-ups.

In this article, we have reviewed the two best IKEA doll beds that you need to get your hands on. Tell which one you choose and why. If you are looking for a bed for your pet, we highly recommend the DUKTIG doll bed with a bed linen set.

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